Writing a Killer Thriller: An Editor's Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction

This significantly expanded version of Jodie Renner s popular thinner e book, the first edition of Writing a Killer Thriller, is four times as long as the original e booklet, with many added chapters and two appendices As of August 30, 2013, this book has 35 5 star reviews and 8 4 star reviews on , out of a total of 45 reviews average 4.7 out of 5 stars.Whether yoThis significantly expanded version of Jodie Renner s popular thinner e book, the first edition of Writing a Killer Thriller, is four times as long as the original e booklet, with many added chapters and two appendices As of August 30, 2013, this book has 35 5 star reviews and 8 4 star reviews on , out of a total of 45 reviews average 4.7 out of 5 stars.Whether you re planning your first novel or revising your fourth, you ll discover lots of concrete ideas here for taking your fiction up a level or two, captivating readers, and gaining fans Both published and aspiring authors of fast paced, popular fiction will find these tips indispensable, and the reader friendly format makes it easy to zoom in on specific advice, with examples, for creating compelling characters, planning a high stakes plot, writing a riveting opening, ramping up the tension and intrigue, picking up the pace, revising for power, and creating a page turner that sells Finally, someone who understands the thriller More than ever an author must also be his own best editor and Jodie Renner is there to help Writing a Killer Thriller should be on every thriller writer s desk It breaks down the thriller into its must have component parts to write a scintillating, edge of the seat novel that will get readers buzzing and sales flowing Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Jury Master and Murder One Writing a Killer Thriller by Jodie Renner is an in depth journey through each component of the thriller Renner breaks down the process into key elements, each essential to keeping the reader turning those pages From character development to building suspense, Writing a Killer Thriller should be on the desk of every thriller author out there A staple for the beginner, a refresher for the pro Joe Moore, 1 and international bestselling co author of The Blade and The Phoenix Apostles Writing is hard, editing harder, and self editing almost impossible Writing a Killer Thriller demystifies each of these steps on the road to a published manuscript Read this book It will help you now and for many years to come DP Lyle, Macavity Award winning and Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, Benjamin Franklin, Scribe, and USA Best Books nominated author of the Dub Walker thriller series A killer of a thriller guide Jodie Renner lays out, in clear, easy steps and lists, how the best writers craft their works of art and shows how you can do it, too A terrific how to in avoiding the pitfalls and burnishing the gotta haves of writing a bestselling thriller novel, by an editor who knows her way around action, drama and creating characters so fresh and real you ll swear they were your friends Shane Gericke, national bestselling and No 1 Kindle bestselling author of Torn Apart
Writing a Killer Thriller An Editor s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction This significantly expanded version of Jodie Renner s popular thinner e book the first edition of Writing a Killer Thriller is four times as long as the original e booklet with many added chapters

  • Title: Writing a Killer Thriller: An Editor's Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction
  • Author: Jodie Renner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Great resource for newbiesVery helpful as I drafted my first novel. Provided some great ideas on POV and how to plan out the story arch to keep things engaging for the reader. Thank you!

    2. I assume the term "an editor's view" is being used ironically, as the book consists of an extensive selection of attributed quotes from other books. Renner does appear to craft a mean linking phrase. Skip this: buy the originals she quotes from instead.James N. FreyDonald MaasWriter's DigestJessica Page MorrellJames Scott BellNigel WattsHallie EphronJack M BickhamElizabeth Lyon

    3. This is an excellent guide to the 'how to do it now' skills of writing crime/suspense fiction, presented in a succinct and readable style. As a story writing coach myself, I often find that new authors don't want theory. They need proven practical techniques - and they need them fast, so they can develop their craft at once. This book supplies everything that a newbie needs.

    4. If you want to know how to write a thriller, this is a must read. The book outlines all the essential parts a thriller must have. Many examples are given that helps the reader understand the point made. I can't wait to apply what I learned to my own writing.

    5. Writing fiction is such an intimate, personal experience that it would be impossible for an author to do it successfully by following a template. It's not like cooking; you don't just buy a book of recipes and get to work.That said, there is no question a satisfying thriller must contain certain elements. Jodie Renner has de-mystified the process of thriller-writing with WRITING A KILLER THRILLER. This little booklet is packed full of information which is not just useful, but critical to the suc [...]

    6. A good starter book for learning to write thrillers. There is a lot of material sampled from other craft books, which makes Writing a Killer Thriller a suspense/thriller craft compendium with a dash of information tossed in that's exclusive to the author. If you can't afford several books on writing, this book is a good one to start with.There are a number of helpful checklists at the back of the book. I wish the author had included checklists for popular thriller tropes, professions befitting t [...]

    7. Wonderful book! Writing, plotting, strategizing tips and more were packed in this book. Nicely written and laid out with great examples, both good and bad. It is easier to mention what was not covered and that would be publishing tips which I didn't expect to find in the book. Everything else about writing, brainstorming, creating, building, writing with more impact, writing with shorter sentences for fast paced ride or longer sentences for a slower scene is in this book. 5 Star Favorite from Th [...]

    8. Jodie Renner’s craft book on suspense is now on my bookshelf to take out and remind myself what a suspenseful story should look like. Not only does she offer quotes and instruction from those authors who have excellently gone before, but she also offers plot structures, advice on characters, structure grafts, storytelling grafts, and a consistant reminder to put tension on every page.Do suspense writers already know some of this instruction? Yes. But what is wonderful is that Renner puts it ou [...]

