Barry: The Bravest Saint Bernard

Illus in full color This is the true life story of Barry, a remarkable Saint Bernard who gained worldwide fame for rescuing than 40 people trapped under avalanches.
Barry The Bravest Saint Bernard Illus in full color This is the true life story of Barry a remarkable Saint Bernard who gained worldwide fame for rescuing than people trapped under avalanches

  • Title: Barry: The Bravest Saint Bernard
  • Author: Lynn Hall
  • ISBN: 9780375844393
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Barry was an exceptional rescue dog who resided at the Monastery of St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps over 125 years ago. The monastery dogs were called on to help guide travelers through the treacherous mountain passes, and to assist in the rescue of victims trapped in avalanches. Barry was the bravest of the fourteen dogs who lived at the monastery. He rescued more than 40 people over his lifetime. This heartwarming nonfiction book tells Barry's story. It's written for children in the middle grade [...]

    2. This is a wonderful true story for early chapter book readers. Obviously, the characters, and perhaps this particular Barry are composites. However it tells an exciting and sweet story of the remarkable Saint Bernard dogs housed at a monastery of the same name, and the monks who devoted themselves to rescuing people in the Alps. Both those lost or buried in avalanches. It became a tradition afterwards to name the finest dog Barry so that there would always be one. This edition of the book has ne [...]

    3. It is so much more delightful to have unearthed this book from my childhood at a time in my life when I have a very dear and close friend named Barry. (He would probably not be pleased at the comparison, but I think it's hilarious.)The illustrations in this Step into Reading book are colorful and lively, the story is quick and interesting, the characters are lovable. It doesn't have that halting feel that a lot of kids' books do, and it's not terribly condescending in writing style, which makes [...]

    4. Read by: MelanieAuthor/Illustrated by: Lynn Hall Ill: Antonio CastroGenre: Realistic FictionGrade Level: 2-4Equiv: 3.6DRA: N/ALexile:550LA touching book about a brave search dog, Barry, his lifelong friendship with Werner and many accomplishments of life saving efforts he showed throughout his life. This book describes how the jobs of a search dog are important and relays a heartwarming story of the relationship between Werner and Barry and how they worked together. This story touches on some im [...]

    5. This book was one of the many that my younger version would always swipe off my brother's bookshelf. I read it so many times that one day, I at long last received my own copy. Written for the elementary grades, it shares the true story of Barry, one of the many Saint Bernards who was trained to be a rescue dog. The illustrations are warm and appealing. While Barry is the main hero of the story, readers also learn from the courage and nobility of Werner, Barry's beloved trainer, and the other men [...]

    6. My 7 year old and I finished this book yesterday and we both enjoyed it till the end, when, after a full and rewarding life, the dear dog dies his peaceful death. I thought it was a so lovely but my son burst into tears and was inconsolable for ages. So, if you have a tender hearted little person at your house, be aware that the dog does die in the end.

    7. My in-laws had the original print of this fantastic children's book published in 1973. This is a great story of a rescue Saint Bernard living high in the Swiss Alps, perfect for early elementary school aged children.

    8. The pictures are not very good. The story is stilted. But there are very few stories about Saint Bernards (beyond "Beethoven") and I read this so I could simplify the story as a read-aloud for preschoolers.

    9. A wonderful book of true heroes! A great read for anyone who loves dogs and believes in the power of love. KUDOS!Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library.

    10. Easy reader about the famous Barry, St. Bernard who rescued travelers in the Swiss Alps between 1800 and 1812.

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