The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert

George Herbert, a priest at Salisbury Cathedral in seventeenth century England, is known as the author of the most famous religious poem in the English language, The Temple This collection contains a mild modernization of Herbert s complete poems.
The Temple The Poetry of George Herbert George Herbert a priest at Salisbury Cathedral in seventeenth century England is known as the author of the most famous religious poem in the English language The Temple This collection contains a

  • Title: The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert
  • Author: George Herbert Henry L. Carrigan Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781557252593
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert”

    1. Do I read a lot of poetry? I wouldn't say that I do. Perhaps two or three books per year, usually. And often those "poetry books" are poems for the very young. So reading George Herbert, in many ways, was going outside of my comfort zone. Yet, it was good for me to go outside my comfort zone in reading. I assumed--presumed--that it would be an intimidating read: at best a bit boring, at worst, incomprehensible. But I really enjoyed reading this one.I enjoyed "The Sacrifice" which is a poem writt [...]

    2. George Herbert was my favorite poet in the Early British Literature class that I took, and so I was delighted when my book group to read him. We read about thirty of his poems and I loved revisiting his works. In particular, what I find striking is the nuances and challenges of faith, and his notions of God and spirituality, which really speak to me and encourage me. Sometime I plan to read the entire book.

    3. Full of well known works like "Love (III)" and "Easter Wings" (which, together with cummings' "l(a," is one of the only concrete poems I've ever liked) and other gems like "the Dawning," this is one of the absolute masterpieces of Christian poetry. It is a prolonged demonstration that word play and wit are not mutually exclusive with a devotional work. For example, here's a stanza from "Evensong": "But thou art Light and darkness both together:/ If that be dark we cannot see:/ The sun is darker [...]

    4. The first time reading any one of Herbert's poems, I confess I am lost. I can't even tell you what the poem is about. Reading a second time, I understand the general topic or theme, but no specifics. The third time, I begin to see how the ideas in the poem fit the language he uses. The poem becomes more worshipful as I understand it and I start to delight after the fourth reading. It takes that long. I highly recommend George Herbert. He influenced C. S. Lewis, T. S. Eliot, and many others. Me t [...]

    5. The book The Temple is structurally, poetically, religiously, and many other ways adverbally amazing. The history of the book's printing, layout, etc especially in regards to Herbert's pattern poems ("Easter Wings") is fascinating as well. This book is a good place to start thinking about the book's history; it includes pictures of the manuscript from which the first edition was printed. Get it from your library.

    6. Ew. Did not realize that "modernized" meant "rewritten for the dull reader". I'm all for normalized spelling and punctuation, but this was gag inducing. Am now in the market for a different edition.

    7. Read this in the classics of Western Spirituality edition. Herbert is a genius wordsmith and a master of form. There are some very beautiful poems in this collection.

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