Morning Glory

Clara Anderson has her routine, and she likes it that way But oil has brought change to Healdton, Oklahoma, and she doesn t like it one bit She might not have the means to stop history in the making, but that doesn t mean she has to rent rooms in her boarding house to oil well riff raff Needless to say, her temper flares when she discovers that while she was out shoppinClara Anderson has her routine, and she likes it that way But oil has brought change to Healdton, Oklahoma, and she doesn t like it one bit She might not have the means to stop history in the making, but that doesn t mean she has to rent rooms in her boarding house to oil well riff raff Needless to say, her temper flares when she discovers that while she was out shopping, her help rented a room to Briar Nelson, a roustabout for Rose Oil Briar just wants a place to sleep and eat and if the lovely, crazy woman has a problem with that, she can take it up with a lawyer He signed the contract for three months and paid the rent in advance and nothing is going to make him leave Besides, he already has two women in his life and doesn t need another.Can a woman who was jilted ten years ago fight the past and fall in love with the very kind of man she vowed to have nothing to do with Changes personal than the discovery of oil take place in the Morning Glory Inn as Clara and Briar fight the past and fear the future.
Morning Glory Clara Anderson has her routine and she likes it that way But oil has brought change to Healdton Oklahoma and she doesn t like it one bit She might not have the means to stop history in the making

  • Title: Morning Glory
  • Author: Carolyn Brown
  • ISBN: 9780803498464
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. “Morning Glory,” a sweet and sassy romance novel from Carolyn Brown’s “Drifters & Dreamers Romance” series set in Oklahoma – my wonderful home state. A quick and quaint cozy indulgence perfectly suited for a Valentine’s week read. “Yesterday is gone and nothing but a memory. Maybe a bad one, but there’s no way to call it back or change it. Tomorrow is just the whisper of a hope. Today is all you got.”Typically I don’t indulge in, what I call sweet-tea-melodramas. I find [...]

    2. Five 🌟As usual, Carolyn Brown's characters come to life as the opening chapters unfold. Mrs. Brown writes with insight and humor. I enjoyed the historical setting of the oil boom in Oklahoma and Texas in 1915. Also I enjoy the references to Ardmore, Ok. , since I spent the summer of 1964 visiting my cousins. This book brought back some lovely memories of Ardmore. Thanks.

    3. Second Chances.A very fast pace and delightful read. The characters were so vibrant, humorous and likable. The story unfolded skillfully and smoothly against the back drop of industrial, social and emotional chances in a rural area, as war beckoned on the horizon.

    4. Great storyThis was a fun and quick read. I enjoyed the relationship between the cousins. The love story was good but I wanted more details. I will read the rest of the stories about these cousins.

    5. Loved it. Sweet story with great characters. I genuinely liked them all and can't wait to read the next one. Also nice because it is not just overflowing with heaving bosoms or throbbing body parts. Just a sweet little romance that made me smile

    6. Beautiful DteamerShe had been jilted 10 years earlier by a preacherSo she hated most menShe especially hated oilmenThe only available room for rent was in her boarding house

    7. Would recommend this book.Two lonely people find love with help of a boarding house of older women and a four old little girl. Loved the story and characters.

    8. A good love story.I like the authors style. The early 1900's was a good time for the women getting some rights and ownership.

    9. This book was in my reading list for months but I decided I’d read a few chapters. The best! Always a great book when written by Carolyn Brown.

    10. Love the charactersI always love the characters in all of her books. I feel like I know them and hate to say good bye.

    11. Morning Glory InnThis was a really enjoyable read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a cute storyline.I recommend it to anyone. Gailene Shearer

    12. All the bells and whistlesIt's a formula. Small town. Silly biases and misunderstandings that are all solved in the end. No one does it better than Carolyn Brown.

    13. It was. a good book made me laugh , i mostly liked Clara's attude she did not take crap from any o wGood Book to read, I recommend it , Clara & Tilly , Tilly making moon-shine and selling it and not gething caught

    14. A Good Time FillerA simple sweet story that won't burden one's heart with sadness. Charming characters. I actually laughed out loud several times.

    15. Morning Glory is by Carolyn Brown. It is book one in Drifters and Dreamers. It is set in Healdton, Oklahoma during the oil boom. It has characters that are well developed and a plot that is clear to follow. Clara Anderson doesn’t rent rooms in her boarding house to oil men or preachers. They can camp out somewhere but they will not stay here. She is the talk of the town because she sat on the corner of main street with her suitcase waiting on a preacher to come back through town and marry her. [...]

    16. Love conquered all I am so glad that I read this book. It was a quick read and a fun story. Enjoy this one.

    17. UneventfulThe premise of this book could have been such an entertaining story but the characters and dialogue lack any depth at all. The story of an aging lady who was once jilted by a married man, a preacher, leaves her bitter; she is totally an uninteresting character. Her life in a small town among relatives takes few, if any, twists, turns or instances to make this interesting and the ending is quite predictable, although long in coming to fruition. If you want to spend a few hours of mindle [...]

    18. Loved the references to women's rights!This is a historical romance written by Carolyn Brown. The setting is early 1900s in Oklahoma. I love in Oklahoma and I appreciate the attention to detail in the story. The characters are relatable and have great repartee with each other. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical romance. This book is not a Christian romance exactly but it's clean and the characters are church goers.

    19. This is an older book by Carolyn Brown and it was not one of her best. Clara Anderson and her two cousins live in a small Texas town but she wasn't sure she was ready for progress. Oil wells were chopping up everywhere but when oilman Briar Nelson showed up in town to try to get the Anderson cousins to sell their oil rights, he met a brick wall. Interested story about the early 1900's and the way women were treated.

    20. A historical setting with modern relevancePlaced nearly 100 years ago, this story still is relative to today. People, because of labels and preconceptions, are unwilling to accept others until they're forced by circumstances to open their eyes to other's humanity. As in real life, this story's major character took a while to accept that the label didn't matter.

    21. This is one of Carolyn Brown' earlier books so her style of writing has changed some since this book was written. It was a good story in that it was my favorite time period. Story about the beginning of oil drilling in Oklahoma and the prejudice toward change and a new age. Also a personal story entwined with the time period touching on women's equality.

    22. Silly book. Heroine supposed to be speaking her mind and she's just plain rude and silly. She runs a boarding house and refuses to let any oilmen board there. Of course, she ends up with one, and spends her time trying to get him out while lusting for himlly, silly, silly.

    23. Easy readThis is the first in a three book series. I enjoyed the setting for the story. The three Anderson cousins are all interesting. I liked the Briar and Clara and the supporting characters. Looking forward to the next book Sweet Tilly.

    24. An enjoyable story in its simplicity and predictabilty. The writing style seemed stilted like the writer had not quite found her rhythm, but I know that she has improved because I've read some of her other books.

    25. Thanks again.I always enjoy Carolyn Brown books and this is no exception! Being from small town Oklahoma, I can whole heartedly relate to her characters and stories. Ready for Tully's story!

    26. Morning GloryNever read a Carolyn Brown book I didn't like!! She is a clever, funny writer!This one is no exception!witty little romance, with the oilfield of the era thrown! Interesting to me, as I grew up as " oilfield trash"!!!! Great read.

    27. I really enjoyed the story. I loved the two characters, the B' s, the cousins: Clara, Tully and Tucker. Some parts were predictable but still a good read.

    28. Standard love story.Short and sweet with no surprises. Quick read for summertime enjoyment. Enjoyed the characters and setting. Not sure I would read another in the series.

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