The Savage Lands

After fleeing the only refuge she s known for much of her life, Avery, along with her sister June and new friends, Will, Oliver and Riley forge through the forest to uncharted territory in search of a better life, in search of other survivors But Avery soon learns that life beyond the woods is far worse than she ever imagined She finds that safety does not exist for humaAfter fleeing the only refuge she s known for much of her life, Avery, along with her sister June and new friends, Will, Oliver and Riley forge through the forest to uncharted territory in search of a better life, in search of other survivors But Avery soon learns that life beyond the woods is far worse than she ever imagined She finds that safety does not exist for human beings in a world run by Urthmen Hope seems futile But Avery refuses to surrender hope and chooses, instead, to push forward and move her group into the heart of danger, to seek out humans Will she and the others survive their journey into the savage lands of Planet Urth Find out in this heart pumping second installment of the Planet Urth series.
The Savage Lands After fleeing the only refuge she s known for much of her life Avery along with her sister June and new friends Will Oliver and Riley forge through the forest to uncharted territory in search of a

  • Title: The Savage Lands
  • Author: Jennifer Martucci Christopher Martucci
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Another great read.While this book is considered a young adult fiction, I am sincerely enjoying the story. Each book so far, has great plots that inspire pride in being human and being American. I believe we need reminders in these times about how indomitable the human spirit is and has always been. This book is a wonderful story of fighting against the odds and coming out on top.The plot grows differently in each book with twists and turns you don't expect. The second book leaves me again, want [...]

    2. After the first book im surprised that it wasn't what I expected. Will seems gullible and that is something that will get not only him and his siblings killed but Avery and june too. Disappointed with Wills character, I dont know if I will be able to read another. It looks like this too will be a love triangle and I just can't. I'm not into those types of books and with the introduction of the new characters im sure thats where it is going . Also the fight scenes are great.

    3. A good readI must say that this book is much better than the first. Swords, monsters, and wait. am I reading a dang ol love story? Not really my style, but it's good. Trust me.

    4. I'm usually not a fan of switching narrators in the middle of a series (it looks like there's a new narrator in the next book too) but so far books 1&2 have been great! It's a great post apocalyptic series! Some people and animals have mutated due to biological warfare a few hundred years ago. Now the remaining humans want to fight back against the Urthmen who kill and enslave humans.

    5. Absolutely in love with this series! Every once in a while I find a series that catches me and this one def has. As I'm writing this, I plant to continue reading the third after posting this.

    6. Along with books one and three, I read them in the beginning of this year. I really enjoy this series and the creativity of the plot. I also love that all the books are pretty short reads so the story isn't dragged on for too long like many long books do. We follow Avery, June, Will, Oliver, and Riley through the deadly forest called the savage lands. Avery never thought she would be stepping into these parts of the forest but a call for a better life for her sister and her new friends leads the [...]

    7. Great continuation of Planet Urth Saga 4 1/2 STARS *****We continue with Avery's struggle for survival in post-apocalyptic America. She confronts mutant monsters, uses her prodigious skills in battling terrifying enemies and attempts to protect her young sister; June. We learn more about our heroine and how she ended up in this foreboding world and the events that lead to the destruction of the Planet Earth and civilization as we know it. And what of her new companions; Will and his younger sibl [...]

    8. I quite enjoyed the first ‘Planet Urth’ book except for the ‘teenage romance’ that crept into the story when Avery met Will.I enjoyed the basic story of a group of young people trying to survive against the odds and I still like Avery as ‘kickass’ heroine, but there are several aspects of this book that annoyed me. Some of these I could overlook but I’m afraid I just got so fed up with Avery constantly whining about her feelings for Will. I know this is considered a Young Adult boo [...]

    9. I stopped at 60%. I gave it a fair shot, I really did. I don't DNF books very often but ya know I'm in WI, we're in the middle of Winter Storm Bailey, it looks beautiful and frozen outside, and I want to read something that will suck me in while the snow piles up and my fireplace burns. This series, sadly, is not what I want on a snowy day such as today. I stopped because I can't stand the dialogue and how it was all written. It annoyed me so much that I got mad. I've had enough of Will and hear [...]

    10. Like the first book, this one is a fast read. I finished this part in two days. Although sometimes the story leaves big questions, like why were sully and Jericho at that arena just when avery and her family had to fight there and why did they save them and not the other humans. This seems a little strange to me. I think that the writers had no other option to get them out of the arena and got a little to creative about it. But if you do not care to much about these things, the book is entertain [...]

    11. Book #2 is a fast read Avery meets some big disappointments along the journey. It is clear that she has good instincts, but doesn't follow through with them because of others that she cares about. This book is a sequel to the first book and if you like the first, then you must read this second one.Surprisingly, Will's character is revealed. He is caring, somewhat selfish, and could co-exist with Urthmen if they were so obliged. Of course, they aren't. So can Will be counted on when it's life or [...]

    12. Planet Urth: The Savage Lands BK 2 The second book far exceeded the first. There are some answers! There is the standard dystopian violence you would expect without going into complete gory details, making this series more appropriate for younger audiences as well as older. The romance side of this book is building. I have already downloaded the third book and can't wait to see what comes next.

    13. Good ReadEnjoy this world and characters. Plenty of action, tension, and conflict as this small band of survivors find their way in a hostile post apocalyptic world. The authors do a good job of blending young adult emotions and feelings in this world of hard choices. Only real complaint with the writing is the heavy use of metaphors.

    14. I found this story was not as tightly written nor as intriguing as the first in the series. I was left hanging a couple of times wondering what had just happened. And I found, that some of the more brutal scenes like the rape of the young girls was dealt with in too cavalier of a fashion. All in all, it held my interest but did not have me yearning for part three.

    15. Addictive!I read first in this series free from . Now I'm hooked, and I have to recommend it! Books are so expensive that ordinarily I won't try a new author. What if I hate it? But this way we both win, I have a new author I can enjoy, they get a new reader!

    16. Survival and hope!Book 2 is as good as book 1. I love the emotions this book makes me feel. I feel as though I am out there with the characters fighting hoping just trying to survive each day.So excited to read the next book.Great job

    17. "Oh my gosh"This one is a real nail biter full of suspense and intrigue. The interplay among the characters is dynamic with delightful humor that makes for fun reading. I am excited about the next adventure as I go for book 3.

    18. Well. This just got interesting! The book is quite a bit cleaner than the first one, as far as editing goes. The storyline picks up and the stakes are higher. I still think it could use another go at a final edit, but I'll keep reading the series to see what happens.

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    20. A very good readThis is the second book in the series that I have read. I have enjoyed both, and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    21. Good readthe intrigue continues. i am hooked, I'll be getting book number three shortly. I was surprised with the twists in the story.

    22. the book is good but it felt super short and unfinished like the first one. I think the author could have combined them to one book for a better read.

    23. New characters have joined the group; some are there to the end and some are dispatched in order to remain alive. When the 3rd in the series comes out I will probably read it!

    24. Great!!!Great!!!this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, truly a moving and inspiring tale of love and survival.

    25. Better then the firstI wish I could write. I wish I had someone to write with and create a story line as interesting and exciting as this one. Excellent writing and great story.

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