The Blood List

The year is 1646, tales of witches, murder and changelings are rife and a dark era is about to begin Barnaby Nightingale is the perfect son Strong, handsome, daring, everything his father wants him to be, and yet for his mother, Frances, he will never be the son she desires Frances believes that her real son was taken from her as a baby by the local village folk who belThe year is 1646, tales of witches, murder and changelings are rife and a dark era is about to begin Barnaby Nightingale is the perfect son Strong, handsome, daring, everything his father wants him to be, and yet for his mother, Frances, he will never be the son she desires Frances believes that her real son was taken from her as a baby by the local village folk who believed him to be a changeling, and Barnaby left in his place Constantly disappointing his mother, Barnaby is spoiled by his father and despised by his younger brother, Abel But when the beautiful and mysterious Naomi catches Barnaby s attention his world is thrown into chaos as superstition and dark folklore take hold of the small village and Naomi is accused of being a witch Fear and suspicion spread and soon Barnaby finds himself on trial too and facing the ultimate penalty death.
The Blood List The year is tales of witches murder and changelings are rife and a dark era is about to begin Barnaby Nightingale is the perfect son Strong handsome daring everything his father wants him to

  • Title: The Blood List
  • Author: SarahNaughton Sarah J. Naughton
  • ISBN: 9780857078667
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. After reading Sarah Naughton's first book 'The Hanged Man Rises' which was rightly nominated for a Costa Award amongst others, I was eager to read her next book 'The Blood List'. This certainly was a remarkable read and one I didn't want to put down. Once again Sarah Naughton did an amazing job of transporting you back in time and in this case,back to 1646.A captivating book that was certainly cinematic and even, aromatic (never said that about a book before). A real sense of understanding the e [...]

    2. 1.5 stars ARC provided by Simon and Schuster Children's Books through Netgalley Frances was not a lovely girl which is why when her child is born small, dark, and hairy, much like her, she rebelled against her husband's family and servants who insisted the baby was a changeling who should be left in the woods in hopes that the fairies would return the true baby. Unfortunately, weakened by childbirth, Frances was unable to stop them from taking her child. But when she goes to retrieve the baby's [...]

    3. Both my ten-year-old and I loved The Hangman Rises, so delighted Sarah Naughton produced another so soon. The Blood List is set in a different century, and main characters are older, but this is just as gripping, right from the very first page. The writer manages to create a chilling spookiness, and at the same time some really fresh, contemporary characters. What I love is how she addresses a very real historical subject (the persecution of women as witches)in such a lively, accessible way. I w [...]

    4. Really good - I liked it even more than I like Sarah's previous book, The Hanged Man Rises! Review to come.

    5. Ooh. I loved this. So close to crying at the end.I found The Blood List by Sarah Naughton to be hugely interesting. I don't read a lot of historical stories and certainly none like The Blood List in which it felt like there was this dark combination of historical elements with the paranormal. I really wasn't sure where this story would go but I found it absolutely fascinating to be taken on this weird journey. The main character of The Blood List is Barnaby Nightingale, a somewhat spoiled and pr [...]

    6. It wasn't until I was 70% into this book that it occurred to me the magic/witchy/paranormal stuff wasn't happening because The Blood List is a historical novel. I foolishly assumed the words witch and changeling meant a fantasy novel, but that's not the case with The Blood List. I think this made my enjoyment of the book suffer, because I kept waiting for something that was never going to happen.That said, it's still a good historical novel. The world building is immersing and flawless. I really [...]

    7. Sarah Naughton's written another brilliant Historical novel (The Hanged Man was excellent last year) This time the novel is set in 1600's England at the time that the Witch trials began across the country.It was really refreshing to read a book about the trials that showed the folklore AND the more rational explanations for life - e.g. eating bad grain makes folks ill as well as poorly nourished, leading to higher rates of disease and ultimately death, no witches involved.The characters are very [...]

    8. I like a good book about witches but this book was not. I was seriously disappointed so much so that I could not see the point in this novel.A lot more could have been made of ‘the blood list’ but it merely merited an all too brief and fleeting mention.The characters felt flat and under developed and although Barnaby should have warranted sympathy from the reader no such emotion was elicited from this reader. The remaining characters are equally flat and undeveloped thereby leaving very litt [...]

    9. While The Blood List wasn't really for me and I did struggle a little to read it (as I felt it was a little slow in some parts of the book), however, on the plus side I did enjoy the concept and the overall direction the author was heading in with this book. Again, I stress that this book just wasn't for my personal taste which is totally fine by me because we can't love every book out there, although don't let this review stop you because I can see many other readers enjoying this book as it do [...]

    10. Having enjoyed the Hanged Man Rises, I was looking forward to see what Sarah Naughton had to offer next. Set it a different time period to HMR but just as atmospheric and spooky! Kept me reading and page turning until the very end. Would thoroughly recommend to young adults and old adults alike! Love the style of Sarah's writing, really allows me to visualise events and bond with characters from the very start of the book. A fantastic second novel.

    11. This was an interesting book. At times I was really wrapped up in the storyline and at other times I just wondered where it was going. Altogether something easy to read, but I wasn't overly taken with it in the end.

    12. A great book, it had a bit of mystery, love and is set in the very interesting period of witch hunting. The synopsis is a little misleading, but oh well. I still couldn't put it down.

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