The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires

Physicist Portia Harding s life is grounded in facts There s nothing that can t be explained by logic and science Until she travels with her best friend to England and accidentally summons an ethereal Virtue who bequeaths her gift of weather control to Portia Now Portia s walking around with a literal cloud over her head and a heart stoppingly handsome maniac tryinPhysicist Portia Harding s life is grounded in facts There s nothing that can t be explained by logic and science Until she travels with her best friend to England and accidentally summons an ethereal Virtue who bequeaths her gift of weather control to Portia Now Portia s walking around with a literal cloud over her head and a heart stoppingly handsome maniac trying to kidnap her But Theondre North is no run of the mill maniac He s a nephilim the son of a fallen angel who needs Portia s help to change his fate Problem is, Portia s down to earth attitude frustrates beings from both heavenly and hellish realms and gets Theo turned into a vampire But at least he has Portia to satisfy his newfound hungers and possibly save his soul.
The Last of the Red Hot Vampires Physicist Portia Harding s life is grounded in facts There s nothing that can t be explained by logic and science Until she travels with her best friend to England and accidentally summons an ethereal

  • Title: The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires
  • Author: Katie MacAlister KarenWhite
  • ISBN: 9781452615936
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Audio CD
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    1. I tried to read this for my real life book meeting. It's a by the numbers paranormal romance with stereotypical characters. You have the disbelieving physicist heroine who annoyingly questions everything, the daffy best friend who doesn't question anything, and the gorgeous hero who is an angel/vampire/other assorted paranormal creature.Portia, an uptight physicist takes a trip with her best friend to visit faery rings, attend seances and go ghost hunting. Why, might you ask would a skeptic know [...]

    2. I've been reading Katie MacAlister for a while now. And I have to say that I'm getting tired of the "Moravian Dark One" finding a Beloved and going through the seven stages of joining theme. It felt, while reading this book, like deja-vu. There were entire chapters that made me stop and squint, thinking I'd already read this book before. Which mean's Katie's found a formula lots of readers like, and is sticking to it so closely that this book is practically indistinguishable from any of the othe [...]

    3. Wow, this was terrible. And not in a so-bad-but-fun way. If I never read the word "sweetling" in written conversation again I'll be a happy woman. I mean, I didn't get into the book with high expectations, I just wanted a bit of a piece of fluff, but this was so ridiculous that it wasn't even entertaining. The characters were all one-dimensional and flat, the romantic leads fell in love with no provocation or build-up, and the plot was too rushed and yet somehow also boring.

    4. Portia Harding is a physicist, with a logical, down to earth mentality. As a matter of fact she is downright stubborn when it comes to the paranormal. It doesn't exist and their is no such thing as magic. Unfortunately for Portia her friend,Sarah has no such problem believing in magic or the paranormal. They travel to Scotland and find a fairy ring where Portia reads one of the summoning rituals Sarah has downloaded from the internet. Presto- Chango a virtue arrives and transfers her powers to P [...]

    5. This was horrible. Out of all the books in this MacAlister series this has to be the worst! Aside from the extremely annoying heroine, the chemistry between Portia and Theo was pathetic. The sex scenes were lacking the intense love connection all the other books had! There were so many new terms created for this book it was so easy to get frustrated and lost. The writer should have made a vocabulary index. This had to have been rushed. Spoiler Alert: The ending was written to be intense but ende [...]

    6. UrgThis series was a bit forgettable to me. I know I liked some parts of it but I can't recall much of the later books. I hope this book is just a slump instead of a beginning of the end. This book is actually a bit of a hard read for me. I couldn't wait until the ending not because the pages just flew by but because I lost interest so long ago. The biggest problem I have with the book is the characters. The characters were justI didn't really connect with them. I didn't care for them in the lea [...]

    7. Kurz-Meinung:Ich finde ja die Dark One Reihe gut, wenn auch nicht überragend, aber dieses Buch hat mir wirklich sehr, sehr gut gefallen. Endlich gab es mal einen Charakter, der nicht so der typische Dunkle war. Erst war ich sogar überrascht, dass wir es hier mit einem Nephilim und nicht mit einem Dunklen zu tun haben. Das klärt sich dann später. Mir haben beide Hauptcharakter sehr gut gefallen. Portia ist Physikerin und erklärt viele Dinge in ihrem Leben auf eine recht wissenschaftliche Art [...]

