Because You Loved Me

A Life Taken Jeanne Dominico s fianc found her body on her kitchen floor More than forty stab wounds and blows to her head with a blunt instrument had cut her life short What monster had struck in the heart of a peaceful New England town A Trust Betrayed Jeanne was a hard working single mother Nicole, her fourteen year old daughter was on the honor roll and head overA Life Taken Jeanne Dominico s fianc found her body on her kitchen floor More than forty stab wounds and blows to her head with a blunt instrument had cut her life short What monster had struck in the heart of a peaceful New England town A Trust Betrayed Jeanne was a hard working single mother Nicole, her fourteen year old daughter was on the honor roll and head over heels in love with an eighteen year old man she d known only through the Internet Once the lovers met in person, Jeanne s motherly instincts sensed trouble If only she d known that the life in danger was her own In The Name Of Love With a history of psychological trouble and family misfortune, Billy Sullivan s obsessive and controlling power over Nicole contributed to the brutal slaying of her mother But it was Nicole s stunning confession and guilty plea that led to Billy s sensational trial, where a sordid tale of love, loss, betrayal and murder finally took a cold blooded killer offline and on line for justice Phelps is a first rate investigator Dr Michael M Baden Includes 16 Pages Of Shocking Photos Investigative journalist M William Phelps is the author of Murder in the Heartland, Perfect Poison, Every Move You Make, Lethal Guardian, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace He has appeared on dozens of national radio and television programs, including Court TV, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, Geraldo at Large and Montel Williams, and has consulted for the Showtime cable television series Dexter He lives in a small Connecticut farming community with his wife and children.
Because You Loved Me A Life Taken Jeanne Dominico s fianc found her body on her kitchen floor More than forty stab wounds and blows to her head with a blunt instrument had cut her life short What monster had struck in the

  • Title: Because You Loved Me
  • Author: M. William Phelps
  • ISBN: 9780786017836
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Because You Loved Me”

    1. DNFThe author states, in his Notes to Readers, that the victim's immediate family wanted nothing to do with this book, so I don't feel too badly about the low rating. This is not because of the crime itself, which was heartbreaking, but because of the way the book is written.It's repetitive and nauseating! I understand that the victim was a warm, caring, wonderful person. I don't need to be continually beaten over the head to remind me. I got it the first time.It was so bad I couldn't even force [...]

    2. I tend to read true crime and be intellectually engaged, but not always emotionally engaged. This one made me both sad and horrified. It's incredible that teens can become involved in the most bizarre things and think (at the time) that they are perfectly reasonable. The death of this woman was heartbreaking and so was what happened to the kids - two young lives completely destroyed. It very much reminded me of the movie Heavenly Creatures where both teens were so caught up in their own relation [...]

    3. Because you loved me was an online love affair, a real-time murder. This was one of the first books I have read of M. William Phelps and I have to say I was very pleased. I will definitely be reading more of his true-crime. This was such a very sad and heartbreaking story. One young girl, Nicole, without her father in her life looking for that love to replace her father's absence and Billy it was. I felt so hurt by what happened to Jeanne. She loved her children so unconditionally and only wante [...]

    4. This is a true crime tale I found on the Kindle about who sounded a lovely lady in New Hampshire called Jeanne Domenico. She was murdered by her daughter's boyfriend with the knowledge and assistance of said daughter, a spoiled little bitch of the highest orderl because Jeanne wouldn't let them live together. Her daughter had only just turned 16. It is really sad as Jeanne had herself a lovely fiance, she worked like a dog to ensure her 2 kids wanted for nothing and all because that little cow c [...]

    5. Jeanne Dominico was brutally beaten and stabbed to death, her injuries showed she fought with her murderer. She was a single mother of two trying to make a life for her children and protect them the best she could. Billy Sullivan was a troubled young man that Jeanne’s daughter met over the internet, she was head-over-heels in love. Billy was obsessive and controlling, Jeanne worried about Nicole’s sliding schoolwork, she thought that Billy would hurt Nicole, but that is not what happened. Th [...]

