The Girl and The Raven

Good versus evil just got complicated Sixteen year old Lucy Walker just wants a normal life, until she learns she is half witch, half demon Now she s got other problems, like keeping her demon dad from killing her boyfriend, keeping the witches in her life from killing her demon dad, and keeping her non supernatural friends safe from both sides All the while she s despeGood versus evil just got complicated Sixteen year old Lucy Walker just wants a normal life, until she learns she is half witch, half demon Now she s got other problems, like keeping her demon dad from killing her boyfriend, keeping the witches in her life from killing her demon dad, and keeping her non supernatural friends safe from both sides All the while she s desperately searching for the family raven that carries her magical legacy She s walking a tightrope between good and evil, drawn to both, uncertain which she will ultimately choose.
The Girl and The Raven Good versus evil just got complicated Sixteen year old Lucy Walker just wants a normal life until she learns she is half witch half demon Now she s got other problems like keeping her demon dad fro

  • Title: The Girl and The Raven
  • Author: Pauline Gruber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. (Although I received this for Review my review is still 100% honest)I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It really had some twist and turns within it. I almost didn't want to stop reading it because I wanted to see what would happen next.This story takes place mostly in Chicago and it seems like I would get lost there a lot. Of course Chicago is a big city and you get explore quite a bit of it with this book.Lucy our main character I enjoyed a lot. She had to be tough goin [...]

    2. I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. Ms. Gruber swept me up into the story with her opening line and kept me until the end. Lucy is a complex and strong heroine. Marcus is a unique and refreshing hero (I don't want to spoil what's so unusual about him).The story unfolds in a delightful way, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you race towards the end wondering about everything. Will Lucy be able to choose to be good? Will she choose Dylan or Marcus? What do the people manipulating her [...]

    3. A book about witches, demons and an ultimate choice between good and evil? Also, ravens? YES, PLEASE!The Girl and the Raven is about a teenager named Lucy who lives with a heroin-addicted mother in rural Tennessee. One night her mother is dropped off (really, thrown out of the car) by one of her loser boyfriends and Lucy realizes that she's dead. She is sent to live in her grandmother's house in Chicago with her two uncles, Sheldon and Bernard, because her grandmother is dead as well. I thought [...]

    4. This story isn’t one of those cardboard demon stories. It has twists and turns I didn’t see coming.I really connected with Lucy as a character and could feel her awkwardness in a new town and school. She had a lot thrown at her at once and she handled it pretty maturely but still carried off being a teenager.Marcus is broody, handsome, and mysterious, all the goodies that go into a great love interest and doesn’t disappoint.Dylan is not what you think, which is a great twist.The secondary [...]

    5. Absolutely loved this book! I really loved how there were different types of paranormal entities in this book as compared to other young adult books with similar paranormal content. Definitely a must read!

    6. This book kept me on the edge of my seat (and the edge of my roommate's nerves) til the end. The plot twists and turns keep the reader guessing and the characters are highly relatable. Looking forward to more from this talented author!

    7. I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This book was just: So. Much. Fun.Witches, demons, ravens, gargoyles, and an off-beat love triangle? Count me in! The thing about this book was that I didn’t know whether to expect a really spooky, dark tale – or, a fun, lighthearted PNR read. I think this book was a mix of both. On one hand, Lucy’s past was so dark, and there were underlying issues/tension surrounding her relationship with her mother, her mother’s many [...]

    8. I received a copy from Netgalley.Well this one was fantastic! A fast paced plot with an immensely likeable lead character. It does follow a little bit of YA cliche to start - death of a parent, sent off to new town, discovers new powers, and a potential romance.Even so, that didn't really matter because it was such a good story. Lucy is sent to live with her uncles where she discovers some a family history she never knew about - as mentioned in the blurb - she's half witch half demon. Some reall [...]

    9. This is a great read. The characters and plot kept me intrigued. The fight scenes were well done. I liked the shape shifters and the magic. And how cool is it that it takes place in Chicago! Now I have two books on my shelf featuring my home city.

    10. Awesome!!!! Young love and then toss in witches, demons and high school fabulousness! Please tell me there will be more!!

