Miami Requiem

A devastating race against time crime thriller for fans of John Grisham, Sara Paretsky, James Patterson, and Karin Slaughter She wanted the truth They wanted her dead.Since her first day on the Miami Herald, rookie reporter Deborah Jones has been agitating for a shot at one particular story William Craig is on Death Row, convicted of killing Senator Jack O Neill s onlyA devastating race against time crime thriller for fans of John Grisham, Sara Paretsky, James Patterson, and Karin Slaughter She wanted the truth They wanted her dead.Since her first day on the Miami Herald, rookie reporter Deborah Jones has been agitating for a shot at one particular story William Craig is on Death Row, convicted of killing Senator Jack O Neill s only son There is no question of his guilt Craig murdered the young man who was acquitted of raping his granddaughter There are only five weeks and one day until his execution And Craig has not given a single interview Deborah Jones has assembled a whole dossier on the case, including court transcripts and every newspaper clipping She wants to know what prompted Craig to exact revenge And she has her own, very personal reasons for wishing to uncover the truth Managing editor of the Herald Sam Goldberg is well aware that Senator O Neill has powerful friends The two men have crossed swords on a number of occasions But against his better judgement, he decides to give Deborah a chance to prove herself Only with one warning Be careful Florida may be the Sunshine State to most people But it s not It s a swamp Don t ever forget that.
Miami Requiem A devastating race against time crime thriller for fans of John Grisham Sara Paretsky James Patterson and Karin Slaughter She wanted the truth They wanted her dead Since her first day on the Miami

  • Title: Miami Requiem
  • Author: J.B. Turner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book by Turner is a good mystery, thriller. The main character is a female, a black female who is trying to make her way in the world. As a reporter she works very hard to figure out why a grandfather of a girl who was raped is on death row and was apparently railroaded to that decision. She makes waves and finds information important to the trial. Enjoyed it.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" "To Whom It May Concern" and "Tell Me About the Unit [...]

    2. Miami Herald reporter, Deborah Jones is a rookie, new to journalism yet brimming with single minded determination to pursue the truth and provide it to the newspapers readership. Her first ‘real’ assignment, one more of her own violation than an order from her superiors, sees her traverse to a correctional facility to visit William Craig, a death-row inmate waiting out his last days in a cramped cell for the murder of a Senators son of which he accused of raping his granddaughter eleven year [...]

    3. Miami Herald reporter Deborah Jones was intrigued with the conviction of Glasgow detective William Craig, a gravitation pull to his story and the investigation gnawed at her. Under strict conditions, she dwelled deeper into the seedier side of politics and uncovered a shocking entanglement and abuse of power, distorting the justice system. Time was ticking, death was coming. The memorable prologue of “Miami: Requiem” did its job, it captivated me with its powerful death scene. A fast pace an [...]

    4. This book was pretty bad.The first third of the book seemed like an interesting plot might evolve - but I was disappointed. There was absolutely no investigative skills that the protagonist displayed - everyone just came through and gave her information. Someone brought her bank records, someone else gave her some biographical information about the victim, someone else sent her video evidence.There were no thrills. At one point, she is kidnapped - the kidnapping scene ends in a half-paragraph. H [...]

    5. This is a story of a young reporter with a Miami newspaper whose interest in a death row inmate leads her into the dark world of politics and cover ups. A senator, a congressman, police chief, a dodgy trial and undisclosed information about the victim. This has all been done before, and there really isn't anything new here. However if you like your crime fiction formulaic, dependable and well written, you will enjoy this. An easy read a solid 3 stars.

    6. This is an excellent story,of one person's fight for justice! I didn't know what to expect when started this book,but what a ride it was! All the characters are well explained,with many ups and downs as a young journalist tries to uncover a story surrounding a man on death row. There is never a stop to things happening,I feel breathless after finishing! I truly recommend this book to mystery lovers,or people who just like a good story,this is it

    7. A different perspectiveIf only the good would prevail. As individual who firmly believes in God's commandments this was a feel good story, but unfortunately does not always happen.

    8. Fabulous thriller! Deborah asked for the assignment to interview a man on death row who'd killed the man who raped his granddaughter and got off because the rapist was the only son of a Florida senator. She had to prove that the trial was fixed before this good man was executed.

    9. I enjoyed this book probably more so since I had just visited south Florida area and was familiar with names and places. It is a suspenseful, convincing read and reminded of Edna Buchanan's early thrillers centered in Miami

    10. This book started off really well and I had good hopes for it, however, the ending was ok if a little predictable but the middle was just down right boring. I expected more from grit from a thriller, more to sink my teeth into but it was simply in the long run boring.

