Scarlatti's Cat

Domenico Scarlatti, the great Italian composer, enjoys his cat s company when he plays harpsichord Little does he know, his cat, Pulcinella also dreams of composing her own music One day, while chasing a mouse, she tumbles onto the harpsichord Suddenly, she can t resist the urge to play When she begin to play, Scarlatti s eyes widen
Scarlatti s Cat Domenico Scarlatti the great Italian composer enjoys his cat s company when he plays harpsichord Little does he know his cat Pulcinella also dreams of composing her own music One day while chasin

  • Title: Scarlatti's Cat
  • Author: Nathaniel Lachenmeyer Carlyn Beccia
  • ISBN: 9780761354727
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Originally posted on my blog, A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall:Scarlatti's Cat grabbed my attention both as a musician and music teacher, and as a parent who appreciates a quality picture book. The book is based on the legendary story behind Domenico Scarlatti's Fugue in G minor and how it became known as the "cat fugue." This fugue is built upon a somewhat unusual set of six notes, which inspired a tale in which Scarlatti composed the piece during an improvisation session after hearing his pet ca [...]

    2. Title: Scarlatti's Cat Author: Nathaniel LachenmeyerIllustrator: Carlyn Beccia Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group Published: 3-1-2014 ISBN: 9780761354727 E-Book: B00HNXBZUG Pages: 40 Genre: Children's Fiction Tags: History, Animals Overall Rating: Excellent Reviewed For: NetGalley Reviewer: DelAnneDomenico Scarlatti was a composer of some beautiful music, but did you ever hear about his lovely, cat Pulcinella? This is their story. Pulcinella would lay basking in the sun's rays as Scarlatti compo [...]

    3. Scarlatti's Cat is a historically inspired picturebook written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer and illustrated by Carlyn Beccia. It is currently scheduled for release on March 1 2014. This picturebook explores the story that the great Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti wrote his most famous piece of music after being inspired by the sound of his cat Pulcinella walking across his harpsichord. In this fun fictionalization of the legend, Pulcinella dreams of being a composer and finally gets his chance a [...]

    4. I picked this book up because I liked the cover illustration. I read it to my kids several times and they really liked it. It's about a music composer who has a cat that also loves to compose music. The cat never gets the chance to actually play any of her music until one day when she accidentally falls onto the harpsichord. What follows is kind of funny, kind of sad, and totally believable if the situation were real. It's an entertaining story, but I did wish that it had ended differently. I wa [...]

    5. Oh, il maestro Scarlatti! Che artista, che musicista, che genio! Certo, alcuni maliziosi sostengono che a comporre le sue magnifiche melodie sia la sua gatta Pulcinella. Ma questo è impossibile… o forse no?Semplicemente adorabile questo piccolo albo illustrato. Confesso che non conoscevo l’aneddoto al quale è ispirato. E già! A quanto pare Domenico Scarlatti, noto musicista napoletano del Settecento, per comporre la sua celebre Fuga del gatto, si ispirò ai suoni prodotti dal suo micio, c [...]

    6. (From my blog: Quill Café)In accordance with the FTC, I would like to disclose that I received a review copy of this title through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher.While Domenico Scarlatti composes sonatas on his harpsichord, his cat Pulcinella dreams of making music of her own.When circumstance brings Pulcinella to the keys of the harpsichord, she can no longer keep her music bottled up inside her. Will Scarlat [...]

    7. Everyone would love a cat like Pulcinella. She is beautiful, she is proud and she is creative. Her talent lies in musics, she loves composing and her desire is to get to her Master's harpsichord and explore her talents. The sad part is, the house rules state that no one must touch the harpsichord except the Master himself. She sits day in and day out listening to her Master record notes and play glorious sonata's and she longingly yearns for her chance to play her creations too.One day an opport [...]

    8. Scarlatti's Cat is a cute children's story about an Italian music composer, Scarlatti, and his beautiful and smart cat, Pulcinella, and how his cat composed a sonata. Man, I wish my Wedgie was talented like that - does this mean his scratching on my furniture is really a display of artistry? This book is beautifully drawn, and I especially love the drawings of Pulcinella, who reminds me a lot of my beloved Zorro. There's a great drawing of Scarlatti holding Pulcinella, with Handel's dog nearby.T [...]

    9. This book was provided as an ARC from NetGalley.This picture book tells the story of the famous composer Scarlatti's cat Pulcinella and how she helped him compose his famous "Cat Fugue". I really liked the illustrations in this book. I thought it was too bad that in the story he gave away the cat because she was too good at music. I would have liked it better if he would have kept the cat and given her her own harpsichord.

    10. A cute story about Italian composer Scarlatti and his cat Pulcinella and the 'folk story' of how the talented Pulcinella composed a harpsichord sonata more commonly known as "Cat's Fugue" because it sounds like a cat walking across the keys. Scarlatti then gets jealous and gives away the talented Pulcinella. This is a great book for anyone who likes animals, music or just good stories. It is beautifully illustrated by Carlyn Beccia.

    11. Nice story for music lovers and cat lovers. The combination of the font and difficult to pronounce words will make it a little difficult for parents to read aloud and very difficult for children to read themselves. The illustrations capture the period but the human faces are bit creepy. Wish the cat wasn't given away. Will leave some children feeling sad and worried for poor Pulcinella.

    12. Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti composed a beautiful sonata known as "Cat's Fugue" which was supposedly inspired by his pampered cat, Pulcinella scampering across the keys of his harpsichord one day in pursuit of a mouse. In concern for the future of his profession and that of other great composers, he decids it best to give poor Pulcinella away lest she steal their limelight.

    13. Enjoyable for both adults (at least me!) and children, this picture-book biography of Italian Renaissance composer Scarlatti, and his cat Pulcinella. I think this book would be a great way to introduce children to classical music, as it should pique their interest at least to hear "The Cat's Fugue"!

    14. From the Author's Note: Domenico Scarlatti was an Italian composer and remembered for his sonatas. It was said that his cat, Scarlatti, inspired one of his famous compositions, "The Cat's Fugue." Nathaniel Lachenmeyer imagines how that happened in this cute story of a talented kitty.

    15. Classical music and cats.I will give it another try when my daughter is older. Not a good choice for the most cataloving five year old I know.

    16. So Scarlatti had what could have been a world famous cat but instead was passed off to save his own career. It was a good read though and I would recommend it to a cat lover.

    17. We really liked this book. I thought it was a great way to learn about Scarlatti and his Cat Sonata with a fictional story added to it. The illustrations were good too.

    18. This is a cute book for parents who love classical music looking for a little something extra. Scarlatti's Cat is cute, well illustrated and enjoyable for both children and adults.

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