Summer of the Dead

High summer in Acker s Gap, West Virginia but no one s enjoying the rugged natural landscape Not while a killer stalks the small town and its hard luck inhabitants County prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied by a murderer who seems to come and go like smoke on the mountain At the same time, Bell must deal with the return from prison of her sisteHigh summer in Acker s Gap, West Virginia but no one s enjoying the rugged natural landscape Not while a killer stalks the small town and its hard luck inhabitants County prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied by a murderer who seems to come and go like smoke on the mountain At the same time, Bell must deal with the return from prison of her sister, Shirley who, like Bell, carries the indelible scars of a savage past.In Summer of the Dead, the third Julia Keller mystery chronicling the journey of Bell Elkins and her return to her Appalachian hometown, we also meet Lindy Crabtree a coal miner s daughter with dark secrets of her own, secrets that threaten to explode into even violence.Acker s Gap is a place of loveliness and brutality, of isolation and fierce attachments a place where the dead rub shoulders with the living, and demand their due.
Summer of the Dead High summer in Acker s Gap West Virginia but no one s enjoying the rugged natural landscape Not while a killer stalks the small town and its hard luck inhabitants County prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sh

  • Title: Summer of the Dead
  • Author: Julia Keller
  • ISBN: 9781250044730
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Summer of the Dead”

    1. This is the third Bell Elkins novel. I have previously read ‘A Killing in the Hills’ and ‘Bitter River’. I fell in love with Bell and the wonderful writing style of Julia Keller.On this occasion, we meet coal miner’s daughter, nineteen year old Lindy. Lindy is now a carer for her father, who is failing both mentally and physically. Her father seems to have some kind of dementia and is living in the past, reliving his mining days in the squalor of the cellar.We have previously only hear [...]

    2. Very mixed; probably 2.5. Keller is a lovely writer, very evocative, clearly loves words and descriptions. For 3/4 of the book, I was hooked but I found myself skimming the last 1/4. I think in part because I was getting tired of the constant descriptions of a place that she tries to make relatable but ends up describing it as one stop short of hell. I know there are places like this, of course, but it is beat into the reader on most pages. The child abuser, for example, has no teeth, spits, doe [...]

    3. This is crime literature at its best; strong on plot but all about ordinary people and their relationships. Bell Elkins has returned to her 'home' Acker's Gap in Reythune County to serve as their prosecuting attorney alongside her childhood friend Sheriff Nick Fogelsong. During a simmering hot Summer as series of baffling murders frustrate the law enforecement agencies and leave the local inhabitants on edge. What I really enjoy about Julia Keller's writing is its richness it terms of illustrati [...]

    4. The Hook - Catching up on Bell Elkins Series by Julia Keller.The Line(s) – ”Bell wandered over to the window. The brown drapes were tied off on either side. She looked out through the clear glass but didn’t see a thing; she was too preoccupied. How was it that you could look out a window and not see beyond your own thoughts?”The Sinker – Series are often problematic for me. I prefer stand-alone novels where there’s a beginning, middle, and an ending. I don’t mind if the ending leav [...]

    5. 3.5 star readIt's summer time in Ackers Gap, West Virginia and the heat is oppressive. If dealing with the summer heat wasn't bad enough, Bell Elkins and the residents of Acker's Gap, West Virginia are also dealing with the fear left behind from a senseless murder. It's only been a few months since the return of Bell's sister, Shirley, and the awful murder of a teenage girl, as well as the spree of murders by a terrorist seeking revenge against one of Bell's friends only in town for a visit. Bel [...]

    6. In Julia Keller's The Season of the Dead, the 3rd installment in the Bell Elkins thriller series, it was one hot summer when the crime rate went up a notch. For Bell Elkins, the county prosecutor for Acker's Gap, West Virginia, she had a full plate on her hands. First her sister Shirley has been released from prison to start her new free life, while she waited for her daughter Carla to visit her that summer. But as she investigated the murder of Freddie Arnett, things took a dangerous turn for t [...]

    7. County prosecutor Belfa Elkins faces many personal and professional challenges in Julia Keller’s third mystery, Summer of the Dead.Bell’s sister Shirley is living with her while trying to piece together a new life after spending 30 years in prison for killing their abusive father. Bell’s beloved teen daughter Carla decides to not come home for the summer so she can work in London. And then an old man is stabbed to death in his driveway while fixing a car for his grandson. When a second man [...]

    8. Julia Keller was the literary critic for the Chicago Tribune. I valued her perspectives and, after reading books she reviewed, found I most often agreed with her critiques and observations. Since she began releasing her own books I have purchased and read each. The third, like the first two, is well written in an intellectual, lyrical and descriptive style. Keller vividly describes the Appalachian town of Acker's Gap and you really envision, smell and hear the sounds of this very poor, very trou [...]