    6. A daughter's betrayalA daughter's betrayalAgain I was unable to stop reading another of Mr Phelps's true stories. I believe that justice was done. I also have ask why the families of a convicted felons always say he was such a good person. In this case all the warnings sign were there. As stated in the book both families lost love ones.

    7. I just started this book and am reading half of the first chapter.Because You Loved Me is a case study of different sorts of love, platonic, parental, romantic, and obsessive. It's easy to predict which type will go wrong. The High Queen of the drama queens, Nicole, falls in a twisted sort of love with macho manipulator Billy, and in a metter of days, she is blind to all the good things in her life. Her mom, her friends, her education, her home - Nicole no longer sees value in any of this, and w [...]

    8. This is my first true crime read. I enjoy documentaries about the same subject matter, so I thought I'd give this a go.The book starts fairly slow and I think the author spent too many chapters on establishing the good nature of the victim. Once the story got started, it held my interest and the author did a good job of creating a few cliff hangers even when I already knew the outcome of the story.My only real complaints deal with the author's style of writing. First was his inconsistent use of [...]

    9. I really enjoy the writing of M. Phelps. Especially I enjoyed the beginning of the story. After a while though I was getting a bit bored. although that is not the right word. I felt very emphatic towards the friends of Jeanne. I even visited her memorial site so Mister Phelps managed to make her a real person to me. I think what the problem was is that this book is really about 4 people only. Chris, Jeanne Nicole and Billy so even though it is an incredible sad story and as a single mom myself o [...]

    10. Phelps delivers another great read, this one detailing the death of a mom by her daughter and boyfriend. A particularly devastating and totally needless act of desperation by two immature teens "in love". By all accounts the murder victim was a well-respected and much loved member of her community, a mom who acted in the best interests of her daughter, and paid the ultimate price for her love and commitment to her child. As a mother, it was beyond frightening to read how her ungrateful and immat [...]

    11. This is a great true crime novel. It is sad. This book is about obsession, love and a Mother's love. The obsession is Nicole's for Billy,a boy she met online and hardly knows anything about. Love For Jeanne. She was loved by her co-workers, her friends and really people whose lives who she had touched. Also by her fiànce. Then Jeanne's love for Nicole. Nicole's obsession with Billy clouded her judgement and made her do something that she will regret for the rest of her life. Billy is the one th [...]

    12. Nicole Kasinskas met Billy Sullivan online. He was 18, she was 14. They fell in "teenage love" even though they lived hundreds of miles away. They vowed to do anything to be together, and made long trips for short visits, and tried to convince Nicole's mother, Jeanne Dominico, to allow Nicole to move in with Billy. As any mother of a 14 year old would, her response was "absolutely no" You can do what you want when you're 18, but for now, you live her. Driven to desperation, Nicole and Billy plot [...]

    13. I wasn't aware of this case at all before I picked up this book. Even with my not being familiar with any aspect of the case, I still felt this book was too long. Had the author not repeated over and over how obsessed Nicole was with Billy and how in love they thought they were, the book could've easily been a 100 pages shorter. It also threw me off having to see the author overuse quotation marks. Seems like every other word, he felt the need to put quotes around, even if it wasn't dialogue.

    14. THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLYThis was such a very sad and heartbreaking story. One young girl, Nicole, without her father in her life looking for that love to replace her father's absence and Billy it was. I felt so hurt by what happened to Jeanne. She loved her children so unconditionally and only wanted what was best for them. Raising two c [...]

    15. 05.18.151 starI'm still trying to figure out how I finished this bookI am a huge true crime junkie. Whether it's books, magazines, newspapers, the interwebz, or the wide variety of tv showsI'm addicted to them all. I have watched this guy on Snapped and on shows on Discovery ID so I thought why not give one of his books a shot? Wellhe needs to stick with tv interviews.The book revolves around the murder of Jeanne Dominico. Her daughter and her boyfriend Billy are convicted of the crime. I was im [...]

    16. Reading True Crimes is one of my guilty pleasures. I love pounding through crime books, journals. So when I saw this book, I immediately picked it up and devoured it in one sitting. I've read about this in Murderpedia years ago and I’ve long been fascinated (and horrified) by this case. And I say that this is a very interesting read. Not too long but is packed with lots of detail that will give us readers a thorough oberview of the case of Billy Sullivan who killed Jeanne Dominico with the hel [...]

