Devin Rhodes Is Dead

Told in alternating Before and After chapters, Kam s novel focuses on the events leading up to and just after Cass s best friend Devin s body is found at the bottom of a local ravine Part realism, part ghost story, and part coming of age tale, this young adult novel will draw you in and keep you turning pages until the dramatic conclusion.
Devin Rhodes Is Dead Told in alternating Before and After chapters Kam s novel focuses on the events leading up to and just after Cass s best friend Devin s body is found at the bottom of a local ravine Part realism par

  • Title: Devin Rhodes Is Dead
  • Author: Jennifer Wolf Kam
  • ISBN: 9781934133606
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Devin dan Cass sudah bersahabat sejak lama. Awalnya mereka berempat dengan Lizzy dan Gina, tapi Devin berantem dengan mereka berdua dan memutuskan persahabatan. Devin di sini tipe cewek cheerleader dengan rambut pirang dan mata biru, body oke, suka bahaya, lumayan kaya, sering dilirik cowok. Sedangkan Cass di sini digambarkan agak gemuk dan jago main gitar. Keduanya saat ini duduk di kelas 9.Devin ditemukan di jurang dalam kondisi menyedihkan. Cass merasa bersalah karena menganggap dirinyalah ya [...]

    2. When your best friend suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances, the guilt can be overwhelming. Cass believes she may possess the secret to the death of her best friend Devin. The problem is there is no one she can talk to about it. Devin's grieving mother would love to talk about it with Cass, but how can you admit to a dead girl's mother that you may have had something to do with her precious daughter's death. Cass's own mother is trying to convince Cass to get on with her life. Yes, she sh [...]

    3. This book does so many things so very well! It's part ghost story, part mystery, part coming of age story; but through and through, it is completely a friendship story. The structure of the novel is brilliant and effective. It's told in alternating shifts in time - before and after Devin's death - which allows readers to gain insight and understanding, while simultaneously sinking more deeply into the mystery of what exactly happened on the night of Devin's death. The more we know, the more we h [...]

    4. In "Devin Rhodes Is Dead," Devin Rhodes has died and now they are trying to find out what happened to Devin that led to her death. She was found at the bottom of a ravine. Her best friend, Cass, is troubled by their final moments together. Cass feels guilty for betraying Devin on the night she died and now she’s starting to feel haunted by something or… someone. Is it Devin? Opinion: I thought the beginning of the book started out slow. However, once I got into the middle of the book where t [...]

    5. When fifteen-year-old Devon Rhodes is found dead in a ravine near town, her best friend Cass Kirschner ruminates upon the role she played in her death. The author keeps readers guessing by alternating Before and After chapters and throwing in plenty of possible suspects. It's pretty clear that Cass is guilty of something, but what exactly? Young teen readers will race to the book's conclusion to find out what led to Devon's demise. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the description of [...]

    6. Devin Rhodes is Dead is a thrilling and engaging novel about the all-so-sudden death of beautiful,15-year-old Devin Rhodes. Haunted by ghosts , Cass Kirschner, Devin's chubby sidekick, is sadden however extremely embarrassed and guilty about her best friend's demise, for she feels responsible for that night. Told from Cass's perspective, the story jumps back and forth between before and after Devin's murder, as well as leaves clues as to what really happened that night. This book is a very quick [...]

    7. This is such a fantastic book! The story opens with Cass, a girl who has just lost her best friend, Devin Rhodes, in a tragic and mysterious accident. The story unravels in a series of Before and After chapters. The reader navigates through the story learning about the events leading up to the night Devin died and also seeing glimpses of how Cass is coping now, trying to come to terms with the loss of her friend. Cass is conflicted, guilt-ridden and questioning. Why was Devin at the bottom of th [...]

    8. I am mystified as to why this got the Children's Book of the Year Award, given by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, as the subject matter is decidedly for readers older than elementary school. That said, I loved this book. Cass clearly feels guilty about her best friend’s death - more than guilty - and we slowly learn about what happened the night of the death through a series of flashbacks. Jennifer Wolf Kam captures early teen friendship so well, and the torment that [...]

    9. Devin Rhodes Is Dead is a well-crafted young adult book that looks at friendship and loss through a supernatural lens. The strong voice and deft characterization make it easy for the reader to identify with the characters and their conflicts. The suspense builds steadily and the unique format of "before" and "after" narrative makes the book that much more compelling. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and can't wait to read more from this author.

    10. I found this book constantly intriguing. Every page there was another detail that made me want to keep reading to see how it related to the plot. The characters were very defined and colorful with their own personality. I loved this book and think Jen did a fantastic job! I would reccomend this book to anyone in the 12-15range.

    11. Once i started reading this book I could not put it down. I love the way Jennifer Wolf Kam weaves the past and the present in alternating before and after chapters.As the past and present start to catch up to each other the excitement builds tremendously!I so enjoyed the way Kam knit these scenes together into the exciting and surprising conclusion.

    12. Suspenseful. Never saw the end coming. Great read for middle school or older girl. And those best friend pendantswish I'd done that.

    13. This one is part friendship story, part ghost story, and part teen-angst realism. A quick read that middle grades will enjoy!

    14. I found this book to be interesting, and I think that it might be a popular one with middle grade and lower high school aged readers. It combines mystery and a degree of paranormal activities. I do think the format alternating chapters by before Devin's death and after her death may confuse some readers and frustrate them a little. However, other readers may find this format actually increases the dramatic tension.It is certainly an interesting story for those who don't have a strongly positive [...]

    15. Decent YA mystery from a small press, with ghosts, an unreliable narrator, and an interesting take on best friendship. There's also some stuff going on here with the narrator's size and how this impacts her relationship with her best friend, her parents, and a love interest (who is more interested in her than she is him) but I can't remember if it's handled well or not. If hunting out good/bad examples of the way fat protagonists are depicted in YA is your jam, though, you might want to check ou [...]

    16. This book was very good. shows how best friends stick together no matter whata ghost story and friendship that is rough sometimes but in the end happy too. Recommend to all ages, easy fun readEnjoyed Gina Clabo

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