When Cows Come Home

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When Cows Come Home Boyds Mills Press publishes a wide range of high quality fiction and nonfiction picture books chapter books novels and nonfiction

  • Title: When Cows Come Home
  • Author: David L. Harrison
  • ISBN: 9781563971433
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. All time favorite children's book of both myself and my daughter. Living on a cattle farm this was the perfect book and she always giggled at the cows' antics when the farmer looked away. We made a game out of imagining our cows doing the same thing.

    2. When the cows are done for the day, they spend their free time having fun. They run, and prance, and dance. But when they meet up with the donkeys they get the opportunity to leave the farm. But they decide to stay and go back to milking at the end of the day.

    3. This is a comical *tail* about some frolicking cows that's sure to be a favorite! Full spread pictures are eye-catching and fun! Ages 4+

    4. When Cows Come Home (1994) By David L. Harrison, Pictures by Chris L. Demarest, Fiction.This book is about a herd of cows that are mischievous and silly as soon as their farmer looks away. They take advantage of their time when they are not being closely watched. The book takes the reader through the fun-filled adventures of these “happy-go-lucky” cows. The “hillbilly” farmer doesn’t pay much close attention to the cows until the end of the day rolls around and he’s ready to have the [...]

    5. 1. Rating: 32. A Book review from Publisher's Weekly said, "Memorable stanzas and animated spreads jazz up this look at the silly things cows just might do when people stop paying attention to them Liberated from Farmer's watchful eye, the members of the herd pedal bicycles, swim in a pond and clown around with some braying donkeys. Although Harrison's litany of heifer high jinks sags a bit in the middle, rhyme and repetition subtly encourage beginning readers to recognize and practice key words [...]

    6. Young children love When Cows Come Home with all the words that rhyme with hay, say and away. The cows have a fun time at play during the day but they come home so the farmer can take the milk away at the end of the day. It really is a fun book and often asked to be repeated by the preschool children in my class.

    7. This is a great book with rhyming words on each page. It's very silly and fun for young children to listen to. It's also a good book for early readers because of it's rhyming words and great pictures.

    8. This book as very cute illustrations. It shows that we never know what's going on when where not looking. When I read the book at the daycare where I work the kids all laughed at the different silly things the cows were doing and were very attentive towards it.

    9. Great to pair or compare with the Click, Clack, Moo Cows that books! The first grade kids really enjoyed it. They appreciated that the farmer let the cows have some fun and was not mad like Farmer Brown.

    10. Fun rhyming book about what cows do when people aren't looking. Easy to read with lots of laughter from the kids over the silliness.

    11. This book was another book that I found laying around my house and decided to read it. It was an okay book. This book reminded me of a cartoon that i use to watch.

    12. This book is a cute book and talks about the cows leaving the farm. Kids could read this book on their own because it rhymes on every page and repeats a lot of the words.

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