Wolf and Punishment: 50 Loving States, Wyoming

Introducing Book One of The Alaska Princesses Trilogy, and the first follow up to Theodora Taylor s Bestseller, HER VIKING WOLF Two shifters from opposite sides of the tracks Two hot nights neither of them can forget The truth is, Mag Lonewolf has no business going after a girl like Janelle She s too classy, too gentle, too beautiful for a Bad Wolf like himIntroducing Book One of The Alaska Princesses Trilogy, and the first follow up to Theodora Taylor s Bestseller, HER VIKING WOLF Two shifters from opposite sides of the tracks Two hot nights neither of them can forget The truth is, Mag Lonewolf has no business going after a girl like Janelle She s too classy, too gentle, too beautiful for a Bad Wolf like him But their attraction is undeniable, unlike any he s ever known, and he can t stay awayeven after they go down in a blaze of lies and regrets Three years later he storms back into her life, determined to punish the she wolf who got away for her crimes against his heart But can he finally put out their flame without getting burnt again The seventh smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, WOLF AND PUNISHMENT is here to set your holidays on fire.
Wolf and Punishment Loving States Wyoming Introducing Book One of The Alaska Princesses Trilogy and the first follow up to Theodora Taylor s Bestseller HER VIKING WOLF Two shifters from opposite sides of the tracks Two hot nights neither of

  • Title: Wolf and Punishment: 50 Loving States, Wyoming
  • Author: Theodora Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Wolf and Punishment: 50 Loving States, Wyoming”

    1. Once again I am going to have to go rogue, lol. Everyone (in the critical reviews) seems to hate Janelle and love Mag. I liked Janelle for the most part. She made a few "serves the plot" decisions but I liked that she slowly began to operate in her own personal agency. I really disliked Mag, however. He was so one note and while I am sure Taylor meant for him to seem humble/simple, he came off as dumb and wooden. I didn't feel anything but my eyes rolling during his confession and I couldn't mak [...]

    2. I forgot to add this story I finished already. But here it goes. It's an interracial read. Black female white male. I loved the paranormal wolf shifter aspect. The negative of these stories in this series are quite numerous. I'll just give you a couple. The fact that the female lead has to wait till her "heat" to finally loose her cherry. Meanwhile the male lead gets to sow his wild oats with any female mainly human females to asuafe their lusts. The fact that they use woman and the female lead [...]

    3. Book 1 in the Alaskan Princess Trilogies was AMAZING!!!!I loved Mag and Alisha what had started out so right went so incredibly wrong. For 3 years bitterness and resentment settled in Mag Lonewolf's heart which was really broken.Look at how words left unspoken has the ability to grow into something that is so untrue but the person is so far gone that they don't even see that it wasn't what they thought it to be.Mag and Alisha had come along way, I was so angry with Mag I couldn't have punched hi [...]

    4. Disappointing heroine and busy plot made this book just miss the mark for me. But I liked the hero and the secondary romance sub-plot.My full review here

    5. I liked this one, but parts dragged on a bit, and they could have just communicated a little more and cleared up a lot of confusion.

    6. Meh. I decided to read this book even though a few friends i follow gave it 1-2 stars. In all, I agree with their ratings. The story was just ok, I ended up skimming a good bulk of the material as I became bored with the monotonous plot work. Janelle, as a character, was flat--nothing about her connected me as a reader. Her family was pretty awful to read. Mag "the alpha" was a snore, I wanted to find him appealing but I just couldn't get into him and his borderline obsessive/abusive ways. Overa [...]

    7. I'm glad this author made the 'underdog' as the hero. Mag was my kind of guy. He wouldn't let anyone underestimate him. He set his goal and achieved it. Too bad it's for a weak, annoying girl like Jannelle. I. DIDN'T. LIKE. HER. I liked her sister, Alisha though. Boy was she strong. My kind of girl.

