The Journey of Hannah Woods

Fourteen year old Hannah Woods suffers from panic attacks Overmedicated by a family who has a secret, Hannah lives in a world full of anxiety and fear This is her story her journey from the depths of Black Hollow s darkness, the wealthy old money town where she grew up, to the light of Crystal Cove and the world of her hippie grandparents As the story opens, Hannah WooFourteen year old Hannah Woods suffers from panic attacks Overmedicated by a family who has a secret, Hannah lives in a world full of anxiety and fear This is her story her journey from the depths of Black Hollow s darkness, the wealthy old money town where she grew up, to the light of Crystal Cove and the world of her hippie grandparents As the story opens, Hannah Woods, haunted by the neglect of an alcoholic father and the abuse of a mentally ill caretaker, is plunged into a nightmare that threatens her very existence After her father drowns, Hannah s world spirals out of control as she is forced to move to the other side of the island where her newly discovered hippie grandparents live Hannah suffers from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder She is addicted to prescription drugs drugs given to her for anxiety and depression drugs given to her to keep her silent Her heroic journey begins the moment she enters the world of Crystal Cove where she struggles to navigate the emotional world of adolescence and addiction With the help of her Grandma Pearl and her Grandpa Hollis, the talents of a remarkable therapist, Dr Katherine Hope, and a new best friend, Emma Matthews, Hannah discovers her amazing self The evolution of Hannah s character will empower both teens and adults who find themselves addicted to drugs or who have experienced the devastating effects of physical, emotional, and or psychological abuse and neglect.
The Journey of Hannah Woods Fourteen year old Hannah Woods suffers from panic attacks Overmedicated by a family who has a secret Hannah lives in a world full of anxiety and fear This is her story her journey from the depths of

  • Title: The Journey of Hannah Woods
  • Author: Helene Forst
  • ISBN: 9781490375809
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Before I start my review, I will say that I received this book in a giveaway.When I first started reading The Journey of Hannah Woods, I wasn't sure what to expect. The description of the book was raw and gritty but I was disappointed as I began reading because the story was told in such a positive, almost syrupy-sweet style. I felt the book was unrealistic in its treatment of some pretty serious topics, child abuse and addiction, and I was turned off by the way the author seemed to be glossing [...]

    2. This book is a well written portrayal of a 14 year old girl, Hannah, who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress disorder, panic attacks and anxiety. The characters in this book are well developed and believable. I could feel Hannahs' fear and anxiety right through the pages, as, I too, suffer from these same issues. Doctors were giving her way too much medication and she had to wean off of all the drugs in her system. This part was very believable. The only part that I had issues with is that you ca [...]

    3. I won the The Journey of Hannah Woods in a giveaway.The Journey of Hannah Woods was a fairly easy read. It took me awhile to get into the book; however, when I finally began my journey with Hannah I enjoyed watching her emerge from the darkness of her past. Forst’s ability to address real topics truthfully is noteworthy for a first time author. Hannah struggles with typical teenage issues but her sheltered yet abusive childhood renders her incapable of self managing these issues. Hannah’s p [...]

    4. I received this book as a "First Reads" giveaway. This is a great young adult novel that focuses on prescription drug addiction in teens and child abuse. When I began reading this book I felt that the beginning was a little overdone and too descriptive to soon, but as I read I discovered that you needed that for the character development and in the end it was necessary to make this book what it is. I felt that some of the supporting character's development lacked a little and I would have liked [...]

    5. I am so glad I won this book! Inspiring story of a young teenage girl who has the help and courage to overcome an abusive past and move forward into her new pain and medication free life as an amazing young woman!

    6. I was so happy to receive this book from the author; what a compelling, satisfying read. Hannah Woods is the kind of protagonist the reader will enjoy getting to know. When we meet first meet her, she is inwardly freaking out at her father’s funeral. As a fourteen year old, Hannah lets the reader know she is suffering from panic attacks, hears voices cruelly putting her down, and relies heavily on drugs. After the funeral, this Hannah will leave the only home she has ever known and go to live [...]