    17. No matter what crime M. William Phelps writes about, he captures the heart of the storylowing us to 'know' the victim. Painting that word picture, giving voice to those closest to the victim, makes the details of the crime and trial even more heart wrenching. Because You Loved Me is beyond senseless, incredibly cruel and just plain evil. Jeanne Dominico lost her life at the hands of her 16 year old daughter's boyfriend because she refused to let her move with him to another state. Instead of run [...]

    18. I have always heard of kids committing parricide but I thought there must have been something wrong in the relationship like abuse from the parents or drug use or money messing with the brains of the children. In this particular case none was the reason. The mom just decided to stand up to her newly 16 year old daughter saying she could not live with an 18 year old boy she found to be trouble. It's sad that standing up for herself caused her to die by the hands of her daughter and the boyfriend [...]

    19. True Crime is my favorite genre and I'm a huge fan of this author. However, I've knocked 2 stars off my rating of this book for two reasons.1) Swear words are omitted via writing the first letter and having dashes in place of the remaining letters. I mean, seriously? This is a true crime book, one of the most morbid genres. It's a genre that writes about and details horrific crimes and savage killers, this book being no exception, and swear words are basically bleeped out? I mean come on, we're [...]

    20. *SPOILERS* Nicole Kasinskas and her lover Billy are underage and live far away from each other but they believe they are soul mates. When Nicole's mother Jeanne decides that the romance has to end Nicole pleads with her to let Billy come stay with them for one week. Jeanne relents. The lovers decide that Mom has to go because she is the only thing standing in the way of their being together. While Nicole reads a magazine in the car Billy enters the house and beats Jeanne with a baseball bat. He [...]

    21. Now THIS is creepy. A woman has a 14-year old daughter, honor roll student, etc. And this girl "meets" a guy online and gets obsessed with him and it ends up with them killing the mome mom's boyfriend finds her and he is a suspect, but it was the little angel all along. UGH. Sort of a cautionary tale about meeting people online, or trusting your kids or something actually profoundly disturbing.

    22. Phelps always does a great job of telling the story. I felt it was an unbiased novel and just laid it all out there. As for this story, I just have to say that the characters are twisted! Both Nichole and billy are psychopaths!! Neither seemed to ever really have remorse and/ or care. They both tried to blame each other for what happened OR how they grew up as an excuse. It is just mind boggling that there are people like this in the world!

    23. I like true-crime but this is really a tribute to the mother who was brutally murdered by her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend, and the beautiful person she was. Also an endearing love story told from her fiance's point of view. I only hope to become half the selfless person Jeanne was (the mother). I was so moved by the book, I got on her memorial tribute mentioned at the end of the book hosted by her fiance, wrote him an email and was amazed to get a heart-felt reply back!

    24. This is an interesting, perhaps not engrossing, account of a senseless murder. The author takes a lot of time developing the key characters and setting up the crime--maybe too much time, but then once he starts, he's got to get a book out of it. I do understand his motive in that the victim seemed to be a wonderful person. The perps, including her daughter, are as far opposite as can be.

    25. Another great book.Thought I had read all of M. William Phelps books but I just finished this one. This author has such a great way of telling true stories. I also respect the fact that Phelps does not need to use a lot of vulgar language. Great book. So sorry for Jeanne's family (but not Nicole) and friends. My deepest sympathy to Chris.

    26. Disturbing yet well-written, this book is the story of love gone wrong and how the internet-addicted digital age poses a whole new meaning to "stranger danger" for kids and teens. This book is haunting and unforgettable, detailed and honest, and definitely worth reading.

    27. It amazes me the depths that humans can sink to. To my way of thinking the girl should never have been allowed to make a deal. Yes, she is jailed for 35 years - but it's like after school care where she can pretty much do as she likes!!! Both were equally guilty

    28. Oh Boy, this is a well-documented true crime story about a teenager who committed a horrendous crime against her own mother, with a little help from her friend, of course. Author Phelps wrote a good read

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