    9. We’re back in Acker’s Gap with Prosecutor Bell and I just wasn’t loving this novel as well as I have the previous two. I believe it was because I didn’t like everything being tied up in the final couple chapters of the novel. The novel’s creepiness and darkness settled in from the beginning and held its grip throughout the novel. It wasn’t until the very end did I feel the weight being lifted off the town. It’s like walking into a dark tunnel and finally after your eyes have adjust [...]

    10. I think I like this author. I got this book on clearance and B&N, and because on the cover was a comment from Michael Connelly, my all-time favorite author about how the main character in this story was one of the most "fully realized character character in fiction today", and for $5 I got it. Good story and yes Bell the main character is a good one. Interesting plot, one character deals with PTSD from working in the mines of WV, and how he lives in the cellar that his daughter made to mimic [...]

    11. Julia Keller has written about rural West Virginia the way Karin Slaughter has written about rural Georgia and this third outing in the series is no exception. The poor rural setting and subsequent lives of its inhabitants are palpable. This time out, Belfa "Bell" Elkins, county prosecutor for the small Appalachian town of Ackers Gap, deals with what might be a serial killer on the loose. As with the previous title in the series, the ending was a "didn't see that one coming" moment.

    12. This was a big improvement over the second book in the series. There were some excellent red herrings. Bell's sister Shirley plays a role in this story. It's nice to see her growth. The resolution of the center crime in the book is quite exciting. The evil villain in the piece is not at all who I expected. I liked that.

    13. This was still an enjoyable book, but I was frustrated by the fact that the ending seemed so cartoonishly villainous and unbelievable. It did seem like the hospital administrator didn’t actually know that Lindy was going to be fine, but even so the idea that so many hospital employees would just be cool with that procedure didn’t gel for me.

    14. Average crime story. I'm a little harsh on my rating because there were spelling mistakes in the version I own I enjoyed Lindy and Bell's characters and could completely understand their personalities, but the overall storyline and the way it all played was a little too long, too "perfectly" wrapped up in some areas, and no proper conclusion in others. Overall, just okay.

    15. I enjoyed reading the 5 book series about W. Va prosecutor Belfa Elkins but I found this particular book was the hardest to get through. It was way too detailed with descriptions of things that I felt did not contribute much to the story. Maybe if I read them in the correct order I would have had a better experience but it's hard to say.

    16. A pretty good mystery that could have been tied up in probably 50 pages but was filled with a lot of blah blah blah stuff -- not even really back story or character depth. Very quick read. and probably won't bother with the other books in this series.

    17. Tbh, even with everything it had going on, it was so boring. I feel it's probably because the writing itself was so monotone, it made the whole thing heavy and brought it down. I only finished it because I've bought it but it took me ages. Not grasping at all. Very disappointed.

    18. Excellent story and characters--have recently discovered this author and really enjoy the setting in WVA and learning about the problems of life in that area. THe characters are so interesting and I hope to read the other Bell Elkins books.

    19. Read this out of order and like enough that now I will read the rest of the series about this strong West Virginian prosecutor in a small, poverty stricken mountain coal town. Good writing and suspense.

    20. A killer is striking again in Acker's Gap as we are introduced to a retired coal miner and his daughter. Bell's sister's return after her many years of absence create new challenges and reopens wounds from their childhood.

    21. I did enjoy this book. The characters are well drawn and the plot kept me reading. I did feel, however, that it lagged a bit in places and I found myself skimming over parts - some of which were beautifully written descriptions - just to get to the action.

    22. Another solid read! I laughed and cried and the ending took me by surprise. Cleverly crafted and very engaging! I don't think I can get enough of Bell and Sheriff Nick. Glad for the update on Clayton, too.

    23. I would give it 3 1/2 stars. Really good. Poor West Virginia. Real twister of an ending. Can't stop reading these.

    24. Another quality Bell Elkins mystery although I thought it moved more slowly than first 2 books in this series.

    25. High summer in Acker's Gap, West Virginia—but no one's enjoying the rugged natural landscape. Not while a killer stalks the small town and its hard-luck inhabitants. County prosecutor Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are stymied by a murderer who seems to come and go like smoke on the mountain. At the same time, Bell must deal with the return from prison of her sister, Shirley—who, like Bell, carries the indelible scars of a savage past.In Summer of the Dead, the third Julia Keller mys [...]

    26. The first 2/3 of the book I had to fight through at times but it kept me guessing. The last 1/3 of the book I thoroughly enjoyed

    27. Bell Elkins mystery, in Adkins Glen, 2 people murdered while a girl lives with her father in a house which she has made like a coal mine.

    28. Superb story telling The convoluted plot and the character development kept my intense interest from start to finish. A masterpiece. Julia is one of the best.

    29. Another good mystery from Julia Keller. Sad learning about so many WV coal miners' plights, but a good read.

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