    9. If you've already read a lot of books on the craft of writing most of the material in this book will seem familiar because Renner has done an excellent job compiling the collective wisdom. If you haven't read a lot of those books, start here and shift right into a high gear. Even if you have read all those books this is a great compendium of advice, a big juicy checklist of reminders, and a revision cheat sheet.

    10. Jodie Renner is a terrific editor, one that I trusted with my last three novels. And her advice columns are so good, I print and save them all. For thriller authors, this will be the best money you ever spend. --L.J. Sellers, bestselling author of provocative mysteries & thrillers

    11. This book is packed with tips and useful advice on how to create suspense and write a thriller. I found it helpful and inspiring. Now I just have to get cracking on that bestseller!

    12. This is a very useful guide with a specific goal of showing how to craft a conventional thriller. Renner takes the reader step by step through the process using illustrative examples to show how it's done. An essential reference book for writers in the genre.

    13. This is quite introductory, but also useful, my favorite were chapters 4 and 21 on avoiding structure gaffes and other basic tips that I found interesting.

    14. You will know after reading the first 21 pages of How To Write A Killer Thriller that you need to start marking the pages, with post N notes, to make sure you don't forget something important. As you start your development of your book, you will find Renner breaking down the process into key elements for writing a great book. She takes you Step by step through the writing process, from character development to building suspense, you will learn the do's and don'ts of good writing. It doesn't matt [...]

    15. I've read through a lot of the reviews, and do agree some aspects are slightly over-done, but I didn't feel they over-whelmed the work. Of course, I admit, that may reflect my point of learning more than anything else. But I did find samples that were helpful, with a few not so great, but not bad.My regard for this book is for the author's thoroughness. This applies to both techniques, and resources.There's a huge compilation of techniques relating to just about everything, pov, sentence structu [...]

    16. After 30 years of reading how-to books I was impressed with this one. The collection of all the information into one source, succinctly presented and with lists and check lists, is (as I see it) designed to help writers take there book to the next level up - and get it ready for publication. All the tips were ones I heard before, but the trick to being useful is in the presentation - and I found this one worked for me. I don't know if a newbie would get as much out of it - but it certainly prese [...]

    17. If you want to write a killer thriller, listen to Ms. Renner. She knows her stuff. I read her blog and found some similar golden nuggets of information in regards to style, pace, conflict and characterization in this book. The key to writing a killer thriller in this book is to make sure each chapter is laced with complex conflict with your protagonist. If you do not have this, the suspense is dead. Period. I really liked the fact when she tells you to, "Vary the pacing". This simply means to sl [...]

    18. This book offers great practical advice on how to write a thriller, complete with examples and references. The pace is quick and each chapter stands on its own so you can use it as a reference guide. My only minor complaint is that sometimes the author would introduce and cite some book source but not explain it any further. This was rare and didn't hurt the book's point since there are plenty of other examples.

    19. It’s quick, pithy checklist of great advice for writers of any genre (including thrillers). A great how-to and reference book for writers.My Review of Writing a Killer Thriller on Killer NashvilleMy Other Reviews on Killer Nashville

    20. I started this book over a month ago but never felt compelled to finish it. Interesting tidbits and anecdotes about writing, but nothing really groundbreaking or that I hadn't heard before in other craft books. Still, if you're brand new to writing and interested in this genre, this book would be a good place to start.

    21. Maybe I'm on craft book overload, but I just had a hard time getting into this book. I've read several blog post by Jodie Renner and she is a pro, but I just didn't seem to pull all that much out of this ebooklet as I'd hoped. Reads really fast and can't complain about the $.89 it cost. I'll buy her other ebooklets when they are released.

    22. Excellent book. It was great to read something focused on thrillers. I have several quotes from it taped around my monitor. It covers each aspect of creating the thrill and does so in a highly succenct and understandable manner. I recommend this to anyone wanting to improve the writing of a thriller.

    23. This is a Must Have book for any WriterThe author's approach is to use a lot of lists of what to do and show examples for each topic. It is a well focused book, full of actionable advise and lists. In my opinion it belongs in any writer's library. I read it on Kindle unlimited but I am going to buy my own copy.

    24. Great advice, numerous tips, checklists, worksheets, and a helpful appendix make this a solid guide to thriller writing. Easy to read and understand, Ms. Renner uses examples from bestselling authors plus her own editing experience to illustrate her points. A must read if not a must have for reference purposes.

    25. This was an excellent compilation of advice, drawn from (and attributed to) other writer's work as well as the author's experience as an editor. Having read it via Kindle Unlimited, I considered it worth buying, which I did.

    26. I took my time reading this one because each section is so useful for writing a fast paced novel. All the key elements of a thriller were covered in detail. This is a writing book I'll use over and over again.

    27. As a new writer I really appreciated the compendium approach and quotes from other writing craft books, found in the original 80 page edition. This upgrade to edition two has added a valuable appendix of resources, sub-genres and associations.

    28. This is a great book to have on hand if you are writing thrillers, mysteries, and suspense. Easy to follow and full of encouragement.

    29. Very helpfulJodie provides very actionable advice to amp up your writing. I am excited about using some of her techniques in my next book.

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