Don't Cry Over Killed Milk

The latest offering in the Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective Mystery series from the winner of the 2012 Reader Views Literary Award Mid Atlantic region.Jeremiah Milk lived a life filled with emotional extremes Amniotic band syndrome a congenital condition left his fingers and toes malformed Ridiculed as a child, he became an adolescent hermit As an adult, Jeremiah s woThe latest offering in the Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective Mystery series from the winner of the 2012 Reader Views Literary Award Mid Atlantic region.Jeremiah Milk lived a life filled with emotional extremes Amniotic band syndrome a congenital condition left his fingers and toes malformed Ridiculed as a child, he became an adolescent hermit As an adult, Jeremiah s wounds healed when he landed a position as a park ranger and married a woman who loved him despite his physical appearance But fate ripped his life to shreds when his wife and infant son died on the same night in separate calamities Shortly thereafter, the tides turned once as an act of Jeremiah s ostensible benevolence translates into a financial boon The book on Jeremiah s life closes without mercy when he s found murdered at Tripping Falls State Park.Damon Lassard Hollydale s loveable civic leader, amateur sleuth, and Jeremiah s neighbor springs into action He s obstructed by a prickly lieutenant, but wriggles information unknown to the police from a colorful bevy of suspects Aided by his best friend Rebecca and his reluctant ally Detective Gerry Sloman, Damon engineers a deep dive into Jeremiah s past to solve the crime Along the way, Damon strengthens his relationship with the breathtaking Bethany Krims, cracks a local horticultural mystery, and tries in vain to tame his wickedly sarcastic mother.Join Damon Lassard in his latest adventure, Don t Cry Over Killed Milk.
Don t Cry Over Killed Milk The latest offering in the Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective Mystery series from the winner of the Reader Views Literary Award Mid Atlantic region Jeremiah Milk lived a life filled with emotional

  • Title: Don't Cry Over Killed Milk
  • Author: Stephen Kaminski
  • ISBN: 9781939816184
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I decided to read a few pages last evening to see if the book was worth reading. I didn’t put it down until I finished it at 4 a.m. It is well written. The characters are well drawn. The plot is… well put it this way, as Damon starts to unravel the why of the murder, it is positively diabolical. Damon is described in the story as having a rampant curiosity and at 31 has no obligations such as a job or family to keep him from pursuing that which he is curious about. And he goes about it in su [...]

    2. I love finding new authors and new cozy mystery series to read and this one is a fun one!Damon Lassard is a young man with enough money that he doesn't have to have a job so he spends his days doing volunteer work at the library and acting as the president of the citizen's group in his neighborhood. When one of his neighbors comes to him with a complaint about his crepe myrtle dying, Lassard gets involved in the life of Jeremiah Milk. Jeremiah was born with a birth defect that led to some bullyi [...]

    3. Now yours truly has a double the reason to love Damon Lassard! In this the second of author Stephen Kaminski's brilliant series our amateur sleuth is hard at work on not just one but two mysteries in the charming community of Hollydale and the surrounding area. This well written and complicated twist of events made clear by the end of the book is intriguing, delightful and down-right entertaining. I also found that the author handles sensitive issues with a deft, yet gentle hand. There is of cou [...]

    4. I liked this book. I did not guess the ending and it was a surprise. The characters were interesting and real. I also liked the plot. The author also left a teaser at the end and I like it when an author does that. I will read more books by this author. I did not read the first one in this series yet but I will because of the follow through in this book. I also look forward to the next book in this series.

    5. Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk by Stephen Kaminski is a cozy mystery that will satisfy any cozy mystery fan. Damon Lassard - the amateur detective who earned enough money in the Japanese professional baseball league that he retired at the age of 31 –  has plenty of time to volunteer at the library, hike around Tripping Falls State Park, and dabble in solving mysteries.He has the requisite female friend who would like to be more than friends but settles for being a sounding board for now, a love [...]

    6. There’s not one mystery to be solved in this book, there’s two.Something is killing the crepe myrtles. People are treating their trees to get rid of bug infestations, but within a few days, the bugs re-infest the trees.And someone killed Jeremiah Milk.The author does a superb job of leading you through these two mysteries, keeping you following the clues, but not confusing you. And I was just as eager to find out who was killing the crepe myrtles as I was about who killed Jeremiah Milk.There [...]

