Who Is George Lucas?

As a child his passions were comics and cars, but George Lucas grew up to be one of the most successful filmmakers of all time He is a producer, screenwriter, director and entrepreneur whose company Lucasfilms pioneered the movie effects that changed the world of animation He founded Industrial Light and Magic, which transformed special sound and visual effects throughoAs a child his passions were comics and cars, but George Lucas grew up to be one of the most successful filmmakers of all time He is a producer, screenwriter, director and entrepreneur whose company Lucasfilms pioneered the movie effects that changed the world of animation He founded Industrial Light and Magic, which transformed special sound and visual effects throughout the Hollywood film industry He is best known, of course, as the creator of the Star Wars movie, television, gaming, toy and merchandise empire, as well as the archeologist adventure series Indiana Jones Discover the man behind the magic in Who Is George Lucas
Who Is George Lucas As a child his passions were comics and cars but George Lucas grew up to be one of the most successful filmmakers of all time He is a producer screenwriter director and entrepreneur whose company L

  • Title: Who Is George Lucas?
  • Author: Pam Pollack Meg Belviso Ted Hammond
  • ISBN: 9780448479477
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Who Is George Lucas? by Pamela D. Pollack, Meg Belviso, Ted Hammond (Illustrator) is an excellent story of a young boy with a very big imagination. It follows that boy through adulthood until present, follows the hard work it took and his personal life. It is a great story and one that inspires. Lots of info and great sketches in here too. Great job! Quite a wonderful story that we all are glad he took, what would life be without his work?

    2. I would have devoured these biograhies as a kid, great series! As for George Lucas. He made Star Wars. He made my childhood filled with hours of imagination. He will hold a place in my heart forever for his vision and the joy it gave me as a kid, and the joy it continues to give me today.

    3. Who is George Lucas? was an amazing book for me. I loved the way it explained every word; even some of the words I had already knew. I will soon start another book on the Who Was?/ Who Is? series.

    4. I think that this book is a great book. I didn't think George Lucas did so many movies. I used to think that he only did Star Wars and Indiana Jones. By the way, I am so exited for the next Star Wars movie coming December 18, 2015. This book I would recommend to any body who likes biographies and George Lucas.

    5. So, you know a lot about Star Wars, huh? You know the names of all the planets, aliens, ships, etc. But do you know where George Lucas came up with the idea of Chewbacca? Do you know what Luke Skywalker's name was in the first draft of the script? Do you know where the name "RD-D2" came from? Do you know what other Lucas movies have cameo appearances of C-3PO and RD-D2? And what about George Lucas's other movies: THX 1138, American Graffiti, and the Indiana Jones series?This is another great ent [...]

    6. George Lucas is an incredible director who changed the course of movie history. The franchises of Stars Wars, and Indiana Jones are among my favorite films. George Lucas is an American legend!

    7. great booki have always loved star wars and this book just gave me a back stage pass to the movie

    8. This is a children's biography about George Lucas. As someone who has yet to watch a single one of the Star Wars movies, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this installment. I found his friends' reactions to his initial screening of the first Star Wars movie to be fascinating! How interesting it was to learn that he puts references to some of his movies in others he's making! I am a true Indiana Jones fan, so I loved learning about the real Indiana! I am sure my nephew will get a kick out of [...]

    9. 1. penguin reader 2.90minutes3lm, starwars,traffic accident, Steven Spielberg, Disney, Warner Bros, crusing4.''I'm going to be a millionaire before I'm thirty,'' He could do really. What I learn from this section is he had a huge aim and it is responsible for that grate result.5. I respect him, he can create the grate movie such as ''starwars''. I'm grad that I could get informations about ''starwars''. Also I'm surprised that the first version of it has not good responses except Steven. I impre [...]

    10. George Lucas was not rich when he grew up but he was not super poor. He wanted to be a race car driver until he almost died in a car crash. then he went off to college and started in the film industry and ones one of the best in the school soon later ha started making movies of his own. like all the star wars and Indiana jones and some less poupular moivies I would recommend this book because he makes really cool movies.I chose this book because it was someone I didn't know.

    11. This book was written in an easy-to-read format, keying in on the important details from George Lucas's life, without bogging those details down too much with extra information that wouldn't help the reader develop a better understand of who he was/is. Though I've heard plenty about him, and know of much of his movie-making success, much of the information was new, and gave me a better understanding of what drove him and brought him to where he was now.

    12. I read "Who Is George Lucas?" by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso. This book is non-fiction and it is set in California and in tha past and present. The main character in the book is George Lucas. This book is about George Lucas and his career in the movie industry and film-making. The book tells about the movies he made and his early childhood and what he liked to do. I rated this book and 5 out of 5 stars because I never knew who George Lucas was and how famous he is to this day.

    13. This book was a very classic biography talking about George Lucas. He was a very popular film maker. He made Star Wars, a very famous movie series. His work is a landmark for movie production. I think that this book was a well written biography about George Lucas. Before I read this, I did not know who he was. Now I know he is one of the most successful flim makers in history.So, I give this book a 4 out of 5

    14. George Lucas was one of the most successful filmmakers of all time, with this autobiography, you will also discover what other talents that he had in his successful lifetime. This book would be great for someone who is doing a book report on someone or if one of your students has an interest in biographies of successful filmmakers.

    15. It was good. I learned a lot. He was going to be a race car driver. Then he got in a car crash and he didn't want to be a car racer. He made a deal with his Dad that he would make a lot of money before he was 30. He was half way there before the deal ended and his Dad didn't think he would earn enough money.

    16. George Lucas is one of my father’s heroes, so why can’t he be one of mine as well? Boys and girls who are just starting to hit the age where they read more chapter books than picture books would love this book. It is filled with juicy details about the world’s favorite movies such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. This book could also be used for projects within the classroom.

    17. My 4th/5th graders are obsessed with this series! I can't buy them fast enough. Their appetite for biographies has taken off. Everyone loves Star Wars and the kids love learning about George Lucas and his personal life. This book is full of interesting tid-bits on Star Wars' characters and plot. It was a fast read.

    18. George Lucas is a famous movie director and became a millionaire at 28. He was a race car driver but he got in an accident and decided to change his job. He became interested in film and started making movies. His most famous movies are Star Wars.

    19. All of the Who Was/Who Is books are great. Easy to read, lots of pertinent information and plenty of facts that can be further investigated, if wanted.

    20. I think George Lucas is very creative. I now know a lot about George Lucas and Star Wars. "May the Force Be With You"!

    21. I read this with my son together after taking him to see the new Star Wars movie. A very enjoyable , informative, and accessible read both for me and for him.

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