The Shadow Place (Single Titles)

The Shadow Place brings together school violence, Instant Messaging, and the loyalty of old friends in a suspensful page turner Lissa s neighbor and best friend, Rodney, has always been strange, but now he s buyihg guns over the Internet If Rodney acts on his threats of violence, who will be the victim his abusive father or one of his taunting classmates.
The Shadow Place Single Titles The Shadow Place brings together school violence Instant Messaging and the loyalty of old friends in a suspensful page turner Lissa s neighbor and best friend Rodney has always been strange but n

  • Title: The Shadow Place (Single Titles)
  • Author: Carol M. Tanzman
  • ISBN: 9780761315889
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. "The shadow place" by Carol M. Tanzman book based on bullying at home.It made me think bullying just doesnt happen at school but also at home.Many times when we hear the word bullying we think it means a kid being bullied at school. But bullying doesn't just happen at school it can happen in many places such as school. This just makes us open our eyes and see the reality. "The shadow place" is about a young boy named Rodney that is being bullied by his father. Recently his best friend lissa has [...]

    2. I read the book The Shadow Place. If you like mysteries then this book is for you. There are foreshadowing points that aren't very obvious. It is mysteries, funny, and serious at times.This book gives a child perspective of what being bullied really means. It also gives a story that you should be who you want and not let people tell you who to be. Love your friends equal. Getting new friends doesn't mean putting out the old.This book is great for children who loves mysteries and loves a great le [...]

    3. This is a nice little book that explores bullying-At home and at school. For all the news about bullying there is still a lot of it going on. I suppose it will always be an issure. Recommended for 5th grade on up. It is about some eigth graders,

    4. The book "Shadow Place " is a okay book overall .I'm not personal interested in it but it grab my attention enough that I kept reading it.So,basically the book is a teenage a boy who have been mistreated or abusive my his dad which caused him to be acting out on his friends and in school.And it then turns to a point where he couldn't take it anymore and try to do something about it in a violence approach .

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