The Traveling Vampire Show

Though gloomy with clouds, it is a hot, August morning in the summer of 1963 All over the rural town of Grandville, tacked to power poles and trees, taped to store windows, blowing along the sidewalks, fliers have appeared announcing the mysterious one night only performance of The Traveling Vampire Show.The show will feature Valeria, the only known vampire in captivity.Though gloomy with clouds, it is a hot, August morning in the summer of 1963 All over the rural town of Grandville, tacked to power poles and trees, taped to store windows, blowing along the sidewalks, fliers have appeared announcing the mysterious one night only performance of The Traveling Vampire Show.The show will feature Valeria, the only known vampire in captivity According to the fliers, she is a gorgeous, stunning beauty In the course of the performance, she will stalk volunteers from the audience, sink her teeth into their necks and drink their blood For three local teenagers who see the fliers, this is a show they don t want to miss But they may have to.Though they can probably scrape up the price of admission, other obstacles stand in the way One problem, nobody under 18 years of age is allowed into the show Dwight, Rusty, and Slim are only 16 Another problem, the show begins at midnight and the three teens always have to be home by then If that weren t bad enough, the show is to take place at Janks Field a desolate patch of ground with a nasty history that has been declared off limits by their parentsThe situation appears hopeless.Though Dwight and his friends fear they won t be able to attend the actual performance of the Traveling Vampire Show, they do have the entire day to themselves Why not hike out to Janks Field and take a look around With any luck, they might be able to watch the crew make preparations for tonight s performance If they re really lucky, maybe they ll get a peek at Valeria, the gorgeous vampire.And so the three friends set off on foot for Janks FieldDwight is a solid, honest kid, long on common sense and loyalty to his friends He always tries to do what s right.Rusty is a husky guy who relishes trouble.Slim, their long time pal, is the brains of the outfit, a voracious reader of novels, an aspiring writer, and a girl Also, she is sometimes too brave for her own good.The Traveling Vampire Show is the tale, told in Dwight s own words, of what happened to him, Rusty and Slim on that hot summer day they hiked to Janks Field It s the story of their friendship and love, their temptations, their betrayals, and their courage as they went where they shouldn t go, did what they shouldn t dod ran into big trouble.
The Traveling Vampire Show Though gloomy with clouds it is a hot August morning in the summer of All over the rural town of Grandville tacked to power poles and trees taped to store windows blowing along the sidewalks

  • Title: The Traveling Vampire Show
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9781587670008
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I actually read this several weeks go, but never got around to reviewing it because I knew I had to get prepared for the backlash first . . . . Apparently I read it wrong. But guess what?????The premise here was a good one – Dwight and his friends Slim and Rusty see flyers all over town advertising a “Traveling Vampire Show.” The hint of danger and an “18 and over” requirement are enough to lead the trio into temptation and the remainder of the [...]

    2. Normally I would delete my old review and write another one, but my previous review is so epically bad that I want to show myself how far I’ve come not only as a writer but as a critic as well. (Wow… that sounded pompous as fuck. I mean, I know I’m awesome, but that shit’s uncalled for.) Anyfuck, if you want a good laugh, read on after the final judgment for my original review… *cringes*The Traveling Vampire Show has long been on my Top 20 Reads of All Time. Going into this reread, I w [...]

    3. Teenagers Dwight, Rusty, and Slim are an inseparable trio. When they see that the Traveling Vampire Show is coming to town, seeing the only vampire in captivity becomes the most important thing in the world. The Traveling Vampire Show is a coming of age tale akin to Stephen King's The Boy or Robert McCammon's A Boy's Life, taking place in a single day in 1963. As the title indicates, the story revolves around the three teenagers' quest to attend the Traveling Vampire Show. Straight-laced Dwight, [...]

    4. So you know, I've been a Richard Laymon fan for 30 + yrs now, having gotten into him while searching for a list of books recommended by Stephen King while visiting The Dark Carnival, in Berkeley, CA, my favorite bookstore. The handful of books I have by Mr. Laymon, I've read several times and thought they were good, some frighteningly good ~ with the exception of The Stake which I have tried to read a few times and it just never bit me hard enough to keep me craving for more.So far, my favorite [...]

    5. i want somebody to tell me, answer if you can; i just want somebody to tell me, what is the soul of a man?--Ramblin' Jack Elliottwhen you look over your shoulder, can you just see america's been left behind your back? can you feel the ineffable silence which has fallen onto life? and do you feel that you're alone?last month, when me and my friend sat beside the sidewalk while he had his break during his work of gym card sales(he gave out leaflets then), we supped beer and nibbled dry pork knuckl [...]

