The Book of Not So Common Prayer: A New Way to Pray, a New Way to Live

Not just a new way to pray, but a new way to live.
The Book of Not So Common Prayer A New Way to Pray a New Way to Live Not just a new way to pray but a new way to live

  • Title: The Book of Not So Common Prayer: A New Way to Pray, a New Way to Live
  • Author: Linda McCullough Moore
  • ISBN: 9781426787393
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • 1 thought on “The Book of Not So Common Prayer: A New Way to Pray, a New Way to Live”

    1. This book was very peaceful and full of what I feel is good advice. I haven't read any books on prayer before, so I have nothing with which to compare this work, but I really enjoyed it and it is definitely going to be a re-read. I know I didn't catch even half of what the author was expressing and sharing, but that's my fault, as I wanted to finish it and complete my review of it before the new year. I consoled myself with the thought that I will re-read this for Lent and take my time with it t [...]

    2. This would be a great book to study with a group or to use as the basis for a women's retreat. Other than the emphasis on the trinity I loved this book. I also was a classmate of the author's at Houghton College.

    3. Linda McCullough Moore was inspired by the life and habits of Brother Lawrence to ramp up her prayer life, and shares the results in this interesting and varied book. None of us want to utter routine prayers. We all long for heart engagement, and she's full of ideas of how to achieve this.I like her emphasis on the fact that God does not bless us based upon our personal efforts but completely because of who He is. It takes a burden off us that we shouldn't have ever taken on. She urges us to vie [...]

    4. McCullough writes very intelligently and thoroughly. She takes prayer and breaks it down into the whos, whats, and hows. I especially enjoyed her chapter on the theology behind prayer. Asking herself "what do I believe about the nature of the practice and the One to whom I pray?"(location 1203) and finding Tozer with a wise answer: "'Acquaint thyself with God.' If this is not the business of our prayers, then I don't know what is.' (location 1212) I loved this 'smart' look at prayer. Too often a [...]

    5. The Book of Not So Common Prayer could be helpful for someone with a renewed or recent interest in communication with God, possibly for a new convert to Christianity, or someone who recently has returned to church. Linda McCullough Moore tells us about some of her own experiences with prayer, and describes quite a few possible prayer options, especially for individual, more "private" prayer times.The book includes some lovely examples of the author's own prayers in chapter 6, Writing to God, and [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this slender little tome. The author starts with a seemingly big proposition: a challenge to set aside 15 minutes four times a day to pray. I immediately started thinking about my day, and how that would never work. But then as the book goes on, Linda talks about all the different ways to pray and praise God. And think about it: if you can keep appointments for the dentist or for your kids' sports games, why can't you keep an appointment with God? I also love reading how enric [...]

    7. Moore’s book is a quick read on her experiences with prayer and an encouragement to others to not give up or let their prayer life get shallow. She covers many different aspects of prayer, and though she advocates for things that I do not particularly adhere to in prayer, like body posture, environment and regimented prayer, she certainly does not misrepresent them and they can be useful for someone who values that in their prayer style. The book’s style is very conversational and therefore [...]

    8. Reflective & PeacefulThis book is written very well. The opportunity for each of us to review and perhaps enhance our prayer life is always a welcome respite. The ideas (tips) shared were worth the time to reflect on them and see--could this, would this work in your life. This is not a quick read, it is meant to be read and re-read slowly to see with prayerful consideration which parts will enrich your journey. Enjoy! NetGalley and Abingdon Press provided an advanced review copy of this book [...]

    9. I really liked this book. It is a serious challenge for each of us to make our life one of prayer, of being conscious of being in the presence of God. She is very honest about her own experiences, explaining how she transformed her prayer life in fits and starts. Christians are challenged to make prayer a priority. We are also given suggestions as to how to make that happen. I highly recommend this book.See my full review at bit/1jzfbHV.I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the pu [...]

    10. Linda seemed like a nice person but a little bit rigid and I didn’t find her suggestions extremely helpful. I wasn’t sure what was so uncommon about her prayer life or her advice, because I didn’t feel as if there were tips I hadn’t heard elsewhere. I kept hoping there would be one section I might recommend but that never came. Overall not a winner for me.

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