The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life

Are you longing for your life to be easier and fun Would you like to stop pushing, micromanaging, and forcing things so you can relax What if you could enjoy what you have instead of always lusting for What if you could live in the zone, propelled by powerful currents toward the right people and opportunities What if you could stop worrying about money anAre you longing for your life to be easier and fun Would you like to stop pushing, micromanaging, and forcing things so you can relax What if you could enjoy what you have instead of always lusting for What if you could live in the zone, propelled by powerful currents toward the right people and opportunities What if you could stop worrying about money and live with emotional ease in the moment If you answer yes to all these questions and desire lasting positive change, then prepare to experience the ecstasy of surrender The art of letting go, Dr Judith Orloff explains, is the secret key to manifesting power and success in all areas of life, including work, relationships, sexuality, radiant aging, and health and healing In our superconnected world where emails and text messages constantly interrupt us, it s easier to let go than you think Once embraced, surrendering removes roadblocks and the exhaustion that comes from trying too hard and it helps you achieve goals effortlessly and brings ongoing happiness With her stunning gift for storytelling coupled with her unique, results oriented approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual health marrying neuroscience, psychiatry, intuitive medicine, energy techniques, and Judith provides a powerful, practical, and accessible map for anyone who is longing to be happier but who feels stuck, burned out, tense, worried, or afraid to let go.
The Ecstasy of Surrender Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life Are you longing for your life to be easier and fun Would you like to stop pushing micromanaging and forcing things so you can relax What if you could enjoy what you have instead of always lusting fo

  • Title: The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life
  • Author: Judith Orloff
  • ISBN: 9780307338204
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. ** Surrendering as a pre-requisite to receiving **Here’s another one of those counterintuitive truths --> To bring in you have to let go. In this case, bringing in ecstasy entails surrendering to life’s inherent joys and sufferings. As author and psychiatrist Judith Orloff summarizes: “The tremendous challenge and promise of this book, from accepting death to succeeding in business to falling in love, is letting yourself be catapulted beyond the ordinary to view all of existence in extr [...]

    2. Overall, I think it's a very good book about letting go because there is so much in life that we don't have control over. I disagree with certain parts of the author's take on soul mates. (given that I cringe at that word to begin with because soulmates are not the ideal romance fantasies that people think) Yes there are soulmates who are single and available for a relationship but there are plenty of others who are committed to another but meet a soulmate because they need to leave that relatio [...]

    3. The Ecstasy of Surrender is about empowerment through letting go. From the first of twelve surrenders, letting go of the false security of power and money, to the last surrender that discusses making peace with death, the author leads us toward a deeper more spiritual life using a variety of tools including meditation and awareness of self and the natural world, bringing us to a more reflective and less chaotic life. At times I found that the book was diverting into too many other topics but the [...]

    4. The title embarrasses me'ecstasy' IS a bit over dramaticbut then so is Judith Orloff but still, she has good things to say and good questions to ponder.I picked the book while cruising 'new books' at the eLibrary DID catch my eye (for I would love to FEEL the way the cover picture LOOKS) and I did understand the 'surrender' was not a bodice-ripper!! I want to age and die as a kind old lady and please please NOT a snarky, caustic person (hmm.t the idea it COULD happen?). And, in fact, Orloff's as [...]

    5. I LOVE this book. Finished it and will start it over again to absorb more at a higher level than when I started. Judith is right on target with every topic in the book. I resonated with everything and had many light bulb moments. It was refreshing to realize that a lot of what I feel and do in life is shared with others I am not as "out" there as I thought LOL.If you are ready to move to another level in life this book is the perfect tool. Part of a good spiritual power training program.

    6. The best thing about this book was that it forced me to remain open minded. It was a bit too flowery for my taste, but the message was good- simply let go. I also enjoyed the concept of being more than our linear minds, and understanding our place in nature and the universe. However, I think it could have been presented with a more scientific eye and it certainly could have been shorter.

    7. I received this book for free through Firstreads. I was excited about this book. However, when I cracked it open and read the intro about the author, I was immediately turned off by it. I was expecting something different and I feel like the description in this giveaway was misleading.

    8. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this book particularly readable at first, which is why I didn’t manage to get it finished before I had to return it to the library.However its theme/message is of utmost importance. We all need to let go, to surrender our personal will to the Divine Will, and to be in the moment.Life becomes easier when you learn to let go. “Burdens will lift or lessen.” Surrendering “involves reprogramming old habits and being willing to let go of the drama.”Dr. Orloff h [...]

    9. I really had wanted to read her book Second Sight, but it wasn't available at my library so I picked up this one instead. Like a lot of nonfiction books, it wasn't a page turner and I had to push myself through it. Some parts were a bit wacky, but she made some good points that will stick with me.

    10. Surrender and find lasting peace. A clear guide!Surrendering, or the art of allowing, brings such peace to your life. It was optimal timing to discover a book that guides you through this process in an accessible, rather than mystical (and often mystifying) manner. The important point is that we thoroughly understand what it means in a way that we can apply the teachings to our daily lives. The book teaches twelve states of surrender, and finishes with the final surrender. I was drawn to the Sec [...]

    11. I received a complementary copy of this book for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.If you are a control freak, even just a little bit, M.D. Judith Orloff’s new book is the one for you: The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life.“I invite you to explore the sublime state of surrender,” writes Orloff in the book’s introduction. “How to increasingly achieve it each day to improve the quality of your life, reduce s [...]

