The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

He really, really, REALLY wants one He ll take really good care of it What s the matter don t you want him to be happy The latest book in the best selling Pigeon series is the funniest one yet.
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy He really really REALLY wants one He ll take really good care of it What s the matter don t you want him to be happy The latest book in the best selling Pigeon series is the funniest one yet

  • Title: The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9781423109600
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Wow! Pigeon is SO funny. Those expressions even though he could seem a bit whiney and irksome, he is somehow remarkably endearing. Haha! I'm going to look for more of his adventures.

    2. I read this book 10 times today:))))) I guess I do reread after all:))))))))The things you do for your children:)))))))

    3. I dunno. Nothing wrong with it, and of course if you're a fan of Mo Willems you must borrow it from your library but just not one of his best, imo. I guess because the basic theme has been done *so* *often*.

    4. I would use this book to introduce the idea of caring for a pet. The class will talk about the responsibilities and then I would introduce my classroom to their very own pet.

    5. After reading Mo Willems’ classic picture book, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” I wanted to try out the other books in the “Pigeon” series and I finally stumbled upon “The Pigeon wants a Puppy!” “The Pigeon wants a Puppy” is a great follow up to “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” and anyone who is a huge fan of Mo Willems’ “Pigeon” series will definitely enjoy this book!Basically, this story is about how the Pigeon wants to have a puppy and constantly keep [...]

    6. Pigeon wants a puppy.Pigeon wants to drive a bus.Pigeon wants to eat a whole hot dog.Pigeon wants to stay up late.Well, Pigeon wants a lot of stuff now, doesn't he? Pigeon has a large sense of entitlement now, doesn't he? Well, we want Pigeon to be happy now, don't we? We can't deny him anything now, can we? Would that break his little bird-heart to be told every now and then that he should have to work in order to get good things?Wow. Pigeon is one self-entitled bird. I'm not certain if books l [...]

    7. Another awesome Willems book with our favorite lovable silly pigeon. This time he wants a puppy and has no idea the responsibility it takes to own a pet and it's our job to explain it to him. My 3 yr old twins love the books that seemingly talk to them and require a response. It really helps them stay engaged and keeps it interactive. My 5 yr old just enjoys the silly stories. A great addition to any children's collection!

    8. I think the pigeon is silly because it wants a puppy as a pet. I like the part when the puppy came to lick the pigeon.

    9. We have loved the Pigeon stories ever since our girls were really little. Mo Willems is an amazing Children's author and we borrow all of his books as soon as we see a new one. This is a funny story and quite appropriate for this age group. In fact, today our youngest pitched a fit because she saw a cute mouse in the pet store and wanted it right then and there (despite the prebrief before we ever got to the store that we were not purchasing any pets, no way, no how!) We turned her tantrum into [...]

    10. but i think this is my all-time favorite of the pigeon books. because this was me, multiple times, as a kid. i would have done ANYTHING for a puppy, but seriously, that would have been such a disaster. an EXCELLENT book for parents who have kids who want everything! (and adults that are okay with laughing at their childhood selves.)seriously. the pigeon ROCKS.

    11. Very appreciated by kids, although dangerous if you don't want to start a discussion about who has/wants a dog (and next time I read it, I think I'll bring a picture of a walrus--too many four-year-olds have only a hazy idea what a walrus is--but they still love the book).

    12. Fantastic! More simple and direct than its predecessors, this Pigeon book is less of a game and (dare I say it?) more heartfelt, which in this case, for a change, is a VERY GOOD THING! I'm loving the puppy-wanting pigeon :)

    13. Such a cute, charming book! The story and art is simple, but amusing and sweet. The Pigeon seems like an endearing character :-)

    14. The pigeon is back and this time he is asking for a puppy! Who doesn’t want a puppy? They are wonderful, and pigeon knows exactly how to care for it:Water it once a monthWe all know they need plenty of sunshine and water (of course!)Right? Once the pigeon finds himself face to face with a big, slobbery, happy, loud puppy, he changes is mind! What pet will he want next?

