Gower Street

Jesse Constam is no ordinary man, having escaped the squalor of the slums and now living in fashionable Gower Street This is a story of grinding poverty, staggering wealth, life, love and class conflict.
Gower Street Jesse Constam is no ordinary man having escaped the squalor of the slums and now living in fashionable Gower Street This is a story of grinding poverty staggering wealth life love and class confli

  • Title: Gower Street
  • Author: Claire Rayner
  • ISBN: 9780671215507
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. WOW! I love this book! Set at the turn of the 19th century, this historical novel is a whirlwind of entertainment! Rayner is a genius at creating character development, the balance between horror and humor, and a delightful surprise! I found myself laughing out loud and cringing at parts. The novel starts with a self made man, Jesse Constam married to a repressed control nut, Charlotte. Jesse picks up a street rat, names him Abel Lackland. Charlotte gives him a birth date. The novel continues to [...]

    2. This is a book I picked up from my mother's collection when she passed away years ago. It is actually the first in a trilogy and takes place in England at the turn of the 19th century. Sort of a Dickens type story, a young man,Abel,is rescued from the homeless orphan life he lives. It tells of the difference between the poor and the rich; it tells of the relationships and difficulty in communications between men and women. It talks of the change in knowledge and ignorance at that time. Abel and [...]

    3. what was i thinking??? my mother in law gave me a beat up old paper back probably 20yrs ago & said i'd probably enjoy it , it's alot about medical stuff~~ it's sat on my head board for most of those years & i pick it up now and then, then a few years ago i decided to read it and discovered it had a book b4 it, so ordered that and it sat, well now i go to start this- ready for my sunday night reading again (weekend off- R will be home) and what do i discover, it's a whole series~~~~~~~~~~ [...]

    4. I read this book a long time ago. It was hard to read at night because each chapter seemed to end with a cliffhanger and you wanted to know what was going to happen next. Also, the City of London was described so well that I could follow the characters on a street map!

    5. Read some of these years and years ago and thought I would re-read them in the correct order. This the first did not disappoint, gritty historical novel about the poverty of London and the "upper" classes of the time. Now onto the second in the series!

    6. Good historical fiction. Turned out to be more gritty than most books I rememberfrom that time period.

    7. Because he is rescued from poverty, Jesse saves two children from the gutter. Of course, their lives are forever changed. The girl goes for the stage; the boy for medicine. An interesting tale.

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