Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages: The Layman's Quick Guide to Thomism

Thomas Aquinas in Pages The Layman s Quick Guide to Thomism None

  • Title: Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages: The Layman's Quick Guide to Thomism
  • Author: Taylor R. Marshall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Books by Taylor Marshall kept showing up in my recommended reads both on and on . I wanted to give his writings a try but not dive in too deep. I should not have been hesitant. It was interesting that a booklet of 68 pages could have 13 distinct chapters and yet it does. Those chapters are:Why You Should Read This BookThe Life Of Thomas Of AquinoHow Is Philosophy Different From Theology?How To Think Like Thomas AquinasDoes God Exist?Can We Know God?The 8 Attributes Of GodWhat Is An Angel?Humans [...]

    2. Very well organized and presented abbreviated version of St Thomas' writings. Having ploughed through the Summa some time ago, this work can serve as a a good refresher or an introduction to a Thomist newbie.

    3. Marshall gives a solid and pithy introduction to Thomas providing a brief biography followed by discussions of philosophy and proofs for the existence of God, angels, virtues, natural law, and more.A wonderful starting point for further reading on the Angelic Doctor.

    4. Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages is exactly what it says on the cover. It's very accessible, and covers a lot of ground. The biography of Thomas Aquinas was excellent, and so was the metaphysical section. The part on the Five Ways seemed a bit off at first, the descriptions were a little too accessible and that made them sound like the weaker versions that the New Atheists like to share, but then the author saved it by summarizing the steps through which Aquinas arrived at them, which clarifies that t [...]

    5. This book is fantastic. Taylor Marshall as written a great introduction to Thomistic thought that I plan to re-read for years to come. I think I’ll actually buy a paperback copy to keep in my personal library. When we think of Aquinas, our minds draw up mental pictures of the towering Angelic Doctor at the top of the Ivory Tower. But, in reality, Thomas was a man that suffered true hardship and derision at the hands of fellow students, Frieda, and even his family. I found Marshall’s section [...]

    6. If you are looking for a clear, concise introduction to the life and work of St. Thomas Aquinas, and you have little to no background in philosophy or theology, this book does the job well. Dr. Marshall sketches out St. Thomas's life story, and explains the fundamental ideas of Thomist philosophy and the intellectual climate of St. Thomas's time in a simple, straightforward way.

    7. Since I am tackling Thomas Aquinas this year, I thought this is a good place to start. It. outlines the basic truths of Aquinas and is helpful in getting through his works.

    8. Great introThis is a good way to get a feel for St. Thomas Aquinas before diving into the heavier volumes of his work and the books about his work.

    9. this is the easiest book on understanding St. Thomas Aquinas. It's a biography first then an overview of the theology of Aquinas. It's a book that tries to get the reader to understand St. Thomas theology and does it in a simple 50 page book that is not overwhelming (as readers of St. Thomas know he can be a difficult read sometimes.) It's a great book for anyone interested in understanding the basics of St. Thomas and his thinking.

    10. This book is a good thing for middle or high schoolers. Even for a Philosophy 101 class. The examples are simple, at the end it has a few pages with vocabulary, and even without being exceedingly exhaustive, it can explain the tenets of Thomistic thought concerning philosophy, theology, ways to know God, and of course, how it connects with the duties of a Christian. The Aristotelian base is accepted, but those points where the pagan philosopher wasn't too specific are christianized enough to opp [...]

    11. A quick read, a concise book for beginners who are interested in reading about Aquinas, really motivates you to embark in a journey into Thomism. Just what the title says. Includes:• The Biography of Thomas Aquinas• The Difference Between Theology and Philosophy• How We Come to Know Things• The Existence of God and the Five Ways• The Importance of Analogy• Analogy of Being• The Existence = Essence Connection in God• The Attributes of God• The Nature of Angels• The Nature of H [...]

    12. What an awesome little reading. This was officially the first piece I have read on St. Thomas Aquinas, and I am glad that it was! It was perfect for introductory information and to prepare my mind to undergo the greatest spiritual mastermind in our Blessed Church.Dr. Marshall does an excellent job on summing up all of the major components of Aquinas and has digested everything into very approachable bite-size chunks for a newcomer to understand. I am very grateful to have read this, and look for [...]

    13. Highly recommend this to CCD teachers, especially those teaching post-1st-communion through confirmation and CYO. Great language for presenting/sharing teachings on virtues and vices, natural law, divine law, and human law. Really glad I took the time to explore this before Suma-diving. Thank you Dr. Taylor!

    14. Great, gentle introduction into the mind and philosophy of the Dumb Ox. This book is highly recommended for any Catholic in general or anyone who desires to get a foothold in understanding Thomistic philosophy and theological thought. Dr. Marshall writes in a direct, lucid style that can make even the most timid of people feel comfortable with the basics of St. Thomas Aquinas.

    15. A great, concise introduction to the great St. Thomas Aquinas. It whets your appetite for more serious study. It is meant to be a starter and then ends with specific guidance on what to read next. Highly enjoyable.

    16. Fantastic intro to St. Thomas; very encouraging to someone who - may not have a college degree - believes with perseverance can come to appreciate and fully understand the great treasure of St. Thomas's philosophy and theology.

    17. Concise and humorous, Marshall communicates effectively the very, very basics of Thomistic philosophy and thought. This book is good for anyone interested in learning more about Thomism or philosophy but is intimidated by, say, the Summa.

    18. A good introduction to St Thomas Aquinas for someone is completely new. It definiatly made me want to read St Thomas himself.

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