    7. This is an inspirational book about a young girl recovering from abuse and a drug addiction. Hannah was abused from a young age and over-medicated for anxiety and depression. When she loses her only living parent, she is shipped off to live with grandparents that she never knew existed. Hannah has major trust issues, and though her grandparents, and her new friend, seem like they really care about her, she never experienced this in her old home. Hannah also has panic attacks and meets with a ref [...]

    8. I received this book from the author as a ‘win’ copy. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I initially opened the book. Right away I knew I was going to enjoy the grandparents. In the beginning the authors approach to the main character was whiney. As I delved into the book and read more into Hannah’s issues, ie. Abuse, drug addiction, emotional struggles, lacking social skills, I saw the tough girl coming out. As a reader you start to cheer her on and hope she is successful! This young lad [...]

    9. I received this book in a Giveaway. I was very eager to read this right after I had completed Laurie Halse Anderson's The Impossible Knife of Memory. Both stories deal with the timely and urgent issue of PTSD. Anderson's book dealt predominantly with the destruction and devastation of PTSD on the victim and their families. Forst's book on the other hand focused more directly on the treatment process. There are many theories regarding treatment modalities for this difficult psychological challen [...]

    10. While I found it to be a great story and loved reading it, there was parts that I felt should have been done differently. I suffer from terrible anxiety and I have never had a person living in me telling me how to feel. I think thie young girl in this book had a terrible childhood of neglect from her parents and abuse from her nanny. But she seemed more like someone with maybe a dual personality disorder and possible manic. She certainly did have some anxiety but more deeper manic in my opinion. [...]

    11. I won a copy of this book through the First-Reads program.This book is a very easy read which keeps you involved with the young teen Hannah from the beginning. This girl was abused in all ways, and addicted to drugs by adults who were supposed to care for her and act in her best interest. It isn't until her father dies when she is 14 that she gets to meet grandparents she never knew existed and given the chance to break out of the addiction and mental darkness her prior life had left her with.T [...]

    12. This is a wonderful debut novel for teens that follows Hannah Woods, a fourteen-year-old girl, as she slowly regains control over her life. She's had a terrible childhood with rich but uncaring and unhappy parents, and Hannah was in the car when her mother was driving and had an accident, resulting in her mother's death. With no wife to care for his daughter, her father hired witch-like nannies; at least one was abusive and dreadful on every level. Hannah's panic attacks and various problems wer [...]

    13. This is an inspiring story of survival, self-realization, and recovery. It's a story about child abuse and neglect and the debilitating effects it had on the extraordinary character whose journey to rise above life's challenges has the reader rooting for her all the way. Her struggles and her success in overcoming the obstacles that her anxiety creates for her are an inspiration to us all. The book is a page turner that leaves the reader with the uplifting feeling that if you believe in yourself [...]

    14. I won this book in a giveaway and was happy to receive an autographed copy along with a nice note from the author, which I thought was really awesome of her to do. With that being said, I wanted to love this book, I really did, but alas I did not. Based on the blurb I was expecting something a bit more gritty and this definitely was not. It was a very positive and inspirational story which I believe was the author's intent and she very much excelled at that, I just felt it was bit unrealistic.

    15. I love how the book works thru Hannah's troubles from the beginning to the end. It gives you an insight to what a person goes through. I felt so bad for her to go through so much at a young age. Hannah's young life started off bad but she does get a better ending. Jobina was one character I didn't like but I don't think anyone would have. I received the book for free through First Reads. It was a great pleasure in receiving an autograph copy of Helene Forst's book.

    16. I liked reading this book. It is about a child that has a lot of issues. After her father has dies she moves with Grandparents that she didn't even know were alive. They are great and provides her with a "normal" life she didn't have before as well as gets her professional help that she needs. The only negative I thought was that here life was in two much of a bubble. And there was one point that I wished she covered more. I would recommend this book to friends.T won this on .

    17. This is an encouraging book about how someone so young can overcome the addiction of anxiety drugs and become the person they were meant to be. It may take time but with strength and faith you can overcome it.

    18. I received this book through a giveaway. Although the book seems geared more towards young adults, I did enjoy this story of a young girl who has already lost her mother and then her father. She suffers from PTSD from a tormented childhood. Only after going to live with the grandparents she never knew she had, does Hannah start the journey to healing and becoming the girl she should have always been.

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