    15. I love Mo Willems. The pigeon cracks me up! I thought this would be particularly appropriate for my 20-year-old who really, really, REALLY wants a puppy and thinks we are just being mean by not getting her one.She wasn't nearly as entertained as I was. Hah.

    16. The Pigeon books and the Elephant and Piggie are great for short, sweet, funny stories that work perfectly for wiggly preschoolers at storytime.

    17. This children's book was a cute little quirky story to read to a young child. The pictures are basic -- but they do not need to be sophisticated. The wording is funny, sure to make your child laugh and giggle with the pigeons silliness as it throws a little tantrum of how badly it wants a pet puppy. Overall a good story. I highly recommend it!

    18. We are in love with piece in books and this one made us all laugh out loud ad big sister read it to us!!

    19. Such a cute book, this is definitely relatable with children. It can teach about want and need. It also gives you an idea of thinking through your choices and what would happen if you make quick decisions. I am going through "this book" with my daughter and how she is very sure she NEEDS a puppy. Maybe we need to read this book together?!

    20. I chose this children's picture book to read because almost all kids like a story about animals and find that animal stories are always entertaining and fun to read. I found this book to be very interesting with the idea of a pigeon wanting a puppy, it goes to show how children may want something, even if they know nothing about the item that they want. I liked how the pigeon was very persistent on getting or wanting a puppy by the end of the book, it reminded me of my nephews and how if they wa [...]

    21. Pigeon wants a puppy. Really, pigeon wants a puppy and promises to take good care of it. Pigeon is a sassy bird who knows what he wants and will do his best to convince you of the same. The vocabulary is simple and would be easy for any beginning reader to attempt. The illustrations are also simple, but in an almost retro eye-catching way. Pre K and K.From NYT:"Willems proves once more that crayoned ornithology and impassioned monologues to the reader…can roost indefinitely in literature's raf [...]

    22. In fall 2007, Mo Willems ran a contest for children to name the newest Pigeon book. The resulting book is The Pigeon Wants a Puppy. So from hot dogs to dogs.In this book the Pigeon teaches the important lesson of "be careful what you wish for." Usually the pigeon books focus on him not getting what he wants. Not this time. The pigeon wants a puppy and the pigeon gets a puppy.Now just stop for a moment and think about this because the Pigeon certainly didn't. The Pigeon is well, pigeon sized. The [...]

    23. Poor pigeon. In this latest Mo Willems tale, another age old childhood desire consumes pigeon. He wants a puppy. He wants one now and he is prepared to do anything for it! Until, that is, he meets one!Willems' simple illustrations are easy for children to identify with. The story is fun-loving and goofy, perfect for young children 2-6 years old. Teachers could do a shared writing experience with this story and create a chart where each child shares a sentence that begins like "I wanted a ___". I [...]

    24. This book was pretty hilarious. This was the first book from Mo Willems pigeon series that ive read and pigeon's persistence with the bold letters were pretty funny to me. I think children would love this book especially if you as the the reader gave Pigeon a funny sounding voice. I would also use this book to talk to the children in my class about what things are needed to take care of a puppy. This could even spark a pet store themed dramatic play area where children could come and buy pets an [...]

    25. Sometimes an author can overdo things same character over and over and it just seems tired and uncreative and a series loses it appeal BUT this is not what happened with the beloved Pigeon! He wants a puppy he really does and he'll say and do anything to convince you of it. Well, we'll see what happens when he comes face-to-face with a dogwill the pigeon change his tune? Don't skip over the end papers or the title page & verso, you'll really miss out. I discovered that the pigeon and I have [...]

    26. The Pigeon never ceases to amuse me. He cracks me up. I love how Mo Willems can draw such a delightful character with only a few strokes of the pen and you have this crazy little bird who's emotions are etched across his face in such a hilarious manner. This book is definitely a keeper, buy it for all your friends!*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2008

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