    6. This. Book. Sucked.Okay, first the plus side: Slim is awesome.And that's about it for the plus side.On the minus side: We have to see the awesome character Slim through the eyes of this annoying teenage boy who spends nearly ever scene she's in describing her butt. Also on the minus side: Pretty much all the other characters were downright annoying. I was very disappointed they didn't ALL (except Slim) die horrible deaths at the end.Once again on the minus side: This book was painfully BORING an [...]

    7. I've read a few Laymon novels with varying levels of enjoyment. Resurrection DreamsI enjoyed for its gory over-the-top fun but I just couldn't get intoFleshorFunland .Despite its title this book is not about vampires. It's about three 16 year old friends and their fascination with visiting the upcoming vampire show. It has moments of gore but mainly it's a coming of age tale focusing on these young kids. The lusty thoughts which I've come to expect from a Laymon book, and which usually crack me [...]

    8. This was my first Richard Laymon book and it won't be my last.It was a book that was beautifully done. It was a coming of age story that had characters that I fell in love with. This book was filled with girl power, Slim and Lee were powerfully written. They were brave,true and strong. When Slim quoted a few lines of the St.Crispin's Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry VI was verklempt. It was a pleasure to read a horror novel with strong female characters.And what can I say about Dwight,a hero [...]

    9. This book is much different from other Richard Laymon books I have read, lacks the sex and gore typical of his books, and moves at a much slower, suspense-building pace. I absolutely loved it! It is hot, the summer of 1963, and three teenagers, Dwight, Rusty, and Slim, are anxious to see the one-night-only performance of The Traveling Vampire Show, which claims to have the only living vampire in captivity, Valeria, at the legendary Janks Field. As soon as they head out to Janks Field to get a sn [...]

    10. I was totally disappointed in this book. I was expecting a chiller, and instead got a book about teenagers killing time. Halfway through the book we watched the protagonists do laundry, LAUNDRY! We don't even get to the Vampire Show until after page 400, and then the whole plot goes inexplicably bonkers. There were all sorts of loose ends left throughout the book that I was waiting to be resolved, but just left me with a bitter 'wtf' flavor in my mouth.

    11. The Traveling Vampire Show comes at the end of The Traveling Vampire Show because The Traveling Vampire Show is The Traveling Vampire Show’s metaphor for death, in particular, the death of sexual innocence and how that death defines the kind of person you will become if you survive The Traveling Vampire Show. Got me? This later, Bram-Stoker-Award-winning novel by Laymon is what counts for a “mature work” in the oeuvre of an author who had previously published a novel titled Flesh and anoth [...]

    12. This is the first Richard Laymon book that I read and the last he wrote before he died. It is an amazing book and won him posthumously the Stoker award of 2001. Though Laymon is not for everyone, his writing is filled with graphic nudity and often quite disturbing violence and images, many of his stories have a coming of age aura to them, and every book of his that I have read I was literally unable to put down until I finished it. He has definitely become one of my favorites. And I cannot recom [...]

    13. This was the second Laymon book I've read, and much like the first, I find myself torn about it. On one hand, it was very interesting and kept my attention throughout. On the other, I think about half the book could have been cut and you'd have had a stronger novel.It's part horror and part coming-of-age young adult. Basically you follow a group of friends on a day back in 1963. A "Traveling Vampire Show" is coming to town, supposedly with a real vampire on display. The problem I had is things j [...]

    14. Slim is awesomeRusty is nasty and crudeRichard Laymon was a fucking pervertI'm pretty sure about that too

    15. It's time to admit an unpleasant truth.Richard Laymon Novels and I are no longer an item.For a good decade beginning in my teens, Richard Laymon was my go-to horror author. I scoured my local library reading anything and everything by him I could get my hands on. My Dad even joined in the fun. We'd take turns reading his newest and then share our perspectives on what we enjoyed or felt missed the mark. This continued right up until my Dad moved out of home to live with his new partner but I stil [...]

    16. Laymon was a pervert. I understand teenagers tend to be high on some kind of hormone that makes them extremely horny but this was ridiculous. For most of the book (I am talking about 70% or maybe even 80% mark) all the characters do isdick around, eat burgers, make dumb jokes, make out, DO LAUNDRY FOR F*CK"S SAKE and recall things that happened in the past. There was no vampires up until this point (to be honest, (view spoiler)[there is no damn vampires at all. Thanks for the misleading title La [...]

    17. I didn't have high hopes for this book after having read the Beasthouse Series, which although not bad, was fairly bland for my tastes. I was pleasantly surprised by this story, which was far more heartfelt and character driven. The entire story takes place in less than 24 hours, though a few flashbacks add into the depth of the tale. The story revolves around 3 friends - Dwight (who is the voice of the book), Rusty, and Slim (who changes her name depending on her favorite book at the moment). M [...]