    8. This is Janelle and Mag's story. I enjoyed this couple. However, I could not believe how incredible submissive, loyal and obedient Janelle was in the face of all the provocation that Mag gave her. I would have told him to sling his hook ages ago. She hung in there until Mag could reveal what his hang up was.I loved that the story was fast paced and kept you interested the whole time.

    9. OMG. this book had me in knots I love a good Wolf story and Theodora was again on point I can't wait to see what happens next

    10. I was loving this book until I knew a wrench would be thrown in. Characters aren't allowed to be happy for long or at all in Theodora's world, so I figured the adorably awkward relationship between Janelle, the Alaskan princess, and Mag a "free wolf" college football player would come to an abrupt end. Guess you could argue this was the IR werewolf version of Pride and Prejudice, the Jane Bennett edition. That was obvious since the main female's character name is Janelle. Out of her three sister [...]

    11. Great book.Wow. Hot Alpha. The story was really good. I didn't initially like Janelle but as the story progressed, she grew on me. Mag's story was unexpected. Really enjoying this series.

    12. WonderfulA fantastic love story. I'm a great fan of this author, but I usually stay away from the paranormal genre, but I must confess that the well developed narrative was truly engrossing. On to Book 2.

    13. I read Her viking wolf first so that was what got me into this universe, so I began to read the Alaska prinsesse story and I loved this one where we follow Janelle and her story. I liked Janelle and that she is the person who thinks about others before herself and that in the end she finally stand up for herself and do something for herself instead of always do what others tell her to do and she dosen't care about the consequences and do it for herself.

    14. How did I miss this?After meeting Alisha and Rafe and Tu and Grady, I had to check Ms. Taylor's collection to see if these couples had their own stories. Can't tell you how happy I was to see that they did! I have enjoyed everything I've read by Ms. Taylor, but her wolf and dragon shifter stories are my favorites, so I'm surprised I missed this series. But I'm so glad I found it!

    15. It is really hard for me to watch a character, who is a genuinely good person, constantly get disrespected. So I live for the moment when said character finally lets everyone have it. I thought that moment for Janelle would have been when she went out to the guest house (and honestly, I was really disappointed that it wasn't), but when her moment came, it was nothing short of glorious. I may have read those clapback paragraphs two or three times before moving on to the rest of the story. I liked [...]

    16. Being an Alaskan Native myself I found and had a lot of issues about this book but I understand not everyone can do as much research about a place and know a culture better then someone who actually is and from there. Other than that this book really dragged on. I gave it three stars because I couldn't put it down but that is because I was so annoyed with the 2 main characters. IDIOTS! And then I gave it 4 stars because I'm going onto the next book so it got me somewhere.

    17. Didn't want this one to end. Janelle and Mag had so many issues to work through I just knew this was going to leave off at the top of that mountain. Can't wait to read what's really going on with Alisha and I'm wondering what's going to happen with Tu as well. I thought she'd end up with Rafe's beta, maybe that's the only reason Rafe is holding off. I just can't wait for the next one even if this is different from some of my favorite wolf stories.

    18. Another great read. I'm normally not a fan of paranormal romances but Theodora Taylor is one of the few authors who can make me read books outside of my normal tastes. What I liked is that the shifting or paranormal elements never went into beastiality. And despite the theme, I somehow wasn't overwhelmed with the wolf theme, sounds strange I know when Ms Taylor went into a lot of detail about the wolf world. In many ways it was all surprisingly human.

    19. Beautiful, powerful, and fantastical read!This book was an epic blend of paranormal perfection and native ideology for the indigenous people of Alaska. It mixed fantasy and culture in an emotionally potent way. I loved every bit of it!

    20. I am loving the Alaskan trilogy series. However, I didn't like Janelle's character that much. She was too weak for me. It was frustrating at times. I also think Mag took his issues too far when dealing with her. Too dramatic.

    21. This was an awesome read It was so good that I finished it in 3 hours flat… Moving onto the next installmentGiving this one 4 1/2 stars

    22. Pretty good start for the first story of The Alaska Princesses series. Really liked this, loved Janelle and her hunk Mag. If I could give it five stars I would have.

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