Lovestruck in London

Sweet New Adult Contemporary Romance from the author of the Three Girls series Lizzie Medina went to London to reinvent herself Tired of being the quiet baby sister, and in no hurry to settle into a boring existence in surburbia, she escapes from home at the first opportunity When she settles in London for a year of post graduate studies, Lizzie is sure she ll be able tSweet New Adult Contemporary Romance from the author of the Three Girls series Lizzie Medina went to London to reinvent herself Tired of being the quiet baby sister, and in no hurry to settle into a boring existence in surburbia, she escapes from home at the first opportunity When she settles in London for a year of post graduate studies, Lizzie is sure she ll be able to start a whole new life Immerse herself in the books she loves Explore a new country Work on her dream of writing a novel She might even be able to find a little bit of excitement for once But falling unexpectedly in love with up and coming actor Thomas Harper causes Lizzie to re think everything Just as she s convinced herself this small town girl from the Midwest can handle this great adventure, Thomas s career suddenly explodes to superstar levels, and Lizzie finds herself forced to navigate the fame game of red carpets, catty co stars, gossip magazines, and paparazzi When she wished for a new life, she had no idea it would be anything like this Lizzie must now determine if her love and her confidence are strong enough to get her through the complications of dating a movie star Even if she and Thomas are able to pull through before she has to leave London, how will she deal with the inevitability of returning to a life at home that no longer feels like her own Will she follow her family s wishes or follow her heart Will the Lizzie she discovered in London be strong enough to help her pursue her dreams
Lovestruck in London Sweet New Adult Contemporary Romance from the author of the Three Girls series Lizzie Medina went to London to reinvent herself Tired of being the quiet baby sister and in no hurry to settle into a b

  • Title: Lovestruck in London
  • Author: Rachel Schurig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. If you're looking for a cute, fluffy romance to lift your spirits, then Lovestruck in London is a good fit. However, I can't rate it more than two stars. One thing this book gets major props for is featuring a Latina character in a main, romantic role. It doesn't happen often. The rest of her family, though, came across as stereotypes and charicatures.What I felt were major moments in Lizzie's life - standing up to her family, losing her virginity - things that were built up in the text as being [...]

    2. Adorable! Heroine is a duck out of water from Detroit who dreams of going to London, England, which she does for a year in order to get her masters in teaching. She meets an up and coming actor who is a big part of a very popular vampire movie series (think Twilight). Hottie actor is more interested in doing indie movies. They both hit it off and start to date. This has a very New Adult type feel, but doesn't have any of those eye rolling, annoying familiar NA tropes. This was a breath of fresh [...]

    3. Page One: (talking about Coronation Street - a British soap opera set in Manchester.) 'I loved the accent. It was so romantic and refined.' Rolling about on the floor with laughter here. Refined?? The Manchester accent? Honestly? Then we have the coordinator at the English college, (in London) saying - 'is lovely fall day.' NO. It's AUTUMN. NO American would say '.is lovely autumn day.' Would they? Research?? Why did the editor not pick that up?I lost all serious interest at this point. There wa [...]

    4. What I can say about this book? I was looking for something like this for such a long time that it was a relief to find a story where feelings and old school romanticism were still alive! I have to confess that I had a lot of connections with Lizzie and the plot in general. I was an exchange student overseas and I felt that I could never be in home again - I will always miss the other part. I fell for one person along the way, so it was as reading my own story (not exactly, but you get the point [...]

    5. I've touched on this in other reviews, but for a long time I thought the chick lit genre was kind of dead, or at least it was dead for me. But recently I've made some discoveries, like Over the Edge, Why Can't I Be You, and this book, that are making me rethink my earlier assessment.The book starts off with graduate student Lizzie heading to London with a friend to study for nine months. Lizzie's never been to London or even out of the country. As a bit of a bibliophile Lizzie is really excited [...]

