A Promise Kept

A compelling true tale of love and devotion as a husband cares for his ill wife He shares the story of their struggles and the remarkable lessons they have learned together about God s love.
A Promise Kept A compelling true tale of love and devotion as a husband cares for his ill wife He shares the story of their struggles and the remarkable lessons they have learned together about God s love

  • Title: A Promise Kept
  • Author: Robertson McQuilkin
  • ISBN: 0031809050996
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Robertson McQuilkin served as the president of a seminary when he discovered that his wife, Muriel, was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. McQuilkin took on more and more of Muriel's care (she felt secure only with him) until he ended up resigning from his position and caring for her, full-time. He says of this decision:"The decision was made, in a way, 42 years ago when I promised to care for Muriel 'in sickness and in health till death do us part.' So as a man of my word, integrity ha [...]

    2. This book is the true story of Robertson McQuilkin & his wife Muriel. She suffered from Alzheimers for 10 years & he was her caregiver. It's a love story which captures the true meaning of what marriage vows are and how seriously they should be taken. Statistics show that a huge percentage of marriages come to an end when one spouse or the other becomes ill or handicapped & the marriage is not a "bed of roses" any more. Would be a good book for someone getting ready for marriage to s [...]

    3. An absolutely delightful story. Insightful. Inspirational.Robertson McQuilkin served as president of Columbia Bible College and Seminary from 1968 until 1999, when he resigned to become full-time caregiver to his wife Muriel. The couple had enjoyed a full, productive life, serving as missionaries to Japan from 1956 to 1968. At the seminary, McQuilkin taught ethics and hermeneutics. Then he faced an ethical decision of his own as Muriel descended into the darkness of Alzheimer’s.Muriel became m [...]

    4. A loving memoir of the beginning moments, diagnosis and the 25 years it took Alzheimer's to take most of the physical aspect of Muriel wife of Robertson McQuilkin. A warm, endearing and spritual story. My Dad may not have been religious but he lived his vows when he took care of my Mom Muriel. I am very proud of my Dad a this moment and very glad to know how much he loved her to the last breath she took with us there together. I was the daughter that they both loved and doted on and became the a [...]

    5. A book to read for all Christian husbands and God help us to affirm, announce and actualize that “Marriage IS Good”

    6. A sweet, easy to read book. I finished it in about an hour amid tears and smiles. It helps me to understand a little better what it is like for those who help to care for loved ones with Alzheimer's. There were a number of difficulties I would not have thought of it. It's much harder than caring for a young child. Yet, the focus of this book wasn't on how hard it was, but how rewarding it was. I especially appreciated how he brought out the lessons he learned of God's love and care toward us. Al [...]

    7. it was inspiring and heart touching been trying to reread find online ever since want this book for myself and others to read amazing anyone struggling with relationship family friends issues with someone with a disability mental or physical should read this book it will change your thoughts on life faith love & relationships and give you insight on how to deal with it,, been trying to find this book free online web reading or cheap but cant find it I would highly recommend this book to anyo [...]

    8. I first heard McQuilkin's story on the Family Life Today radio program and was so touched by it. My dad is now acting as caregiver for my mom. While she doesn't have Alzheimer's she does have other health issues that are causing her to slow down and she needs more help from my dad. I remembered that Family Life Today radio show when I happened across this book. It's a touching and beautiful story of selfless love. It helped me understand better what my dad may be going through as he cares for my [...]

    9. Continuing to care for a loved one in the face of an illness or amid adversity is a challenge to the primary, and sometimes, sole caregiver. Turning this 'chore' over to an institution or bailing the relationship altogether, is too often the outcome. As written in the book, 'May you find that the chains of confining circumstance to be, not instruments of torture, but bonds to hold you closer.' May you find someone who loves you that much.

    10. A nicely presented coffee table type book that took an hour to read. The story is told by a godly man - a bible college principal - who gave up his successful career and ministry to care for his wife who had developed Alzheimer's disease. Statistics show that women often stand by their men in such circumstances. The fact this is rarer in men, makes this story of love and care for a wife of many years, a shining example and role model. A moving read

    11. Although it is not the best-written book I have read, it only took a couple hours to read and it was very moving and inspiring. I actually would have liked it to be longer and more detailed, maybe telling more of their history as a couple before she got sick. A beautiful story of the love and loyalty of a man taking full care of his wife with Alzheimer's. So nice to be able to read it and know without a doubt that Steve would do the same for me some day if necessary.

    12. A very short but wonderfully-written book. Robertson McQuilkin reflects on his wife, Muriel's experience of Alzheimer's, and how her disease brought them closer together over a twenty-year period. Before succumbing to the effects of Alzheimer's, Muriel hosted a Christian radio-show and spoke at Christian meetings. Before leaving to care full-time for Muriel, Robertson was president of Columbia Bible College. A truly eloquent reflection on those simple words "'til death do us part'.

    13. An amazing true and continuing story of unconditional and selfless love by a husband towards his aged wife who is struggling with alzheimer's. His thoughts are very insightful and frank regarding his journey. Another tear jerker!

    14. This book is the personal story of Robertson McQuilkin's care for his wife as she struggled with Alzheimers. McQuilkin organized the book around key phases in the standard marriage vows, and he speaks candidly about both the struggles and delights of keeping those vows.

    15. This a beautiful story of how a successful college President stepped down and devoted many years to caring for his wife. I bought the book because I heard his speech on youtube - great story. Great Man.

    16. One incredible book about true love and staying with your significant other through it all. This man had so much love for his wife. He went to the ends of the earth to take care of his wife right till then end.

    17. Lovely, short, true story of godly man who tenderly--amazingly tenderly--cares for his wife during her unusually long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Heartrending, but also inspires greater marital love and devotion.

    18. Touching story on Christian love and life. Anyone who needs encouragement while care taking should read this.

    19. I read it 10 years ago, so I'm not sure how accurately I can rate it today. It is a wonderful story. A great tool for engaged couples to read together before marriage.

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