The Return

What happened to the twins Will Alex and Zach get their babies back Things don t look good as three years have passed and there has been no sign of them Alex and Zach throw themselves into their work Setting up a new department covering the worst cases of abuse against supers and children usually of a sexual nature Dmitri no longer works as Vlad s Second in Command What happened to the twins Will Alex and Zach get their babies back Things don t look good as three years have passed and there has been no sign of them Alex and Zach throw themselves into their work Setting up a new department covering the worst cases of abuse against supers and children usually of a sexual nature Dmitri no longer works as Vlad s Second in Command now he works for Alex and Zach Dmitri s life is in for a change one he didn t think possible how will he cope Tatya, Vlad and Irina s baby is now a gorgeous three year old who Alex and Zach dote on loving her in the absence of their own babies The Angel Michael makes a return and he is not alone and his news is shocking A new threat to humankind An ancient vampire is found one who is making money off the misery of others he is very powerful so than maybe even Zach This vampire wants Alex and takes her will she and Zach survive the separation Read on to find out all this and much
The Return What happened to the twins Will Alex and Zach get their babies back Things don t look good as three years have passed and there has been no sign of them Alex and Zach throw themselves into their work

  • Title: The Return
  • Author: A.K. Michaels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Book: The Return (Defender's Blood #4)Author: A.K. MichaelsPublication Date: 12/9/2013Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW So much has happened since book 3 which left us wondering so many things especially the where abouts of the twins. Donna who is Lisa's mother has finally begun to come out of her shell and her children are safe but is her heart? She finds that her guardian and protector Dmitri is pulling on her heart. She doesn't know what to make of this. Dmitr [...]

    2. What a storyYet again this series takes you to new highs and lows with the plot twisting and turning at all angels. Mates found and excepted, the twins returning Not how they left with a destiny of their own . and Alex and Zack 's business collides with the twins destiny in the most horrific of circumstances. His will the people of unity cope with the new threat a definite tbr list must

    3. It has now been three years since Lexi and Connal disappeared. Alex has horrible nightmares almost every time she sleeps. To keep their minds busy Alex and Zack engross themselves in their work. With their new department set up, they are in charge of several units of guards. No matter how busy they are, they can't help but miss their babies.There are some evil and twisted Supers out there. It is a much more common crime than what was first imagined. However, there are threats out there that they [...]

    4. Alex and Zach have thrown themselves into their work since the twin’s disappearance, Dmitri’s life is in for a change, Vlad and Irina’s baby is three years old, the Angel Michael brings shocking news and an ancient vampire wants Alex in this action-packed urban fantasy romance.Theirs is absolutely no moment to spare in this action-packed thrill-a-minute addition to the Defender’s Blood saga and the reader can’t help but get drawn into all the excitement as Alex and Zach’s new job has [...]

    5. Book 4.The twins have been gone for 3 years now. Alex is basically just living day to day not sleeping hardly. Zach does all he can for Alex. They work long hours just to keep the emptiness at bay. They are on the hunt for a Super, that is taking woman and selling them. Dmitri is now helping them on these cases as they rise in volume.his life is about to be changed and he will growl the whole way! The Angel Michael returns with the twins as adults now. Zach and Alex are beyond themselves!!The ch [...]

    6. I purchased this book as I am hooked on the series!! I am reading them in one sitting, glued to the people, have thought about them in my head as if they are real!! Yes, that is how well this author writes! Must you must read the books in order or you may get a little lost when reading this one. It is Jam packed full of rich, deep warm and naughty people.You feel like you are part of the group as they save not only supers but human alike! You have vamps, wolves, fairies, battles till the death a [...]

    7. If you are reading through these reviews to check things out, to see what people are saying before you make your mind up on whether to go ahead and purchase/read this series then let me tell you this, I have read 5 books in this series now, The Prequel & books 1, 2, 3 & 4 there isn't a dull or boring scene, it's full of exciting wonderful characters, full of action, it will send your emotions in a tail spin and will definitely grip you, pull you into the story and keep you hooked and you [...]

    8. The further I get into this series , the harder it is to put it down. The action just does not stop. Alex and Zach are now running a sex crimes unit. Rescuing humans or supes that are being abused. Dmitri is finding it more and more difficult to stay away from Donna. Especially when she starts working in his office. The twins Lexi and Conall who were taken as babies three years ago, are returned. The difference in them is almost unbelievable. The various battles that are faced in this book are v [...]

    9. Rollercoaster Ride!!!Once again Ava leaves on on the seat of our pants wondering what is going to happen next to our lovely friends we have made thru this journey. Have the babies come back, has Dimitri got his head out of his butt and given into his hearts desire?Now the situation that does arise with Alex and Zach I am not sure I would have taken it with such ease. I would have been a little more pissed off and a lot less understanding. I think a certain Angel might have received more than one [...]

    10. Three years after the twins disappeared from their newborn beds, Alex still cries herself to sleep most nights. During the day, she helps her husband, Zach to defend and rescue helpless humans from supernatural creatures who would harm them. This helps keep her from wondering what's happened to her precious babies, Lexi and Conall. This book is loaded with surprises and plot twists, and ends with the crew headed to the UK to help a worried-sounding Duncan! Mustadxtok!

    11. My favorite book of the series thus far. This story is incredible. I have enjoyed observing the lives of so many characters develop and change during this series. This book has so much going on, so many different storylines which were all great. I am really enjoying Defenders Blood series. Starting the next one now!!

    12. Just amazing. if you read this book make sure you have some tissues handy. There is love, laughter, joy and sorrow, all mixed in with a story of love, destiny, fates and futures. it will make you want to read all the others in the series and any others this author has written.

    13. Wonderful ReadIn this continuation of the series Ava K Michaels again will have your emotions on a rollercoaster. I laugh, I cried, I was scared, I was so angry and most importantly I was in love.Am looking forward to the next book in this series.

    14. Loved it! Had a couple of teary bits too! This is getting even more awsome and now started next one! Love it love it love it!

    15. This author is excellent at building the tension and the leaving you hanging! What in the world could be so traumatic as to have Duncan in a twist?

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