    6. More like a 3.5 rating than a 3 or a 4.A common fantasy for young girls (or ahem slightly older girls) is commoner-girl-meets-rich-and-successful-man. We saw it in Pride and Prejudice when two middle class Bennet sisters married wealthy men. Then there is Kate Middleton, who either did us a favor or ruined us forever when she married Prince William. See? She proved that it can work!!In this play on the fantasy, we have middle class Lizzie (named after the Darcy marrying Miss Bennet), a Detroit [...]

    7. A cute and romantic story. Of course the love interest is a handsome, British, sweet, and thoughtful guy who is also a movie star. Haha. I'm pretty sure he has no flaws. Lol. Lizzie is a book-nerd who has different dreams than what her parents want for her. She can be a little judgmental and indecisive at times. I loved the setting in London. I thought the romance was super sweet. How they met and their first dates were cute. Some parts felt a bit rushed it it wasn't too bad. I loved their frien [...]

    8. If you can handle the typos of common words, and the complete lack of tension in this YA novel, you'll like this very simple story that seems to be about fulfilling every 13-year-old's Fangirl dreams. It's supposed to have British people speaking but mostly they speak like Americans with an occasional Brit word thrown in willy nilly. And while I love the idea of a Latina girl branching away from her family to be a writer, since not many Latinas are represented in stories, the focus seems to be m [...]

    9. Free book. I liked this book, it was a cute and easy to read romancend of reminded me of "Anna and the French Kiss". I love the London setting of course! It made me add Edinburgh to my Must Visit cities!

    10. PainfulPainful to read. The main character had a hard time sticking to her decisions. The plot was dumb and boring. So many things were written but didn't contribute to the storyline.

    11. Lovestruck in London is a sweet romance novel just like and say it is. Maybe even slightly too sweet. It's mostly well-written and talks about a young American woman who goes abroad to London to study for one year and unexpectedly finds herself in love with an English actor, BUT it wasn't quite the thing I was looking for.I unexpectedly found a NA romance novel that doesn't show the characters having sex even once or thinking about the fact how hot the other lead is. Although Lizzie made a rat [...]

    12. A Latina girl in America has studied hard as her family wishes and wants another year of college before applying for teaching jobs. She takes a course in London, to everyone's surprise. The story is very slow to get under way and we meet many family members who are going to be left behind; more of them have long phone conversations with our heroine. But by halfway through the book we realise that the story is actually all about breaking away from the family mould, so we are going to meet them ag [...]

    13. 3.5 Stars. Sweet as candy. And again, one of many books that inspired by Pride and Prejudice. But just inspired, the story line was very different. The heroine, Elizabeth Medina (yes, she named after Elizabeth Bennet) is the youngest from Medina family. As a latina family that immigrated to US, Lizzie learnt from very beginning that they had to struggle, hard. That's why she couldn't say no to what her family said. They wanted her to be a teacher, just like her sisters. Getting a job, got marrie [...]

    14. This book deserves far more than the three stars I'm giving it. Or it will if it's ever edited.There isn't a tsunami of punctuation and grammar errors in this one, though a few do show up here and there. What stops what was an otherwise well crafted and entertaining read from getting more stars is a lack of consistency and continuity mixed with dire need for a Brit-picker.Psst. Why does Thomas talk about his "mum" one minute, but then refer to his "mom" the next? Why does "Sofia" suddenly become [...]

    15. Cute was NOT what I expected.This book isn't bad. Well written. But, this is in no way adult contemporary fiction. Youth fiction at least. Lizzie and Callie talk like teenagers, not young women traveling 1/2 way around the world, going for their masters degree. Everything is awesome, this coming from a literature major??The main character, Lizzie, comes across as childish and self absorbed. She acts like she's 15. I couldn't put together these characters and the fact they were drinking in pubs, [...]

    16. This book I have to say is quite fascinating, I have to admit though the plot did not seem very captivating as it falls along the line of girl meets hollywood star and fall in love. What I did like in this story line was how supportive and caring Tom was and how he didn't let the spotlight or fame affect him. However, I did think the plot could have used a bit more originality as the problems Lizzie faces have been used many times before (the family wanting Lizzie to stay home and work as a teac [...]

