Family Night

In 2010, one of the most grisly discoveries in Texas history was made Numerous body parts and human remains were found on an abandoned farm near San Antonio Very little information was made public, until now Eddie Mason is a family man But his is not your typical family With a wife at home who belittles and ridicules him at every turn, he has sought other means of satIn 2010, one of the most grisly discoveries in Texas history was made Numerous body parts and human remains were found on an abandoned farm near San Antonio Very little information was made public, until now Eddie Mason is a family man But his is not your typical family With a wife at home who belittles and ridicules him at every turn, he has sought other means of satisfaction With his teenage daughter Brandi, and small son Jeffrey, he teaches them the most horrifying of rituals Using his kids as bait, Eddie captures his victims and takes his children on a journey of torture, cannibalism and mayhem Learn what the Masons do on Family Night.
Family Night In one of the most grisly discoveries in Texas history was made Numerous body parts and human remains were found on an abandoned farm near San Antonio Very little information was made public un

  • Title: Family Night
  • Author: TimMiller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. No, that's not my opinionbut for Eddie "The Mask" Mason, good meat should not be wasted. He's gotten used to feasting on his human victims. And it's not just him. It's become a family affair. He's trained his teen-aged daughter and five-year-old son to assist with his kills. The family that preys together, stays together. But what happens when Eddie sets his sight on an ambitious, young female detective? Will he be biting off more than he can chew?I've been wanting to read this book for a while [...]

    2. Detective Julie Castillo is investigating the horrific murder of waitress Carla when she gets a bit too close to the killers and pays the price. Your reaction to this one is really going to depend on what you want from your horror - this is very straightforward extreme horror with a bit of an interest twist that saved it from regular torture porn horror. If you enjoy movies like the "Hostel" series or the later "Saw" movies you'll likely enjoy this (a.k.a. be prepared for lots of gore). That sai [...]

    3. Real HorrorFamily Night is a true horror story. It takes place in Texas and is a story about the Mason family. Eddie Mason is married to a nagging wife who belittles him at every turn. He is out of a job & out of his mind. The children, 14 yet old Brani and 5 year old Jeffrey, understand that their mother is unkind. When she isn't badgering Eddie she is after the kids. Eddie forms a ritual with his children, bonding with them. The three of them hunt, torture and slowly kill their victims. Th [...]

    4. Family Night will take you on a horrific rollercoaster. It was so grisly I simply couldn't put this book down and blasted through the 115 pages in one sitting. It has shot to my most horrific and sadistic read list. Those of you that are squeamish or have nightmares after reading horrors, this is NOT for you. But those that love horror and I mean REAL HORROR; buy it now and dont stop reading.Tim has produced a real evil character; Eddie a normal every day weedy guy to you and I, who is continual [...]

    5. All in the family takes on a whole new meaning in Tim Miller's Family Night. I felt like a fly on the wall watching the events with no way to help or ever turn away. His description of the gruesome torture had me wanting to scream stop and just kill them already. This twisted tale of Eddie and his children will have you looking at the so called normal families in a whole new light. What makes Family Night so fascinating and scary is the reality that there are people out there who could be taking [...]

    6. This is the first book I have read by Tim Miller and I can assure you it won't be the last. Family Night is about 'The Mask' and his twisted family values without spoiling the story, it is doubtful that The Mask is going to get an award for Father of the YearAs someone who has consumed a lot of sick literature, I wasn't really expecting this to be able to shock me. But it did. Within the first few pages I was hooked and disgusted at the same time. I literally couldn't put this book down and read [...]

    7. What a sick and twisted and truly horrific book. I loved it! I will be reading more from Tim Miller. Eddie, aka The Mask, involves his children in some gruesome torture and killings. Yep, a barrel full of fun for this family, and I believe they truly enjoyed what they were doing. The victims, not so much fun for them. If you like gore, blood, guts, torture, and death, then this is the book for you. I couldn't put this book down and wouldn't have if I hadn't had to drive home, sleep, and work. 4 [...]

    8. Rezi: chrissies-kleine-welt/?p=2102“Familienmassaker” ist ein Buch aus der Festa Extrem Reihe. Man kann es wohl als harmloseren Darsteller dieser Serie von Büchern betrachten, die ohne ISBN-Nummer und erst ab 18 Jahren direkt vom Verlag gekauft werden können, da es eine ebook-Variante zu erwerben gibt. Kennt man aber den Festa-Verlag, so weiß man, dass selbst im normalen, nicht extremen Programm Bücher aus dem Horrorbereich zu finden sind, die von Gore, Sex und Mord zur so strotzen. Eine [...]

    9. This is a graphic tale that grabs you by the throat on page two and does not let go. I absolutely loved it! There were constant moments of unexpected delays of terror, worthy of classic thrillers. This insane family tormented doing gruesomely bizarre and cringable things like you or I would act when just feeding our pet. No big deal, ugh Between the nail biting moments, the creepy actions, the disturbing behaviors of the children involved, this book had some of the most unexpected twists and emo [...]

    10. This was the first Tim Miller book/story that I had read. I have his others, but haven't read them yet. I like horror stories and Tim knows horror. His main character in this book is one sick f**k!! He is really deranged and has a twisted idea as to what is ok for children!! I really did not see some of what happened coming. It takes a special kind of person to come up with the medieval, deranged things that Tim did. :) I can't wait to read the rest of his stuff. **WARNING - Tim's stuff is not f [...]