    12. Surrender. It is the meaning of the word “Islam.” Buddhism champions it, so does Sufism. It could easily be the secret to life, but how to practice letting go of the things that we are most attached to, the things we want most to happen in our lives? In a society that preaches going after what you want no matter the cost, how to let go?I saw Dr. Judith Orloff speak for the first time at the signing for this book, her latest, The Ecstasy of Surrender. Though soft-spoken and gentle in nature, [...]

    13. Book Review:The Ecstasy of Surrender12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your LifeBy Judith OrloffSurrender: Not giving up, trusting the power inside yourself! Judith Orloff heralds an intriguing idea of how to better one’s life by reducing stress and having more fun in life. Not the touted anti-“All Work and No Play” adage, but a way of conquering fears and inner resistances by being less serious. She says people tend to become too uptight, constantly battling to get through blocks w [...]

    14. This is the first self-help book that I have ever read, and I think that I haven benefited from it. It is about surrender, not in the sense of giving up, but in the sense of letting go. I think that anyone who would like to improve their quality of life could benefit from at least a part of this book. It is divided into four main sections: power and money, reading people and communication, relationships, love and sensuality, and mortality and immortality. There were parts of it that I found more [...]

    15. If you're new to the new age approach approach to life than this book is as good as any.This self help book could have been written in the eighties or before so there's nothing much new here if you haven already read about new age approached that rely on myths, the supernatural, and religion narratives. The difference is that the pitch is around surrender, as opposed to gentleness, patience or grace etc.Despite the MD suffix there's little science provided and no end notes. I found sections on s [...]

    16. I'm a big fan of this author and have loved both her previous books--"Emotional Freedom" and "Positive Energy"--in which she talks about empaths (those who absorb the energy of people around them) and the unique challenges they face. As one myself, I have found her insights and practical tips have brought a lot of peace in my life and have helped me to cope with my energetic porosity with compassion and self-care. But this new book resonates less with me. Perhaps because "I'm not there yet." Orl [...]

    17. I guess it must be because the author wrote this book over a period of a few years, so the sections seem disjointed. There are a few gems within the pages, but you really have to have the patience to encounter them. At times the writing just goes all over the place, which is a pain for the reader. The book is not terrible, but at the same time I don't understand how she has become a best-selling author (well, maybe the connections in Hollywood help quite a bit). There are a lot of similar qualit [...]

    18. I feel that I am always trying to become a better person and live a more satisfying lifet by acquiring more possessions, but by being a happier person. I never pass up a chance to read a book that will help me accomplish that goal. This book is jam packed with so much great information to help you let go and empower yourself to be a better and happier person. It is not only about how to help make yourself better, but to learn to deal with others in a more productive way. This is a book I will co [...]

    19. Book Lover's Calendar 2016 - 21 Monday November 2016: Have you ever longed to just let go, give up the fight, and relax for a change? Have you ever wanted to step away from the rat race? If so, this book will show you how. The author reveals that learning how to live with emotional ease and surrender to the moment is the way to a happier and more successful life. You can be more efficient in work and relationships, and much less tense overall, if you follow this guide that combines psychiatry, e [...]

    20. I'll preface my review by saying that most books I read are audio. I'm listening to this book on CD and there is nothing ecstatic about the reading : the reader (who is the author) reads in a flat voice with little emotion.That being said, this book addresses mindfully releasing issues that control one's life, really thinking about what one needs in life and what emotionally holds one back. A worthwhile read.

    21. I enjoyed this book. I read it straight through, and it will now be a book that I go back to specific chapters to help encourage me with whatever I need to focus on at that moment.I do agree with other reviewers who mentioned the frequent use of "I will show you how", "I teach you" - it did grate on me by the end. Quite long introductions into each chapter. However, I do believe she did a good job of showing and teaching.

    22. A good editor would've gone a long way for this book. There's actually a ton of great ideas & messages in this book, you just have to wade through a lot to get to them. Also, I thought there was way too much focus on romantic relationships & skipped over most of those chapters, as it'd isn't really apply to me.

    23. Although the book talks about a simple solution to all problems it rants the same thought throughout the book Just a couple of chapters suffice the entire theme Recommend to read a few chapters to get the gist of the entire book Does not bring any new thought other than what is written in first few chapters

    24. ***I received this book through the the GoodReads giveaway program.***I enjoy reading self-help books and this book was a great fit for me. It centers on the idea of surrender and learning to let go in each area of your life. This book has found a permanent home on my bookshelf. This is a solid 4 stars!

    25. I'm not typically fond of self help books but this one has quite a lot of good tips. The main theme is basically to let go of stress in your life by changing how you react to things. I've found it to be very helpful.

    26. Really enjoyed this book. Letting go and surrendering is becoming more and more a theme in my life. I love Judith Orloff and have read all of her books. The chapters on chronic pain and aging were particularly helpful to me.

    27. Dr. Orloff knows how to reach her readers. I read "Emotional Freedom" last year and it allowed me to learn how to be at peace with the decisions I made in my life. This year, with "The Ecstasy of Surrender" I believe Dr. Orloff has allowed me to come full circle in one word: WOW!

    28. Didn't read the whole thing, nor cover to cover. Some parts gave food for thought, other parts sounded like every other self-help book I've red.

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