    17. I absolutely adored this book. I loved that it's set in the one place in the world I've ALWAYS wanted to visit. That as Lizzie is walking through London it's all described so well, that I felt like I was there, learning that a car trunk is called a boot and getting so confused by all the new and unique terms. I loved that the hero is so down to earth, even though he is a HUGE movie star in one of the world's biggest movie franchiese's (sp?). That the whole twilight movie knock off is handled in [...]

    18. I gave this romance novel 5 stars because it is exactly the kind of coming of age story I love. At first I wasn't sure I would connect with a 23 year old, but when she does something I would have loved do myself, i.e move to London after college for a year to study, I was hooked. It reminded me of Notting Hill in reverse, in this case Lizzie falls in love with Thomas, a movie star on the verge of fame. This unlikely love seems doomed to fail. Lizzie's family, a close-knit Latina family in Detroi [...]

    19. lightweight, cutesy story - I did feel like there were a lot of unrealistic details. He's traumatized by a past relationship, but after their brief interaction at the play, he's basically head over heels and wants to spend all weekend with her? And when she tells him what she REALLY wants to do is write romances, he thinks it's lovely.I appreciate a story with a "nice guy" lead - but seriously, how about a bit more personality!

    20. "4 out of 5 stars!! This sweet, enthralling, fun novel lets you enjoy the historical aspects of England, while capturing you in an intense romance involving its main characters. I really wish I could be Lizzie."Read more of this review and two teasers here: frommetoyouvideophoto/2013/08/feasted-on-lovestruck-in-london-byml

    21. My main thoughts on reading this was that it strongly gave the impression of a RPF complete with the obligatory Mary Sue character. Cue obligatory eyeroll. The last few chapters were the only ones I really enjoyed so my rating is based on those. I normally steer well clear of RPF as I have no interest in it, it's simply not my cup of tea.Oh please, don't let your main character drink drive. Don't know how acceptable it is in the US but in the UK it is a no no.

    22. This was adorable and sooooooo cuteeeeeee. It was a freakin fairytale like come on that only happens in movies ughhhh why can't I find some famous actor in a theater For a while I thought they weren't gonna end up and together God that would have been AWFUL COMPLETELY AWFUL Thank goodness she grew a back bone and stood up for herself I mean it was about time

    23. I'm pretty sure just moving back to London to work for your famous boyfriend's agent wouldn't be that easy, because there are things like work visas involved, but mostly, this was cute! It's a pretty decent not-famous person falls for a famous person book. I don't really have any interest in the sequels, though.

    24. As a lighthearted summer read, this was the perfect book! I really enjoyed the story and the characters of Lizzie and Thomas. It was a great chick-lit read, and I actually just downloaded the rest of the series (which I was excited to see there were more books!)!

    25. This is a fun, quick, light read. It deals with some family, cultural and identity issues, but is mostly just a friendship/romance. It is a PG romance, which is a pleasant change of pace. I like the characters enough to want to read the other books in the series.

    26. A near-perfect beach book. Now Judy needs to publish Two Seasons so that people can say, "If you liked Lovestruck in London, you should read" :)

    27. 3.5 starsThis was an enjoyable, clean read. I really enjoyed reading about the sites in and around London as it has been so long since I had been there myself.I related to Lizzie in some ways, way back when I was 23 myself. The fear of the unknown and taking chances. The joy of writing something and losing track of time. The pull of family obligations.Her love interest, Thomas, was a very likeable hero. He was considerate, attentive and incredibly supportive. At times he wanted to show he cared [...]

    28. Ummm. How to start this review It wasn't a bad book, just not for me. I forced myself to finish reading it. The characters were well developed. Thomas made a great book boyfriend. Lizzie was a great character, handled school and paparazzi well.She handled the mean girls perfectly without being a witch, but wouldn't stand up to her parents/family. But that was part of the storyline​. The plot was decent, showing steady progression in their relationship. But there wasn't any excitment to the sto [...]

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