    11. If you like blood and gore then this book is for you! Occasionally I take time off from reading my HEA romances to read a book that will blow my mind and make me think about how life really isn't always about love and flowers, but how there is so much horror in the world. Tim captures that beautifully with this story of a family that kills together. It's so bloody and so sick that I couldn't put it down. I read it in one sitting. So lock your doors and turn on all the lights in your house and pr [...]

    12. Family Night will take you on a terrifying ride from beginning to end! Once I started reading I couldn't put it down! Tim Miller has taken you into the twisted mind of "The Mask" and you'll never be the same. If you're a fan of horror then this book is for you.

    13. Another great read from Tim Miller!!! I could not put this down and loved EVERY SECOND of this story!! It was dark and goryother creep fest from Tim Miller!!The story of The Mask and his family is one that I will not forget for a long timed hopefully one day the right people will find this story and adapt it for the silver screen. I highly recommend this book to any horror fans out there. This book does not disappoint and will leave you with one questionWhat happens to Little Jeffery!!!

    14. All in the family.Family Night, that title says it all. If you're already a fan of Tim Miller's, then you know what you're in for.Cannibalism, psychopath, serial killer(s) The Mask.I will never look at one of those mask the same way. I might turn around and walk the other way during Halloween, if one comes into my sight.He'll show them, teach them and let them kill. He's a proud father. But will this victim he had to have, be the ending to it all? I feel like Family Night was a tamer book than t [...]

    15. Wow.I have to commend Tim Miller on being an extremely sick, twisted mother-f'er!!! When writing, I bet he tries to imagine the most deranged, disgusting thing humans could possibly do to one another. I'll never understand how or why the atrocities he describes end up being so entertaining to people like myself?!?! FAMILY NIGHT is an incredibly imaginative, psychotic tale that crosses all boundaries of appropriateness! Unlike anything else I've read, this gruesome yet addicting story had me hook [...]

    16. When your dad is a psycho who likes to kill and eat the "long pig", and your mom has no idea When Daddy Dearest is also teaching the KIDS the finer points of cannibalism You might be reading a Tim Miller book. Sick, dark, twisted, and depraved? Oh yes, all that and more! This book will make you want to lock your doors and hide under the bed, seriously! If I had to compare it to some of his other books, I'd say that Family Night was more gruesome, yet less scary. The scariest part for me was the [...]

    17. Horrifyingly gory and hard to put downHorrifyingly gory and hard to put downTIm MIller held nothing back. The more I read, although pretty graphic in nature, I could not stop reading. I finished the book in an hour's time.if you are up for a gruesome thriller and you are NOT squeamish "Family Night" will be a quick read.I can't help but wonder if a sequel is in the making? The ending truly leaves you questioning that notion.

    18. Are you a fan of gore, torture porn, sick and twisted s--t? If so then Family Night is for you. I enjoy getting grossed out by disturbing, graphic torture films, but very few books have made me cringe. Family Night is one of those few! I had never heard of Tim Miller before however I'm glad I discovered this book! It's a short read, a little over an hour, but definitely worth it!

    19. I do believe Tim Miller is going to become my new go to horror authorWOW! I loved this. Lots of craziness with a lot of just straight up horror. This isn't for the faint of heart but it's fast paced until the end and then your pissed it's over and want more.This story just rocked all the way around. If you did a good horror every now pick this one up!

    20. gruesomely awesome!This story had me captivated beginning to end. I am always searching for good horror novels and this by far is one of the best!

    21. I thought family night was when you sat around and played board games in your living room with your dorky ass family . . . DAMN! I was wrong.

    22. Family Night was my first Tim Miller book, and it lead me to read everything else he has written. Fantastically gory, deeply sickening, with a fabulous ending.

    23. What a fantastic story! This is what horror is all about. I devoured this novel, letting the creepiness and the terror move in and reside within me until the final pages. So, what’s for dinner has a different take in this novel as some of the characters wonder who is for dinner? When a waitress goes missing, Detective Julie Castillo goes to work piecing together what occurred just before the disappearance. Meanwhile, Eddie is teaching his children the way of the Mask while Eddie’s wife nags [...]

    24. Zu viel erwartet: Als ich zum ersten Mal, ein Festa-Extrem Buch gelesen habe, habe ich mir gedacht: Es wird Brutaler sein, als ich es gewöhnt bin. Ich wurde jedoch enttäuscht. Die Szenen waren eklig, jedoch war die Schreibweise nicht in Ordnung. Es war oberflächig, die Charakteren waren einfach eingefügt, man konnte keine Bindung aufbauen. Die Opfern gaben am Anfang zu schnell auf. Die Szenen waren nicht ins Detail eingegangen. Wie gesagt, zum grössten Teil oberflächig. Am Ende ging es sch [...]

    25. Grisly as fuck, and I love that. The only complaint I have is the narration. It often switched between third-person objective and third-person omniscient narration. Omniscient is my preferred narrative style, but was used less often. Also the switching of these mid-scene interrupted the “flow” of my inner reader. Other than that, a good horror story. The epilogue fucked me up.

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