First in a wonderful series, the sequels, Jake s War and Jake s Justice are out now This kind of power they don t teach in school.Jake grew up different, with a secret no one would understand He finds missing people, most times too late, and the cops are suspicious He rescues Jenny just in time and his world starts to change That she instantly forms a relationship wFirst in a wonderful series, the sequels, Jake s War and Jake s Justice are out now This kind of power they don t teach in school.Jake grew up different, with a secret no one would understand He finds missing people, most times too late, and the cops are suspicious He rescues Jenny just in time and his world starts to change That she instantly forms a relationship with Fluffy his dragon deeper than his own is just plain annoying.He uses his powers reluctantly and only when he has to But maintaining a girlfriend can be expensive and he finds himself drawn into the problems of the worlds he visits so casually.A simple act of goodwill can have disastrous consequences The fate of kingdoms now rest on his actions and war follows Jake finds himself involved in chases, rescues, and a princess with an agenda who seems to know his every move This time Jenny does not approve.Jake is a wizard and his life is about to get complicated.
Wizards First in a wonderful series the sequels Jake s War and Jake s Justice are out now This kind of power they don t teach in school Jake grew up different with a secret no one would understand He finds

  • Title: Wizards
  • Author: John Booth Pubright Manuscript Services
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Wizards”

    1. Wizards by John Booth is a charming story about a young wizard named Jake. Jake is an average guy except he's, you know, a wizard and has a dragon for a pet, other than that completely average. Jake has a lot to learn about the wizarding world and makes a ton of mistakes learning how to be a wizard. Jake finds that he has the awesome power of traveling between worlds. This is where the trouble starts as well. You see nobody taught Jake how to be a wizard. He just has to wing it, which gets him i [...]

    2. Wizards is a typical candy-bar book. 's summary describes it as Harry Potter without Hogwarts or other wizards, which is pretty accurate. The main character has always known he has powers but does not think too much of it, other than to keep them a secret from adults. He has no wizards or books to learn from, so stumbles along on his own making some niavee mistakes along the way.Wizards is a simple book. The protagonist casts whatever spells he can think of without training or study, and easily [...]

    3. What would happen if Harry Potter had to grow up without Hogwarts and Dumbledore to teach him the ways of the Wizard?John Booth explores this very question through Jake Morrisey, an adult wizard who had to ‘make things up as he went’ throughout his life. A bit of a loser, Jake uses his power (and a version of ‘hopscotch’) to remove himself from sticky situations, along with Fluffy- his life-long dragon companion.This is a more adult-oriented fantasy, written in the Young Adult style and [...]

    4. A lighthearted story of a boy wizard with a dragon named Fluffy having fantastical adventures through playing hopscotch this is not. This is less similar to 'Harry Potter' and more to 'Odd Thomas' or 'Scott Pilgrim.' As with those, Jake is a young adult, with an emphasis on adult, and a hapless loser who resolves bizarre situations with his special powers. Contrary to other reviews, this book is not for children as it does have sex and sexuality, abuse and violence, and even deals with child rap [...]

    5. Bucking the trend for books about wizards who go to school to learn wizarding, this is a book about a wizard who has to figure it out for himself. It's written more as a set of linked short stories than a true novel. In itself, that's not a problem, but the author leaves many loose ends as Jake (the wizard) goes from one adventure to the next. I liked the secondary characters, especially Fluffy the dragon, Jenny and Princess Esmeralda, and the book is a quick and easy read.The main thing I didn' [...]

    6. I found Fluffy/Retnor to be the most likable character in the series, Jake on the other hand seems to stumble stupidly from one crisis to the next without developing much. Most of the female characters are unfortunatly pretty one dimensional, being lecherous and bossy. Despite that the character interactions were often quite amusing.The plot followed a general direction and had lots of side missions all woven together and keeping the story interesting.The writing was ok, though it missed inform [...]

    7. First book is okay. I rated the rest of the series 5 stars and I am eager to read the future books. It definitely gets much better in my opinion. Stick with it and don't judge the entire series by the first book. It's a silly book and stays that way, but the humor increases and the stupidity decreases after the first book imo. I'm not sure if the author decided to change directions while writing the series or if he always planned for the main character to just mature more from lifes experiences. [...]

    8. My review at :Wizards is upbeat and yet it expresses well the quandaries of a guy who is testing his own power. In this case it involves two worlds and two girls. His loyalty to his girlfriend in Wales causes much humor when Esmerelda from another world needs him.Jake Morrisey is thrown from one dilemma to the next: a news photographer captures his secret dragon in a photo; other rare wizards take him into bizarre but illuminating conversations; a vanished girl is last seen with him.All of these [...]

    9. Even though I really, really enjoyed this book I could only read a few pages at a time. I am not exactly sure why. It was a really fun read though, and was almost exciting seeing how Jake would get himself out of certain situations. It was cool imagining how these worlds would really look, almost making up your own view of it all. The author added a nice touch of love to the book as well, and showed the situation between a boy and two girls in love with him, and what happens between all of them. [...]

    10. I liked it quite a lot, at first I was a little skeptic about the main character.But he and the other characters developed beautifully.I really like the "he is practically almighty but still has all those Problem".From, of cause, enemies that want to kill him, to his bossy GF/Wise(s).This review is about the books 1-4 not only the first, the first one is more like a long "what happened until now", still interesting but it only really starts with the adventures at the end

    11. What does a dragon, exciting adventures and a young Welsh boy have in common? They are all in the delightful fantasy Wizards by John Booth.Wizards is the story of a young boy named Jake , his pet dragon Fluffly and his first love Jenny. The story takes us on a marvelous adventure as Jake battles evil wizards and his own internal conflicts. I found this a fun read and truly enjoyed it and would recommend this to anyone who loves a good fantasy book. I am looking forward to a sequal.

    12. Nice story for the most part. I would think of it as a YA book, but for the unneeded rape parts. Not good or bad, but found it to be rather ellipsoidal rather than being a single running story. Still a fairly enjoyable read.

    13. love the series,jake is a bit a ass he cheats on his gf then barely gets in trouble even though he got both women pregnant, buy the last book jakes got 5 women and 3 off them have his children,over all a very good comedy book.

    14. I liked it, except for the ending. There was absolutely no closure, and I don't know if there is another book in the making to make this a series or not

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