Whirlwind Courtship

When Phoebe arrives quite by accident at the doorstep of Harlan s mountain cabin, he is less than pleased Convinced that she has been sent by his matchmaking aunt, Harlan would gladly throw Phoebe out, but she s in trouble So grudging host and grudging guest will have to make the best of things
Whirlwind Courtship When Phoebe arrives quite by accident at the doorstep of Harlan s mountain cabin he is less than pleased Convinced that she has been sent by his matchmaking aunt Harlan would gladly throw Phoebe out

  • Title: Whirlwind Courtship
  • Author: Jayne Taylor Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780505519078
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I had a really tough time getting thru this one. I even admit to skimming the last pages.The male hero is a gigantic a$$ who dominates the heroine to the point where I consider it abuse. He never listens to her and always makes her do what he wants, even if he needs to use force. The heroine is supposed to be this independet, strong woman, but she goes along with whatever and never really stands up for herself. It just wasn't for me.

    2. when Phoebe Hampton by accident shows up at the cabin of a consummate bachelor Harlan Garand's mountain cabin. he's convince shes another marriage minded female sent by his match making aunt and she insist thatshe is in a dire need a shelter and food and of course he ready to throw her out but decides to let her stay as the the whirkwin weekend progress with her he decides not only he wants her in his bed but as his wife which she don't believe means shes not his normal type of tall skinny blond [...]

    3. This all started out well. The heroine, Phoebe, finds herself in some tough circumstances and is lost and wandering in the woods when she stumbles upon Harlan's cabin. She begs him for help but he seems to think she was sent as some matchmaking ploy by his Aunt. He does agree to let her stay as long as she takes some initiative in the chores and what not. Then they go fishing and it's time to clean the fish and suddenly Harlan turns into a psycho shithead. He FORCES her to gut the fish while she [...]

    4. Haven't read this in over 10 years, so I gave it another look. Now I remember why I haven't gone back to read it since. Phoebe was a pushover, making a token resistance each time Harlan dictated something, then immediately caved into his intimidating masculine personality. Oh, and what was up with all the exclaimation points?! Who exclaims every verbalized thought? It seemed as though they were shouting at each other the entire tedious work! It was so annoying! See? Just typing the above paragra [...]

    5. Yeah, this was awful. What really bothered me was what a pushover the heroine was, and what a complete douche the hero was. He was so controlling it was almost comical, he might as well have hit the girl. He practically raped her on several occasions. It was too much. I finished it cause I kept thinking "Surely the douche bag will get called out, surely he will learn the error of his ways and cease to be a douche."Nope. Total douche. Complete fail of a story. The dialogue has its funny moments, [...]

    6. Published under the name Jayne Taylor, this book lacks the depth of most of her work in the nineties, but it is still worth the re-read. The characters are not as well-drawn and likable as are most of her characters and the plot line is pretty far out there, but Ms. Krentz does portray manipulation in a gentle way, demonstrating why it is not a good thing in a relationship, and subtly points out the differences between romance novel heros and reality. I couldn't get under the skin of either Phoe [...]

    7. Whirlwind Courtship by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne TaylorPhoebe Hampton is a resourceful and strong women able to get out of the trouble she gets into mostly. Harlan Garand is on a week end get away to the mountains fishing, and gets a big surprise , Phoebe walks out of the wilderness, and tells him a heroic tale of kidnap and escape, he believes it's all a plot to trap him in marriage, But changes his tune when one of the kidnappers shows up at his cabin.

    8. The plot was enjoyable , I can't deny the charm the characters had and I absolutely loved Fred and Jinx but seriously the things that came out of Harlan's mouth were just GAH relationships back then were seriously weird , I have no idea why I enjoy reading those books but something about them is just too amusing.All hail to the 2000's.

    9. start was good but past half way it became a bit too unrealistic and i couldn't relate to the main female in the way she let him push her around.

    10. I really like this adorable story. Between the witty banter, spirited battle of wills, and the obvious love shared by the main characters I can't help but be swept up in their whirlwind courtship.

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