Turn Her Face to the Wall

Turn Her Face to the Wall is a free short story so chilling, it is sure to leave your blood running cold In this creepy tale, the twist comes with the very last word
Turn Her Face to the Wall Turn Her Face to the Wall is a free short story so chilling it is sure to leave your blood running cold In this creepy tale the twist comes with the very last word

  • Title: Turn Her Face to the Wall
  • Author: William Hussey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 thought on “Turn Her Face to the Wall”

    1. This short story has a very clever unexpected ending. It lifted it to 4 stars for me as I was so genuinely surprised.Not a gory horror story but one of revenge and justice. A young girl. Awful disfigurement and her story to be told. The girl with her face to the wall. The girl nobody wants to see. I loved the twist at the end, very clever. This was a good Kindle freebie find that I recommend. Be keen to read more from this author. 4 stars from me.

    2. "A brief scare"A short horror story that seemed to provide plenty of signposts for the 'big reveal' ending. I would have preferred a collection of various 'shorts', rather than three-quarters of the book being filled with opening chapters of other titles.

    3. Overall, I liked this book.This was a chilling book, it wasn't so chilling to me. It may be a horror novel, but it wasn't all that bad.The author of this book, William Hussey, planned the book out well, but to me, I wouldn't class this as a horror novel.I would read this again someday, but only if I'd like to read a short story novel.

    4. Great twist at end!Short story, followed by a chapter or two of the authors feature length books. The chapters seemed longer than the short story, however after I had read the snippets of the books, I was still thinking of the very late twist from the short story. Very good.

    5. This was another short story that I surprisingly really enjoyed!! I found it for free on the book store and I'm glad I decided to download it. Like I've said before I can never really get into short stories, but this one was different! It's a super quick read, but it had me in suspense the whole time. I actually had no idea what the twist or ending was going to be and when I found out I was seriously creeped out (won't say what happens, but I have an irrational phobia of the thing involved so I [...]

    6. This was a free short story from and it was well written but not as scary as I was lead to believe, the storyline is a girl has been disfigured and plots her revenge out of despair and guilt from her family.There is a twist that reminded me of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and I won't spoil it but it's a good one.You night as well read this considering it's free, I will also read more of Will's work to see how he pans out.Overall it's well worth a read

    7. It took me a while to get into it. It starts off with a girl who is horribly disfigured getting her revenge which is a little boring to me at first but im glad that I stuck with it because it goes on to be full of suspense and has a great twist. Not the best ive ever read, but not half bad!

    8. Short, sharp, shocking - this is an awesome story with a chilling twist. A really quick (and FREE!) read - highly recommended!

    9. Well-written short story with a good twist. Kept me in suspense from the beginning to the end. Loved everything about the book. Highly recommended.

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