Sixteen: Stories about That Sweet and Bitter Birthday

An incredible anthology of 16 short stories by award winning critically acclaimed young adult authors, inspired by all the angst, melodrama, and wonderment of being sixteen These hilarious, poignant, and touching tales capture all the emotions and milestones of this age ranging from first love to establishing one s own identity A perfect read for anyone about to reAn incredible anthology of 16 short stories by award winning critically acclaimed young adult authors, inspired by all the angst, melodrama, and wonderment of being sixteen These hilarious, poignant, and touching tales capture all the emotions and milestones of this age ranging from first love to establishing one s own identity A perfect read for anyone about to reach this pivotal age, or those who want reminisce about their sweetest year Sarah Dessen s Infinity is about a girl confronting two major milestones getting her driver s license and losing her virginity The Dead Girls in Jacqueline Woodson s Nebraska 99 have already decided to do it and must now cope with being teenage mothers And Carolyn Mackler s Mona Lisa, Jesus, Chad, and Me explores whether friendship can survive when partying and prayer clash Also included is a new Jessica Darling story by Megan McCafferty about the last fifteen minutes Jessica spends or rather, doesn t spend with her best friend, Hope, who is leaving Pineville.Featuring stories by Steve Almond, M T Anderson, Julianna Baggott, Cat Bauer, Emma Forrest, Tanuja Desai Hidier, David Levithan, Sarah Mlynowski, Sonya Sones, Zoe Trope, Ned Vizzini, and Joseph Weisberg.
Sixteen Stories about That Sweet and Bitter Birthday An incredible anthology of short stories by award winning critically acclaimed young adult authors inspired by all the angst melodrama and wonderment of being sixteen These hilarious poignant

  • Title: Sixteen: Stories about That Sweet and Bitter Birthday
  • Author: Megan McCafferty Sarah Dessen Jacqueline Woodson Carolyn Mackler Steve Almond M.T. Anderson Julianna Baggott Cat Bauer
  • ISBN: 9781400052707
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I spotted this sweet little polka-dotted book at the used bookstore the other day. I noted the title, the editor (she wrote my beloved books Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings), and the copy included the words "hilarious and poignant". What a lie. If this book were more honest it would be "Well-written stories that will make you sad for the rest of the night and you'll lie on your bed and weep and despair through several of them."Some of the stories, including Sarah Dessen's and Megan McCafferty' [...]

    2. The depth and breadth of the stories in this anthology is remarkable. The one that sticks with me the most is "The Alumni Interview", although they are all excellent. I enjoyed reading about sixteen from so many different perspectives. It also made me think back to my own teenage years and all of the things that I leaned along the way. Some of the stories also made me miss the people I hung out with then. Although I still see some of them, I haven't heard from others in years. Aaahhhh, nostalgia [...]

    3. Average Star Rating: 3.25 out of 5OVERALL OPINION: Overall, the voices were captured well, the plots were well-constructed, and the character personalities were well-developed. That being said I had two major issues. 1. Despite the addition of homosexual characters (a good thing!) the inclusion of minority characters was very small. There was one explicitly non-white character, one character who may have had autism or not and one character who had a mental breakdown do to physical illness rather [...]

    4. I checked this out specifically to read Ned Vizzini's piece "Rutford Becomes a Man."* Unlike the other literary compilations I've read containing his short works (21 Proms, The Girl Who Was on Fire, Not Like I'm Jealous of Anything and Vizzini's collection of teenage essays Teen Angst? Naaah), this piece was fiction. Being fiction, this short story had a looseness to it that has been missing in the other collections, which can feel at times like Vizzini is as much apologizing for himself as he i [...]

    5. Read for CBR6 , milestone birthdays that everyone remembers. Girls get a little bit more mileage out of it, what with the whole sweet sixteen thing, but even for guys, turning 16 tends to mean a certain amount of freedom – there’s the whole license thing, just for a start. Mine wasn’t like that, for various reasons, but I remember the hype. In the book, Sixteen; Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday, edited by Megan McCafferty, sixteen young adult authors tell some of their best sto [...]

