Things heat up, and not just the Georgia summertime, when Dane and Laney go head to head over plans for her new duplex But Laney s got his number, and knows just how to coerce her bossy, domineering man Spend the summer with the gang and find outjust how many is a crowd The members of the Evolve Crew are getting older so is the content Mature audiences recommended.
Entangled Things heat up and not just the Georgia summertime when Dane and Laney go head to head over plans for her new duplex But Laney s got his number and knows just how to coerce her bossy domineering m

  • Title: Entangled
  • Author: S.E. Hall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. My favorite couple was baaaaccckkkk!!! And boy were they HAWT!!!!! Entangled was a quick read that followed Dane and Laney as Laney moves in to the new duplex that Dane bought her. This one really made me laugh. Dane and Laney are just perfect together. Once again Dane is just I need a Dane of my ownetely possessive of Laney. Over the top love and devotion.has to have hereds to have her all of the time. And the juicy little Sawyer tidbitwhat was it?!?! 6 piercings???Please, please, please let on [...]

    2. We are taken on yet ANOTHER epic journey of Laney,Dane and the gang. I loved every single minute. This ride was crazy, fun, SEXY, hilarious. Dane and Laney are growing up. The entire gang is growing up( except maybe Saywer ;-) lol. But everyone is growing up and their characters are becoming more vivacious. We get a little bit of drama, but mostly the ride is smooth and entertaining, we can clearly see something is bothering Sawyer and cannot wait to see what that is in his very own story! I can [...]

    3. Review: Shelly rates this book 5 stars!!!!I was lucky enough to get the privilege of BETA reading this amazing novella! The "crew" is back in an awesome novella by S.E. Hall. Everyone is maturing and moving forward in their lives and relationships, all except maybe Sawyer! But, isn't that what we all love so much about him?I am Team Dane all the way, and this book didn't disappoint me in anyway!! It was a fun, entertaining, book to read. And I must say, getting to see the different sides of Dane [...]

    4. OK, I think I'm in love with S.E. Hall!! When I pick up her books, everything else for the day is forgotten. Entangled was freaking amazing and I definitely got lost in this book, and wanted more as soon as it finished.Entangled is a novella going back to Dane and Laney. We get to see Laney and Dane bicker about decorating her duplex, and their relationship evolve even more. I'm pretty sure when I reviewed Emerge I let you know how much I loved Dane, well now I love him even more! Dane and Laney [...]

    5. **JODIE'S REVIEW**“The really special ones that go beyond physical experimentation and creep into your soul and stay there, are just for us. Perfection.”So just when I think I can’t get more addicted to SE Hall this little Novella falls in my kindle and has me all HOT and I was screaming I LOVE YOU S.E. Hall and the boys that live within you. Yeah I said that twice and as soon as I finished this I wanted another one. She is a serious addiction and there is no cure. Moral ~ Entangled was mo [...]

    6. I was thrilled that I was given the chance to read an ARC of Entangled, and S.E. Hall has once again blown me away with her writing!Let me just start out by saying, I have been Team Evan since the beginning, but this novella is seriously making me reconsider switching teams. Dane is the perfect combination of sexy and sweet, and boy does he like to have control both in and out of the bedroom! He and Laney have both grown and matured throughout the series, and the chemistry between them is strong [...]

    7. I loved Dane I really did I mean I loved him in Emerge but I loved him more in this book, "baby, if that's what you really want, go ahead, but it sounds gaudy and juvenile, and you have to think of resale. When it comes time for you to marry me and move into the big house, we'll have to make the room look normal for potential buyers." And he's so playful, "oh, baby," he growls, his feet pounding the floor as he stalks toward me, "are you questioning my manliness?" And Laney she's learning more a [...]

    8. That was great! The angst is over and happiness is pouring out of everyone. There is life after heart break and it can be good! Even though it was a novella it was still long enough to give me what I wanted. Updates on the crew! Evan, my sexy sweet heart. Dane with his Triple D tacticsdamnn you say HOT! Young southern alphas who will eventually grow in to KA level men no doubt! I'm so in love with this series! On to Sawyer's book next!

    9. 4.5 starsThis novella takes place right after Embrace as Laney is settling into her new duplex that Dane bought her that she will be sharing with Sawyer (and of course Dane will be visiting) and Bennett and Tate will be on the other side. They are leaving dorm life and curfews behind. Laney and Dane are having fun doing home improvement projects, making bets, and christening all the rooms in her new place. Their relationship just keeps getting stronger (and hotter). They are devoted, passionate, [...]

    10. ~Joni’s Review~Well the crew is all here and we get to see what they all did for the summer. The story revolves mostly around Dane and Laney. Someone sure turned up the heat in this one. WOW. I was fanning myself. Dane is hotter than ever!!! He is also a little bit dominant and I loved it! Oh yeah, so did Laney. ;) “I do this to him, me-my love, my body-undoes this god. This territorial, bossy, controlling…wonderful god of a man that is all mine.” ~LaneyThey are working on painting and f [...]

    11. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review!Laney, Dane, and the rest of The Crew are back in this amazing novella. Everyone is growing up and moving forward with their lives and relationships. Well everyone but Sawyer. He seems to be bothered by something but he isn't talking yet.As always Laney and Dane are awesome and their chemistry just keeps better. They still can't keep their hands off each other but they are also discovering new things about one another. Dane does like to be in co [...]

    12. Fewer words, greater meaning; short and sweet is exactly what this novel is. You still see the Crew in their own element and I really love that no matter what happens the stories in this series just grow in depth the more they grow up. You see a different side to the different friends and it warms my heart that their loyalty is so strong and they give each other space and understanding until they're ready. The setting of the story is summer and with the different occasions happening, there is st [...]