    18. Most of Laymon's books, as I read them, I ask myself "what is WRONG with me? I must be SICK to enjoy this stuff!!!" But this was a (relatively) lighter fare - sort of a coming of age fable, in a way. And, well, I enjoy anything having to do with vampires - as long as the vampires don't (completely) lose . . . :-)= That said, this, like any Laymon work, isn't for the faint of heart, nor for those who are looking for a happily-ever-after ending. Laymon wrote TRUE horror, which is becoming increasi [...]

    19. I liked the concept, and the execution was nearly spot-on; the story is set in the early sixties and was rich with details from that era. The characters were very life-like. There was a lot of the author's trademark off-beat humor infused into the narrative, as well.This story was suspenseful, and built to a pretty satisfying conclusion, and it was almost perfectly paced. I bought it for my Kindle Fire, and have to point out that there were many typos and the author's name popped up in the middl [...]

    20. Wow! I REALLY enjoyed this book. So much so, that I stayed up WAY too late to finish it because it was just so suspenseful. I seriously could not put it down for even one second! I really liked the writing style, not to mention the very-charming characters. And while not everything was explained, it somehow didn't bother me as much as it normally would everything just worked. And the author is from Illinois!! I will DEFINITELY be keeping an eye out for other books by him! What an exciting thing [...]

    21. Estamos en una calurosa mañana del año 1963, en un pueblecito norteamericano llamado Grandville, donde conocemos a una pandilla de amigos de dieciséis años, Dwight, Rusty y Slim, siendo esta última una chica cuyo verdadero nombre es Frances, aunque nunca los usa. Será Rusty quien ponga en antecedentes a sus amigos sobre una gran noticia: El espectáculo ambulante del vampiro llegará esta noche al pueblo para dar una única función en el llano Janks. El interés de dicho espectáculo radi [...]

    22. It's got some padding in it (like all Laymon books), but it's never boring like it often is in King's books,and the pages fly by. Laymon's teenagers are among the very best in Horror Lit. They have one thing in mind: SEX. Outrageous, insane, but also fun. Let's see: a crazy ass dog that looks like a cousin of the one in The Road Warrior, a traveling vampire show that recalls Bradbury's Something Wicked, but with horny teenagers and nude wrestling. Even some Lovecraftian weirdness at the end. Pro [...]

    23. I must say this is the most unusual coming of age story I've ever read. It's also a different twist on vampires, and one of those books where you're never quite sure what actually was going on. This one is pretty gory, but enjoyable. Although the main characters are all kids, this one is not a good book for a very young reader (less than 16 years of age).

    24. Stephen King said it best: “If you’ve missed Laymon, you’ve missed a treat.”I came across The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon by fluke. But as soon as I finished it, I read another four or five Laymon books in a row. He is somewhat hit or miss, but The Traveling Vampire Show was a bullseye. Moreover, it is the last book he wrote before he died, and it won him the Bram Stoker award (posthumously) in 2001.Like many of Laymon’s work, this is a great coming of age story involving [...]

    25. The author has a real talent for capturing the nostalgia of the early Sixties and for using descriptive vocabulary, but the vampire thing was really unoriginal and unmemorable.

    26. Ahhh this book reminded me so much of my own teenage years. Back then there were no advanced mobile phones and no social networking other than msn, which me and my friends would all gather on when the night was over and we had all already hung out together. Dwight, Rusty and Slim, the three characters that this book focuses on, do many things that reminded me of those times. They explore places they're not supposed to, lie that they're stopping over each others house when really theyre planning [...]

    27. To be honest, I had never read a Richard Laymon book before this one. I had barely even heard of him. His name gets so bogged down with the weight of names like Stephen King that one can go years without experiencing one of Laymon's novels. Yet I picked The Traveling Vampire Show out at a Barnes & Noble, wanting to read what everyone was talking about, and was sure glad that I did.Laymon's 2000 Bram Stoker award-winner takes us all back to the 1960s (or in my case, for the first time), focus [...]

    28. Do you know the whole frog in boiling water scenario? You start the poor little froggie in cold water and as it heats up, he doesn't realize that it's about to boil him to death. Reading horror is a bit like that. I don't typically read "horror". I avoid Stephen King and Dean Koontz and as much as I love the epic Neil Gaiman, the first Sandman book scared me to deathI just don't like it. Spooky is good. Mysterious is good. Horror. and nope.Things were going great with Richard Laymon. It was cree [...]

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