    7. Just when I don't think there could be another unbelievable cozy mystery, I am proven wrong. I had never heard of Amniotic Band Syndrome before I read this book, and I love the fact that this is a mystery with a message. I honestly don't believe I have ever read a mystery that dealt with such serious issues of depression, bullying, and retribution. Again, I was so drawn into this story that I nearly read it all in one sitting.There is no sex in the book (so glad that is becoming a trend), and th [...]

    8. Damon Lassard wants to know why his neighbor, Jeremiah Milk, has been killed. Like most amateur sleuths, he can’t keep from snooping even after the police warn him against it. As far as Damon is concerned, he helped them crack a murder case a few months ago, so he’s more than willing to help them again. His close friend, Detective Gerry Sloman, wouldn’t mind the assistance but his boss has made it clear that Damon is to be kept out of it.Against police warnings, Damon teams up with his goo [...]

    9. Jeremiah Milk hasn't had the easiest of lives. Born with a congenital deformity his time at school was beset by teasing, staring and bullying until he withdrew into his shell. As an adult he became a park ranger at Tripping Halls State Park. Despite his fears that his deformities would mean that romance wouldn't feature in his life he marries Kathryn and they have a son so when both die separately on one night Jeremiah is devastated.Our `dabbling detective' Damon Lassard is a thirty-one year old [...]

    10. Don’t Cry over Killed Milk is Steve Kaminski’s second in the Damon Lassard mystery series. The organized, very tidy plot, appropriate clue arrangements and clever misdirection smoothly take the reader from moment to moment and, again as in the first book, I was impressed by the smart progression of events laced with deeper issues, such as bullying and revenge in this second release.I particularly enjoyed the attention to blocking, or character movement, to either give us a hint at motivation [...]

    11. love,love,love!!This is my second book in the Damon Lassard Mystery collection(unsure if it is a series)Basically the book is about Damon Lassard, a man who does community help. He is solving a mystery of the myrtle crepe tree being ruined by bugs which a man named Jeremiah Milk has brought to his attention. Suddenly Mr. Milk is found murdered in the Tripping Falls park. Damon(although he is not a detective) begins snooping around to figure out what exactly happened to Mr. Milk. His adventure co [...]

    12. 4 STARS This plot keeps you guessing to who is the bad guys and who is innocent. Has some good plot twists and turns that kept you reading to find out the truth. I had never heard of Amniotic band syndrome. It is sad how people are treated because they are different. Jeremiah Milk is killed before we get to know who he was and what his life was like we learn about little by little. It is hard to like Jeremiah because we only have facts about him. I wish we knew him a little bit better before he [...]

    13. The author, Stephen Kaminski, offered this book to me, even though I didn't win the giveaway, and I promised an honest review. This was a great mystery! No matter how I tried, I couldn't figure out who the killer was and I was completely surprised and impressed by the ending. The cast of characters came alive and I can still see them in my mind. I love a great mystery. I enjoyed it very much and the only reason it took me longer than I wanted to finish it was because my copper water pipes were s [...]

    14. I received this through First Reads.I'm not rating it with stars because I don't want to bring the overall rating down, and after seeing all of the other five star reviews, I feel like maybe I should give it a second chance before I give it a real review.I tried to read this book, but I just couldn't get into it. I made it about 30 pages in, and I just stopped because I wasn't the LEAST TINY BIT INTERESTED in it. :-/ But, again, I looked at all the other reviews, and I don't see a single bad on [...]

    15. This is a cozy mystery about Damon Lassard, an amateur sleuth who helps the police solve crimes--even if the police don't want his help. The book starts with Jeremiah Milk being murdered. Jeremiah is a neighbor of Damon's, so he feels obligated to help the police. There is also another mystery to be solved--who is infesting the crepe myrtles with bugs. It's fast moving, the characters are well formed, it's not confusing, and is a clean novel. I kept expecting Damon to go to bed with someone, but [...]

    16. I liked this book. The mystery unfolded at a good pace throughout the book. I did not have any problem figuring out the characters despite not having read the first book in the series. I do want to slap Damon any time he thinks about his love life, but that is his only annoying personality quirk. I would love to read more books in the series, especially after that cliffhanger.

    17. This was a great mystery! I really enjoyed the well-done character development. The story flowed effortlessly and the plot keeps you guessing. I look forward to the next one in the series.

    18. Liked the twists & turns, will read author again. Likeable cast. Clean and cozy. TTS-enabled eBook ©2013 Recommended.

    19. Unique and sophisticated storyline with just the right touch of humor and romance. Well written and a good subplot.

    20. Very good book.I enjoyed this book very much. The story was very well written and definitely kept my interest. My only criticism would be that it was a little too slow paced.

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