    13. I Loved Entangled, Here we get more Of Laney and Dane and the Crew and you are going to love them all. Laney is excited to get painting and getting her new home together and Dane and Laney make a bet. To see who has the better room once they are done painting and putting the room together. I love how these two are with each othe so fun and out going. We see Dane struggle a bit with his feelings and how he should go about doing things. You feel bad for him and see where he's coming from. In Entan [...]

    14. Entangled takes us over the course of the summer when Laney and Dane are fixing up the duplex and getting ready for Laney to move in. This book is packed with schmexy moments, both sweet and steamy.Well, well, well! Laney is growing up!!! Not only is she moving into her own house, courtesy of the magnificent Dane, but she is really becoming quite the little minx ;) She is slowly becoming more comfortable with her love life“We’re still at like, twenty-four shades of grey, mister.”Well. comp [...]

    15. Ahhh, Dane and Laney's story continues in this awesome novella. I must say that this series is quite addicting. I haven't grown tired of Laney & Dane or the rest of the gang at all! This is one to be read from start to finish in one sitting. It's laugh out loud hilarious and super sexy. Dane is #1 Alpha man and boy does he show it. He wants to be in charge at all times and he's damn good at it. Enjoyed seeing these two interact as Laney makes plans for her new duplex.I was hoping there would [...]

    16. 5 Star review by HeatherI love this family of characters! I love Dane and Laney's relationship. They are madly in love, but Laney is still a little hesitant to really commit fully. Poor Dane is ready to marry her like yesterday. I see a wedding in their future sooner rather than later. Laney will come to her senses and realize that age doesn't matter. Evan and Whitley seem to be growing closer and closer. They weren't in this book a lot, but I see a move to the farm soon. I also see a house full [...]

    17. I started this last night with the intention of just starting it. I really should have known better. Ms. Hall always pulls me completely into the story and before I know it, I'm done. I love that she can do that to me. Her characters are so vibrant and real, it's such a pleasure to read them. This was a novella that comes before her next book about Sawyer, which I totally can't wait for. I loved this because it shows not only the deep feelings that Lanie and Dane have for each other, but how the [...]

    18. Laney and Dane are back and so is the rest of the Crew. Laney and Dane are steaming up the Georgia summer while competing with each other to get her place ready before classes start back up. "Love you so much, Laney. I'll always love you, my beautiful angel. You save me every day" We also get to enjoy Parker and Hayden's wedding along with the Crew. And you get a glimpse at a different side of Sawyer."You're a part of me now Laney, there's no going back. No one and nothing exists before us, or a [...]

    19. I got the privilege to Beta read for S.E Hall for this amazing novella. I beyond loved Entangled. In Entangled we get more of Dane and Laney, and of course the rest of the crew. We get to see a whole new dominate side to Dane, yes I said dominate. That man sure knows how to take control in the bedroom, or whatever room they happen to be in. I laughed so hard, to the point of tears in certain places, and swooned in others. Everyone is assembled for Parker and Hayden’s wedding, which was perfect [...]

    20. Another fabulous read in this series. It feels like the main characters are building on their relationships and the rest of the crew are going to get their chances too. There is one scene where I was crying with laughter - such is the camaraderie that I now have with people in these pages! The story continues to unfold in a fascinating, engaging way that just works. Looking forward to the next installment!

    21. This was a short, but utterly gripping page turner, just as the other two novels by stefani, I absolutely love this series. I originally thought this novella would just be about laney and Dane decorating thier (supposed to be laney's,) but lets face it, Dane is never going to leave her side, and if I was laney, I'd be happy about that. But it was about the whole gang, 'my gang', and I loved it. Laney shows her wild side in the novella and Dane shows just how much she means to him. I love when th [...]

    22. *****BETA READ FOR HONEST REVIEW****I got the pleasure of Beta reading this novella. I just finished and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I have never laughed so hard before. Its short and steamy just what I would expect from Laney and Dane. The snippets of Sawyer make me more eager for his book, Entice. I want to know what's going on. The whole crew is there for Parker and Hayden's wedding. It's beautiful as to be expected. The ending was perfect and a great set up for the next book. Not the huge cliff [...]

    23. It was so nice to read a book where there is no heart ripping out drama. This was a sweet little novella full of love, romance, and hot sexy times! It is told from alternating view points of the main protagonists and I love that! I always like to read the same story from two or more different view points. Really lets me get into the heads of the characters and sucks me into the story. Definitely a love story that will warm your heart from beginning to end.

    24. ~~1.75 HEARTS~~This book was just OK for me. I was expecting a little more in this novella. Nothing really GREAT stood out except for the fact we finally get to read about Parker & Hayden's wedding. Other than that, I could have lived without. Or it might be because I'm team Evan and he was in this book for a brief second.hehehehe

    25. Another amazing book to add to an already amazing series. SE Hall takes you on a journey with this crew of awesome young adults and you find yourself on the edge where you just want to sit them down and tell them what life is about. They find their way. Not the easy way but they get there. Great Job SE Hall.

    26. Finally it's here!! I loved this! We already know Dane and Laney are freaks lol. I love them together! I almost fell out of my seat reading about Bennett at they BYOB party!!! Lol. I feel bad for Sawyer in this book. I cannot wait to read the next book!!! Team Sawyer!

    27. So I finished Embrace (Evolve series Book 2) and was so excited to have Entangled waiting for me on my Kindle! Entangled, book 2.5 of S.E. Hall’s Evolve series, is a really fun novella. I read the whole thing in less than a day (I love novellas for that reason) and it just kept a smile on my face the whole time. Now I already am in love with Dane. I mean seriously, he is so freaking HOT and so incredibly sweet and loving. Laney Walker is one lucky girl! So reading a story told by the two of th [...]

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