    8. I have not been reading these books in order which really makes me crazy. But I like the MacAlister books so much I have been reading anything I can get my hands on regardless of order. Yikes - It was hard to say that out loud. You know how it is though - you go through a dry spell and then you find an author you like so you start to grab at all their books and read them kind of frantically to chase away the "I am bored with all books" feelings. I like the Dark one's series and wish I had read i [...]

    9. OK - Now I need a shelf that reads - Unfinished - I couldn't finish this book.???? I really enjoyed her Aisling Grey series so I picked up this one to give it a try and. uh no. I just couldn't deal with this female character.To all the members in this group who have read Katie McAlister, let me know if you've read this book and had different feelings. I'm hoping maybe my timing was just off.Sara :-(

    10. Each book they are getting is more like a 3.5 but rounded it up

    11. This book was ridiculous. I don't know if the author was being funny or threw together some crazy stuff, but it was pretty weird. It was also kind of dated. The vampire part didn't kick in until later, but when it did, it was about vampires. All in all, this was a dorky book to admit to reading. I tried to explain the plot to my friend, and it was really hilariously bizarre to summarize. That being said, it was funny and entertaining and a light read. And I can say with 100% certainty that I hav [...]

    12. This book was infuriating and I'm still not clear on a few details that happened in the end. I stopped trying to understand certain details, and just decided to finish the book.I felt Portia's skepticism went on for waaaaay too long. Her denial became absurd and annoying. I enjoyed the trials but it really just fell flat to me. The beginning almost took too long and the end felt rushed and very unclear. Just a bit of a mess overall.

    13. Registered on Bookcrossing: bookcrossing/journal/5My Review: The first three of the books in this series were fabulous, but the last one I read and this one are just okay. It's kind of the same story each time. I don't know about you, but I like a bit of variety. I have the next two, but they might be the last ones I read in this series. Life is too short to read boring books.

    14. The first time I read this book I liked it okay. But it just didn't feel like a part of this book series. When I first read it, it seemed to belong to another book series or none at all. That was confusing and therefore irritating. But beside this feeling of not fitting in the book is really good and I liked it. When I read it again knowing it is a bit different actually liked it a lot. The only thing that was not to my liking and therefore cost it one star was the fact that (view spoiler)[her p [...]

    15. Setting – three week trip to England, Scotland, and Wales for paranormal/old magic… investigating pubs, castles, fairy rings, crypts, etc. and Court of Divine Blood (kinda like heaven).Theme – discovery, faith, loveCharacters – Portia Harding of Sacramento – researcher in Atomic Scale Technology – extremely logical. Lost her faith as a child – raised in a cult where punished if questioned the leaders or the religion… locked in a closet – and now is an extremely logical, concret [...]

    16. Wenn man als Teenager die Bis(s)-Reihe gelesen hat, ist es unmöglich, durch die Fantasy-Abteilung der Bücherei zu gehen, ohne bei einem Buch mit dem Wort "Vampir" im Titel vorbeizugehen. Schwieriger wird es dann schon, eine Plot-Beschreibung zu finden, die mich entsprechend interessiert. An diesem Buch war es die Erwähnung des gefallenen Engels und seines Kindes, das mich angesprochen hat.Wenn ich ehrlich bin, hatte ich keine Erwartungen, als ich begann, das Buch zu lesen. Ich habe mich von d [...]

    17. The fifth book in the “Dark Ones” series, “The Last of the Red-Hot Vampires” was an expected read and quick to get through. As it is sadly coming to pass, with each successive book in this series the plot has gotten more and more cloned from previous books. Each book could be summarized as: we are introduced to the female protagonist (Portia Harding in this case) and possibly a best female friend(s). Something (usually magical) happens, and we are then introduced to the love interest (Th [...]

    18. I'm a sciencey person and Portia just really frustrated me, she was written as what the author obviously considers the typical 'scientist/physicist' and I actually found her view of scientists insulting to be honest. Portia is so close-minded it's ridiculous- she seems to make up random theories of how to explain whats going on and then stick to those theories no matter how much the situation changes, that's not what scientists do! We look at whats happened, investigate and then think how it cou [...]