    6. Apparently a girl's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be the be all to end all of all birthdays. It's supposed to be the year when your life begins. When everything of interest starts to happen to you. The cute guy right by your locker will finally notice you and your kick-ass boobs. The meanest girl in school will finally bow to your awesomeness and you'll get the chance to be a total bitch to her. It's supposed to be the year you look back at and think "Man, those were the days. The sneaking o [...]

    7. I read this book two weeks ago with eager intent to review it.And then I forgot about it.This is a book with a Chinese prostitute drawing China on her breasts, and I forgot about it.That's how boring these stories are.Now, not all of them are horrible, a few are, but not all of them. I can only think of two standouts; Sarah Dessan's story at the very beginning and the aforementioned one with the prostitutes, which was actually a decently written history piece, as well.But really, there was nothi [...]

    8. Such a dearth of short stories exists in the YA genre that I was tickled to see that Megan McCafferty put together a collection of short stories from the likes of Sarah Dessen, Jacqueline Woodsen, David Leviathan, and others.And some of the stories are quite strong. Dessen opens the collection with the story "Infinity," putting forth perhaps the best writing I've seen from her yet. Jacqueline Woodsen's "Nebraska 99" stands out as the strongest voice and perhaps strongest story of all, portraying [...]

    9. How I Came To Read This Book: I believe Danielle gave it to me as a birthday or Christmas gift.The Plot: The book is a compilation of sixteen short stories surrounding sweet sixteens - whether birthdays or events closely related to that treasured bday year (like learning to drive or embarking on a first solo trip sans parents), including a 'countdown' story of the last sixteen minutes Jessica Darling ever spent with her bff Hope of Megan McCafferty's actual regular series. The Good or Bad: Nearl [...]

    10. I enjoyed the variety in the anthology–from Ned Vizzini’s story about a boy from the old west coming of age via a brothel visit with dad to Carolyn Mackler’s story about two girls–one who has found religion and one who has just had sex. Most seemed to be really from the point of view of the modern teen except…I annotated one of the stories called Infinity, which, when I annotated it, I really liked–at least the use of symbols. She uses the metaphor of mastering a rotary as a symbol o [...]

    11. The cover had me stalling for years, I mean it's really embarrassing, but then a voice in me said: "There is some Jessica Darling out there that you havn't read! Are you an idiot?!" So I bought it and honestly I just wanted to get all the other stories overwith and along the way I kept hoping that the next one would be about my favourite heroine. But alas, she was last and I'm not sure I would have read the rest if she wasn't, because most of them kind of sucked. Most of them did nothing for me. [...]

    12. My mother bought this for me at a time not even near my 16th birthday. I can't remember if it was before or after, but there are so many stories that have stuck with me from this volume. There are probably many reasons for this; it was the beginning of my love affair with short story collections, each story is from a different author so they remain fresh, and (most obvious of all) I read it at a time when I could most relate to tales of learning to drive, starting to shave, and discovering love [...]

    13. The tricky thing about reading a book of short stories by different authors is that it's hard to give a rating to; I loved a few, liked some, didn't like others at all. The good thing is that I discovered some new authors I want to read more of. I think my favorite was "Cowgirls and Indie Boys" by Tanuja Desai Hidier because it was surprising, yet also summed up so well what it feels like to be in high school. My other favorites were "Rutford becomes a man" by Ned Vizzini because it was bizarre [...]

    14. Ignore the terrible cover design and the fact that it says "Dating! Driving! Drama!" on the back over the copy.Like any short story compilation there were standouts and non-starters, but it's worth picking up for the M.T. Anderson one alone (The Fever and Mud Dialogues). It prompted me to browse ancient Greek philosophers in the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (available online!)Carolyn Mackler, & Ned Vizzini's were also quite good, and from the Megan McCafferty story I will be bumping [...]

