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  1. The Secret of the Assassin is a novella that gives the reader insight in the murder attempts on Bridget. This novella also goes into how the man behind the murder attempts manipulates Bridget and Scott to destroy their careers at their Universities. Fast paced.

  2. During the reading and finishing of this novella, I became really hungry about wanting “The Secret of the Thrones”, which is the first novel in the series. The discovery of ancient religious or pagan artefacts has been used as a plot guideline by many authors, some of whom do it well. Just how well Tom Haase manages this theme will have to wait until I read the first novel. Meanwhile, he sets up a pretty-good teaser involving sibling archaeologists assassination attempts, powerful behind-the [...]

  3. This novella is supposed to give the readers addition information about the attempt made on Bridget Donavon's life in Ethiopia and to be a bridge between Secret of the Thorns and the next book in the series.Several questions were answered and some remain. Can't wait for the next installment.No sexViolence: 3 killings; non graphic

  4. ExcitingThis short sequel to a the Secret of the Thorns was as fast moving as the book itself. What a great series. The characters, the plot, from beginning to end are interesting and exciting. Can't wait to start the next book.

  5. A taste of intrigueAfter reading Secret of the Thorns, I found this sequel novella a quick, fascinating read before bed. Now, it has tempted me to read Secret of the Bibles. Tom Haase weaves a good story.

  6. A short but fast paced thriller.t having read first book it was fairly easy to pick up on the characters.ending left you hanging a little i guess as prelude to the next book.

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