My Big Brother

Meet my big brother He s AMAZING STUPENDOUS ENORMOUS I should know, I watch him all day long.
My Big Brother Meet my big brother He s AMAZING STUPENDOUS ENORMOUS I should know I watch him all day long

  • Title: My Big Brother
  • Author: Valorie Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780689843273
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “My Big Brother”

    1. This book is from the point of view of a younger sibling watching their older brother. I liked the pictures because they are all taken from the eye-level of n infant or young child. The pictures moved the story along because they help visualize the minimal text.

    2. Brief summary A photo book about a younger brother and the things he sees when he looks at his big brotherAnnotation A quick story through the eyes of a baby brotherAge appropriateness 6 months - 3yearsConnection to six early literacy skills Print Motivation-it helps tell a simple story through the eyes of what a baby or toddler might experience. That real life slice is interesting. Print Awareness - The story is written to reflect the inner thoughts of a baby.Five practices Talking-give pare [...]

    3. Told from the point of view of an adoring younger sibling, this book offers simple text and full-page photographs to illustrate the way a baby (literally!) looks up to a big brother. It's a cute idea, but I'm not sure who the audience is meant to be. Children young enough to relate to the baby's perspective might be confused by photographs of a stranger as an older brother, and older kids will likely be bored by it.

    4. Do you have a big brother? In "My Big Brother" you'll get to see how much fun a big brother can be. Not to mention how big, busy, and wonderful he is."My Big Brother" will show you a babies eye view of his world surrounding his big brother. Little ones will enjoy looking at the pictures. The bigger ones will be able to see how cool their job really is.Valorie Fisher brings you right into the stories with actual photos."My Big Brother" is written and photographed by Valorie Fisher.

    5. This would be a very cute book for the really young kiddos or the ones with little baby brothers or sisters! It is kind of neat to see the perspective of the baby instead of the parent or the older brother. I really enjoyed how every single picture, even the last one was in the baby's perspective. However, for elementary kiddos, I think they would find this book to be a bit boring.

    6. The perspective may be confusing for young children. (The book is written from the perspective of a baby, but not obviously so. And the first person narrative, rather than third could make it tough for kids in preschool and early grade school to 'get,' though it might be a great read aloud for an infant.) The photography is what hooked me. It is exquisite.

    7. I'm 8 months pregnant and I read this with my oldest son. He loved it and the idea of having someone look up to him in such a way someday soon! I think it helped him put being a big brother into perspective and made him feel really special.

    8. -Very cute story about why a little boy loves his brother.-Goes through fun things they do together as brothers.-Simple text with fun pictures.-Kindergarten reading level

    9. I loved how this book was written from the perspective of the baby. I definitely plan to re-check it out from the library after little sister is born.

    10. I didn't read this to Collin, but it was the book this week from the library that he wanted me to "write down".

    11. This picture book was family orientated. It would be easy for any child to read. It would be good for a big brother to read to their younger sibling.

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