    19. For some reason I wasn't in a mood to read any of my other books. I wanted something sexy, but not set in the Regency or some medieval like society. I wanted something in the present.I was a bit let down by the last book, it was a bit too more of the same for me, but I think that enough time has passed that made me want to return to this familiar grounds, but this book manages to be diferent without straying from the same formula.At the begining of the book I was wishing for the Dark One to appe [...]

    20. In diesem Band 5. der Reihe begleiten wir die Physikerin Portia bei ihrer Reise durch England. Sie ist Skeptikerin durch und durch und glaubt nicht an den ganzen Hokus Pokus bezüglich Hexen und co. Als sie einen Hexenring beschwört und die Fähigkeit der Wetterbeschwörung erbt, bleibt sie weiterhin skeptisch, ergibt sich jedoch notgedrungen der Situation. Bis dahin was alles etwas holprig, aber noch ok. Jedoch ist Portia von Anfang an kein sympathischer Charakter. Man findet kaum Zugang zur P [...]

    21. It took Portia until page 119 to believe in the “Otherworld” and its inhabitants. It was frustrating and unpleasant having to read about her denial for so long. I did not like it at all…in fact I hated it. It gave me a headache and was a completely awful experience that I wish to never experience again. Portia gradually got better as she accepted the fact that the events occurring were real; she was still frustrating though. Overall, I didn’t care for any of the characters that much, and [...]

    22. Als Physikerin glaubt Portia Harding nicht an übersinnliche Dinge, geschweige denn an Magie. Umso skeptischer ist sie, als sie auf einer Reise durch Schottland mit ihrer Freundin Sarah einen alten Hexenring entdeckt. Doch als die beiden ein Beschwörungsritual rezitieren, das Sarah im Internet gefunden hat, geschieht das Unglaubliche: Ein magisches Wesen erscheint und verleiht Portia die Fähigkeit, das Wetter zu beeinflussen. Kurz darauf versucht ein atemberaubend gut aussehender Verrückter s [...]

    23. This is my first Katie McAlister book, though my best friend has been trying to get me to read her stuff for ages. As far as paranormal romances go, it wasn't bad. The basic storyline (about the otherworld of angels, graces, and nephilim) was really fascinating, and I'd love to see more stories set in (and focusing more on) this world. The main character was an interesting change from the usual romance heroine; she's a physicist, and it was fun to see a completely pragmatic, logical person strug [...]

    24. Obwohl die "Hintergrund-Thematik" dieses Romans mich eigentlich hätte fesseln müssen, ist dieser leider einer derjenigen von Katie MacAlister, die mir nicht besonders im Gedächtnis hängen geblieben sind.Ich weiß nicht, ob ich einfach merkwürdig bin, oder ob andere auch manchmal diese Anwandlung haben:Wenn mir ein Buch sehr gut gefällt, würde ich es am Liebsten direkt noch einmal lesen, weil ich diese Geschichte einfach nicht loslassen möchte! Aber dann werde ich schon fast melancholisch [...]

    25. Portia Harding is a skeptic who accidentally summons a virtue who grants her the gift of weather control, Theo North is a nephilim, son of a fallen angel, who needs Portia to help him change his fate. When Portia's skepticism accidentally gets Theo turned into a Dark One, he turns to Portia to save his soul. The story sounded really interesting, but there was almost nothing I really liked about Portia. She seemed like such a one dimensional character and the fact that she was such a skeptic and [...]

    26. I would have rated 3 stars but the ending redeemed it, though I'll point out it needn't have been so dramatic. The book itself seemed to be an excuse to show how cursed Dark Ones are made and introduce the other side of this spiritual world. The closed-mindedness of the heroine was a stumbling point for me, and once she accepts what is happening, the reader can share the overwhelming feeling of so much new info. And, as I said, the drama of the end did not have to be so high, I think. If becomin [...]

    27. Portia is a skeptical physicist, unable to believe in anything that isn't based in logic or science. So when she is imbued with a virtue while on vacation and becomes embroiled with a magical world, while simultaneously falling in love with a mysterious nephilim, Portia has a hard adjustment ahead of her.I have to admit, it's been a few years since I read the books in the series preceding this one, but this storyline is so out of left field I think I might have been confused even with less time. [...]

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