    11. Meet Lucy, our sixteen year old protagonist. She's had a pretty rough go, being raised by her junkie mom in a Tennessee trailer park. Mom dies and she's shipped off to Chicago to live with her darling uncles. Pause. I have a hard time with the logic that she was living with her mom for her own protection. How is it better to live with a crazy heroine addict when you've got people who are loving and stable? I didn't buy any of the 'keeping you ignorant for your own good' baloney. Anyway, she's go [...]

    12. Loved the book. It caught my attention on page 1 and kept it through out the book. The characters Lucy, Marcus, and Dylan kept me hooked throughout the story. I did not want to put it down. If you liked Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent, you will be a big fan of this book. I highly recommend it.

    13. I received this book from the Good Reads First Read.At first, I was cautious. Young Adult books have a tendency of reading like a high school diary. Thankfully, this book did not end up that way. I found the story to be an entertaining and creative read. Most paranormal books that I have read, have a plethora of vampires, demon, and angelsoh my! When Marcus revealed what he is, I was pleasantly surprised. I had never thought of gargoyles as potential characters. As I thought about it, the more p [...]

    14. A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Girl and the Raven has left me confused, both while reading it and now that I've finished and looking back at it. This is one of those stories that I loved the idea of - a girl finding out that her estranged family are witches and demons causing her to become involved in the fight between good and evil - but I didn't love the execution of it. To start with the story just didn't grip me like I expected it too and s [...]

    15. I was approached by author to review this book, so I took a look inside on amazon and when I had finished reading I had to know more, so I replied with a yes and quickly found myself in possession of this book.The Girl and The Raven begins quickly with Lucy, the protagonist, finding her Mum dead and is sent to live with her Uncle Bernard, and Sheldon. Above them lives Persephone, Lucy's friend from when she visited her Grandmother, and the mysterious brothers, Aiden and Marcus.The Girl and The R [...]

    16. I'm going to keep this short, since I didn't much like this book. This book had an interesting idea, but it wasn't executed well. I was intrigued enough that I finished the book, because I wanted to find out what happened but, I didn't end up liking it. It wasn't a bad book, but it just wasn't for me.The characters were okay. Lucy was rather frustrating. I know she was supposed to be 15, but a lot of young heroines in YA act mature and rise to the situation. I didn't really get that from Lucy. S [...]

    17. I won a copy of this book from one of the giveaways on the site.I really enjoyed reading the book and it made a nice change for a paranormal book to have other characters/creatures like shape-shifters and gargoyles, than just witches and demons although these are present. It is well written for the most part, but some things seem to end suddenly. The book kept me interested and had some twists that I didn't see coming. It is mainly written from Lucy's POV, but the odd chapter does switch to othe [...]

    18. I would like to thank NetGalley and Dragonfly Ink, Ltd. for granting me the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Though I received the e-book for free that in no way influenced this review.Good versus evil just got complicated. Sixteen-year-old Lucy Walker just wants a normal life, until she learns she is half-witch, half-demon. Now she's got other problems, like keeping her demon dad from killing her boyfriend, keeping the witches in her life from killing her demon dad, and [...]

    19. Soon-to-be-sixteen year old Lucy Walker is an orphan. Her mother just OD'ed on heroin and she never knew her daddy. Lucy also harbors a strange power--the ability to shoot fire from her hands when she gets angry. Now she's leaving the trailer park in Tennessee to live with her uncles in Chicago. She is befriended by the neighbors, a broody yet handsome boy named Marcus and her late grandmother's BFF Persephone. Learning that her grandmother had been a witch and Lucy is supposed to inherit her po [...]

    20. Originally posted to A Bookworm's Confessions I received this book for free from NetGalley for an honest review. I want to thank NetGalley and their awesomeness.I really enjoyed this book. I'm very disappointed that I have to wait until December to read The Girl and The Gargoyle which I only found out about by checking out Gruber's website. The best part of this book is the uniqueness of it. Witches, demons, gargoyles, and the struggle between good and evil. It's so much fun. It's not something [...]