    15. I read this a while back so i don't really remember much about it but i do know that there is a story in there that is about Jessica Darling's sweet 16. I treated my sweet 16 as any other birthday. I just don't see the importance of making my 16th birthday sweeter or celebrating the new privileges i have.There are some sad stories in there such as the pregnant mothers. There are so many point of views and experiences on 16 year old girls and the book really sums up what being 16 in this era is a [...]

    16. Infinity - I really liked this one. Potentially a good choice for how a story can have multiple stories working together. Growing up in a town with a rotary, I especailly enjoyed that aspect. Relent/Persist - This one is told through letters, emails, and instant messages. I enjoyed how it was very realistic. Particularly, there were bits that could have been based on notes between my high school friends.

    17. I'm not really a superfan of short stories, but this collection was a fun read. There were only two stories I out and out didn't like. These stories aren't really about being sixteen, though. A handful of the narrators had very adult voices. I'm not sure what I was expecting out of this collection, but whatever it was, it didn't get delivered. I don't feel like I wasted my time reading this, but I won't read it again.

    18. Umm I don't know about how the book start but yet again it was interesting. There were surprises and really bad disappointments. I like how this book actually had the main character to drive instead others who have been driven, walk, or either ride bikes. Being sixteen can lead to emotions, drama, and also depressing. Reading the point of view of a sixteen year old girl, makes me wonder if everyone is like this.

    19. Some of the short stories in here were really good, others were mediocre. I actually think I may have read this book before because a few were very familiar. The fact that I don't remember that is testimony that the book wasn't the best thing I've read. It was entertaining enough but I doubt I'll re-read it.

    20. would have been better if i was reading closer to my 16th birthday. short stories usually arent my thing, they just leave me hungry for more. put those two together and you get my lame rating. because its my rating, not because its a bad book, just sometimes its all about reading it at the right time and suchwhich for me its 15 years too late.

    21. I guess I just didn't get it. Was it because my sixteenth year did not leave a significant impact on my life? Who knows. But it feels like some of these stories were really reaching to be something different, something more complex, when they really didn't need to be. Some of the stories were great though, like the prelude to Sloppy Firsts.

    22. Argh! So many good authors, people I enjoy reading. Yet, overwhelming, a bunch of crappy stories. Of course, some were better than others, but none were "good" in my opinion. I wish I had read the reviews first and saved my self the heartache and time. Since there were sixteen stories by sixteen different people, I kept reading on, kept giving everyone a chance. Yuck.

    23. I picked up this book solely for Sarah Dessen's "Infinity" which I had wanted to read for a while - and is the entire reason behind the three star marking. Otherwise, it probably would have been a one.There were a few other good ones, but I was glad that it started out with Dessen's.

    24. This is a great little collection. Several of the stories were very well-done, and I think there is something for every variety of YA reader here. I really appreciated the exposure to so many different YA authors at one time.

    25. This book is pretty much everything about turning sixteen. Each story is heartfelt and emotional changing in one way or another, but I always felt they cut off the stories at the best parts. So I thought it was okay, but the book could have been better.

    26. Not that impressed, but there were some standout stories: Sarah Dessen's "Infinity", Carolyn Mackler's "Mona Lisa, Jesus, Chad, and Me", David Levithan's "The Alumni Interview", and Sarah Mlynowski's "The Perfect Kiss" were all very good.

    27. I won't say that I loved each story equally. I didn't. But the big surprise for me was that the authors I expected to love were merely liked, but the others were loved more than I could have imagined.

    28. Not the best. There were only a few stories that I actually enjoyed. One of the only redeeming points in this collection was the brand new short story that tied into Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings.

    29. I really enjoyed Megan McCafferty's series featuring Jessica Darling so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the collection she put together. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in many of the entries.

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