    11. 1991, William Craig (71, “Butcher of South Beach”) now awaits on Death Row. He was convicted of killing Joseph “Joe” O'Neill (Jack’s son).Deborah Jones (Miami Herald reporter, Berkeley) was headed for New River Correctional Institution (0 Unit) to interview William (82). Harold Erhert was the warden.What did Deborah go see about Jenny Forbes (William’s granddaughter)?What did Deborah find out from Maria Gonzalez (Jack’s maid)?Willard Office Building (Pennsylvania Ave). Anthony “T [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. It ripped along at a steady pace and the characters were very well drawn indeed. There were so many twists and turns in this contemporary tale of sex, love and politics. I was immediately engaged with the reporter at the heart of the story and was willing her to beat the heartless cruel Mafia connected bad guys for whom life was cheap as long as it was someone else's life. Their own was obviously sacrosanct for these hideously two-faced hypocrites. So topical and typi [...]

    13. BRILLIANTI absolutely inhaled this book. Once I started reading it it was impossible to put down. You are dragged into this book from the first page and it doesn't let you go till you have read the last page. The characters , the storyline , the twists and turns makes for a compelling read, ( great for your holiday) . I have been disappointed up till now about crime fiction , my favourite author Colin Forbes died and no one seemed to match his capacity for telling a storybut it looks like I have [...]

    14. What a crackerI've read 4 J B Turner books previously and was hooked into each of them I looked forward to reading this and was not disappointed, but this one came from a totally different angle than the others brilliantly written the characters are amazing the storyline breathtaking even to the end I was asking myself is there to be twist absolutely brilliant book 5 star rating easily anything less would be an injustice

    15. I had high hopes but this book just didn't cut it for me. The main character, Deborah, was wishy washy and the writing never seemed to show her journalist instinct or nose for a story. The other characters had more going for them - the Senator, the wife, the Editor etc etc. I felt more suspense could have been added, and the only page-turners were near the end, but then it was all rushed. Very disappointed.

    16. Inner strengthStrength is strength no matter where you find it-even in a female cub reporter. The main character was easy to like,admire even. Not used to feeling so drawn towards a female protagonist as I was to this one. The author was careful not to delve into the easy usual cliches for femine hero’s frailties,keeping her above the traps she could have fallen in,and keeping the story cleaner and more realistic. A good read indeed!

    17. Inspirational on so many levels. J.B.Turner grabs hold of his audience and doesn't let go until the last page Just like the heroine in his story Mr Turner is single minded to achieve his goal. He entertains us with good versus evil, the have and have-nots, those willing to accept their lot in life and those who finally find the hero in themselves and put it on the line for something bigger than all of us. The color of one's skin or the amount of money in your bank account does not protect or den [...]

    18. Gritty Excellent read. First time I have read a JB Turner but it won't be the last. My only reservation was the ease that the pieces of the exposed all fell into Deborah Jones lap, but if you allow for that, the book flows and never falters. Nasty villains, intrepid reporters and a back cast of interesting individuals equals an all round good read. Recommended.

    19. I enjoyed this book! The reporter-Deborah Jones- is very believable. I thought the story line of following a cover up by a Senator was very believable. I did question how much help Deborah received from the government agencies with problems created by her investigation. I wasn't sure what the ending would be. To me, that's always the sign of a good book.

    20. Bring your hip waders because you're going to need them for all the Leftie tripe and politically correct tropes. They're all here. Although the US senator villain being a Dem was surprising. As were the two shots at Hillary and the Clintons.Story and premise are implausible and seem to only exist to service the aforementioned politics.

    21. Great ReadI was looking for something different to read from my usual go to list. I found this book a little hard to get into, however, it turned out to be a great story and we'll worth my time.

    22. Terrific StoryI thoroughly enjoyed this book with a great story line but a very difficult story to write. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a woman to recover from a rape. Congratulations on a job well done and stayed true to the characters within the story.

    23. LovedThis was only the second book where I’ve cried - the first was when a beloved character was killed. When Craig was freed it touched something in me. Think I’m going to love this new series.

    24. Fantastic BookI could not put this book down. It just kept getting better and better. Loved the characters and was very pleased with the ending. Will definitely read this author again!

    25. Deborah Jones is a reporter that is fixated on stopping the execution of a man who killed a young serial rapist. The mob, crooked government, crooked cops. This was a fast read and I liked all the characters. I rate this a 4.8.

    26. This book is not great literature but to me, it was a compelling read. The story flows rapidly and I found it entirely believable. The central theme is rape. I think the author was very brave to take it on. He did it sensitively. I had difficultly putting to book down.

    27. A fascinating thrilling novelAnother excellent read from J B Turner. It grips you from page one and makes you want to career through the pages. Another must read.

    28. Thrilling is an understatementSuspenseful and well written. It kept me enthralled. Had to finish this. More twists and turns than a country mountain road.Looking for more books by this author.

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