    21. This book had some great things going for it: a likeable and complex heroine, an interesting (if not very well-explained) take on the supernatural, a refreshingly conscious use of tropes, good relationship building for both friendships and romances, as well as family connections. I loved Lucy's uncles and would have liked to see her spend even more time with them. I liked the build-up of her relationships with both of the potential love interests (I have a preference that I will defend 'til the [...]

    22. To defend this novel against some critics, let me point out that this story has the typical elements found in a young adult novel: appropriately aged main protagonist, cheesy love triangle where the main character is unsure of whom she is supposed to be with, a bad childhood, and a need to try to live a normal life. Although, Lucy Walker could never lead a normal life due to the fact that she is not entirely 100% human. After her mother dies tragically, Lucy is sent to live with her uncles in he [...]

    23. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThough at times I found this book a bit slow I still wanted to find out what happened next. My attention was kept during the whole of the book and I’m looking forward to reading more in this series. The only thing is the pace does need to be picked up some. Opening Scene:This is how life as I know it ends. The Review:After the death of her mum, Lucy is brought back to her grandmother’s home to live with her uncles. After meeting a strange man in the airpo [...]

    24. My copy was provided by Netgalley.Lucy is a girl who is living a normal life. There's nothing supernatural going on in her life. She's just a normal human. That is, before she learns that she is half-witch and half-demon. Three worlds collide as Lucy tries to balance her demon dad, the witches that want to kill her dad, and her human friends with too many questions.To help answer questions that refuse to be ignored, Lucy must find the lost raven that holds her magical legacy. Lucy has to learn i [...]

    25. Book Review-The Girl and the Raven by Pauline GruberLucy lives with her mom in Lexington, Tennessee. Her mom has a drinking problem and a drug problem. Lucy basically takes care of herself and endures the hateful behavior from the girls at her school. She is quite miserable.Her life changes when her mom’s boyfriend dumps her mom in the yard. Her mom never wakes up. Lucy goes to live with her uncles in her Gram’s house. She loved spending her summers there. In fact she always wanted her Gram [...]

    26. Disclosure: I received this book for free for review, but all opinions are 100% honest and opinions are not swayed by getting it free. The Girl and the Raven, by Pauline GruberSixteen year old Lucy Walker is a poor trailer park girl from Tennessee, who's life abruptly changes when her addict mother finally takes the party too far and dies. Lucy is sent to live with her uncles Bernard and Sheldon in Chicago and to a new life, a normal life or so she thinks. After arriving in Chicago her life begi [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book courtesy of the Publisher from NetGalley for an honest review.WARNING THERE MIGHT BE SPOILERS AHEADI loved the plot of the story, it was different. The beginning started out well, then it slowly went down hill that in the last few chapters it started getting good again. The plot twists weren't really plot twists, I guessed a few of the things from the beginning, so I wasn't really surprised when it came out.I think I'm might be the only person who likes Jude as a c [...]

    28. (I received a free copy of this book from Pauline Gruber, through NetGalley, in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).I managed to get pulled into this book straight away. Lucy was an easy character to relate to and I did like a lot of the other characters as well - though I felt that a few of them could have been combined. The girls were particularly difficult to see the differences between.I was glad to see that this book didn't have vampires in. At all. It was really inter [...]

    29. Contemporary Paranormal, Lexington, Tennessee & Chicago, IllinoisLucy Walker is a sixteen-year-old girl who wants a normal life. Just as she thinks she has a chance at normal she finds out that she is half-witch and half-demon. Now her life gets even more complicated as she works to keep her demon father from killing her boyfriend. She also has to try and keep the witches in her life from killing her father and protect her non-supernatural friends from getting hurt from either side. As if th [...]

    30. The Girl and the Raven is a paranormal romance complete with witches, demons and gargoyles. The main character is Lucy Walker, a high schooler who has had a rough life living with her Mom in Tennessee. When her Mom passes away unexpectedly, Lucy moves to Chicago's Edison Park neighborhood to live with her two Uncle's. Arriving at the airport, a man collides with Lucy and leaves her a business card requesting she contact him. He turns out to be Lucy's Father who she has always wondered about and [...]

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