Episode 10 Heartfelt reunions with friends Desperate plans to gain advantage Opportunities that cannot be ignored Discovery of family once thought lost The time has come for Captain Scott to fight for that which was taken the very freedom of the world he was sworn to protect Liberation is a 108,000 word novel, and is the 10th episode in The Frontiers Saga EpisodeEpisode 10 Heartfelt reunions with friends Desperate plans to gain advantage Opportunities that cannot be ignored Discovery of family once thought lost The time has come for Captain Scott to fight for that which was taken the very freedom of the world he was sworn to protect Liberation is a 108,000 word novel, and is the 10th episode in The Frontiers Saga Episode 11 is coming soon
Liberation Episode Heartfelt reunions with friends Desperate plans to gain advantage Opportunities that cannot be ignored Discovery of family once thought lost The time has come for Captain Scott to fight for

  • Title: Liberation
  • Author: Ryk Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 thought on “Liberation”

    1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. This is book eleven in the Frontier Saga. This is the story of the battle for the liberation of Earth from the Jung. The story is none stop action. I could hardly put the book down.The characters continue to evolve; unfortunately, we loss some characters, but also gain some new ones. The crew is working on getting Celestia in a flyable combat state as the Aurora is being shop up “again”. In the last book, Nathan brought the Ghatazhak fighters out of sta [...]

    2. This is yet another good, fun and action-filled book in The Frontiers Saga. The adventure continues from the last book and this time it is finally time for some Jung ass-kicking.The book is true to the tradition of most books in this series in that there is plenty of action going on. Both on the ground and in space. Unfortunately being true to tradition also means that the Aurora is being shot to pieces…again! The author definitely has some Star Trek Voyager syndrome. I think this is the part [...]

    3. Don't Plan on Breathing or Sleeping While You Read This!What did Major Waddell do???? That's just the beginning! This book goes at warp speed except warp speed is too slow for the action in this series continuation. I get worn out every time I read one of these books but I can't put them down. The main characters don't ever sit still except when in a command chair or while piloting a space fighter. Man, these books are exciting! If you're debating whether to read this book or this series, stop d [...]

    4. To start, this book is #10 in the series - it's not a standalone novel, and you will be lost if you just pick up and try to read this one. If you enjoy a good space opera / saga, you need to start with Ep.#1 - "Aurora: CV-01" (The Frontiers Saga).The author picks up right where he left off, the series is pretty good, and the action picks up quite a bit with some payback against the Jung in this next installment of the series: this one appears tighter and has really kicked it up a notch in compar [...]

    5. Liberation (The Frontiers Saga, #10) the final battle for the liberation of Earth. I loved this story. Brown gives the Jung commander a voice. The betrayal of Earth is finally explained. The Aurora gets more than superficial damage. As is typical for these books the writing is crisp and intense, with battles in land and space. All the characters are in genuine danger. This is a great series, which you should borrow from your local library.

    6. Continues to live up to my hopes - excitement and lots of actionThe good guys keep winning, but not without losses and uncertainty. Cleverly choreographed space battles. Perhaps a bit too much gratuitous death and destruction - but it does hold together with the plot.

    7. More great adventuresRyk Brown has another winning book with epic space navy adventures. I was worried about some characters having "plot armor" but this book had some characters not surviving mortal danger. Can't wait to read the next book.

    8. Another wonderful time reading more of Ryk Brown's work! Roy Brown's work I is a pleasure to read. When I finish each book, I take a deep breath and savor the moment.

    9. Battles and jumps, heroic rescues, and hard choicesThe saga continues, our plucky hero's face adversaries and hard choices, in taking back the Earth. Read this sprawling series!

    10. This was one of the more exciting of the Frontiers Saga book so far. Language is very foul, which is why I only gave it 3 stars.

    11. NiceRead series. Good, fast paced, very enjoyable. Would be nice to see some background characters fill a larger role. Lot of potential there. Overall an enjoyable series

    12. EnjoyableI enjoy this series. I look forward to the next book. If you enjoy space sci-fi these are worth a read

    13. Darn it! Ryk did a mostly good job with this book. With most characters fully fleshed out in earlier works in this series, the story in 'Liberation' is mostly about action, adventure, and blowing stuff up. We get *some* interesting personal bits with newish characters and events near the end but overall I'd call this book one of logistics and plot. Still, entertaining enough to leave me wanting more (and hoping for something different in the next work) And - why want something different? His wri [...]

    14. From My Newsletter Number 61:This review is on Liberation from The Frontiers Saga Episode 10 by Ryk Brown. It is part of a continuing series of ebooks that have been very entertaining from the beginning. I anxiously await each new release with high expectations. Episode 10 begins with Captain Nathan Scott about to open the hatch on the missing sister ship named Celestia. Some of Nathan’s old navy buddies are on the ship and are certainly surprised to learn that Nathan is alive and the captain [...]

    15. Having finally made it back to Earth, the crew of the Aurora find their home planet overrun with Jung. ‘Resistance’ was the start of the battle to free the Earth, the plans being put into place. Liberation is the episode that sees that battle actually begin to take place and the plans being put into action.As always – I don’t want to give too much away – but this is a very powerful book in the series, looking at the impact of the occupation of Earth, and how the constant attacks are te [...]

    16. Liberation is a quick, enjoyable read that discusses how the Aurora and her crew deal with a Jung-occupied Earth.The rest of the review is a spoiler -(view spoiler)[While I am still enjoying Ryk Brown's saga of the Aurora and her crew, I am getting a bit annoyed at how easily they are getting out of scrapes. Long lost is the anticipation of the imminent destruction of the Aurora and the death of her crew. Now that we are at the core cast of characters it appears that they are going to remain.Bro [...]

    17. Ryk Brown has created a fast-moving series that's almost like a weekly television show. But it's so good the viewer can't wait for the next installment. He packs each episode and transcends the normal week-in, week-out material of the small screen. In "Liberation" now Commander Nathan Scott risks it all to beat the nasty invading Jung. But he does it smart. The captain of the "jump" ship Aurora has learned a lot over the previous nine episodes. He's no longer the rash irritating youth, too spoil [...]

    18. This is the first review I've done on this series. What I like about this whole series is the compulsion to keep reading. It is quite enjoyable and Mr. Brown does an excellent job of keeping my interest. The technology can seem a bit clunky (old fashioned) at times. However, he mixes it in with new stuff and renders it into a believable pot of alphabet soup to give a large dose of dialogue for techies and homespun familiarity for the not-so-techy folks.The tech dialogue can go on for pages which [...]

    19. The first half of this book saw some action but I kept thinking it wasn't as good as the previous books. Somewhere around the 50% mark the book found it's footing and took off. By the time I got to the end I was ready to give it 10 stars for the action, story line, and finally realistic plot. People finally died. I know that sounds crass, but the fact that in the first 9 books no major characters died just made it less realistic for me. In a war people die but in this war for far too long only t [...]

    20. More of the sameHis battle descriptions are supposed to be exciting but I have difficulty following what he describes. I can't visualize the ship to ship fights at all. The father and brother both willing to forgive and overlook the actions of the traitor in the family. Nathan Scott's brother is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people but at home, he's just family. The rich and powerful are probably just that different but I didn't want read it.The economic, political and so [...]

    21. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of , yet another, Frontiers Saga, book. I love Nathan Scott. He would be a captain that would inspire me to follow him, into the jaws of death, to achieve our objective of freeing the earth from the tyranny of the Jung. Both the spaceships are beautifully described & therefore easily visualised so that when they are damaged I find myself feeling really sorry for them. Of course the Takarans & Corrinairans have added greatly to the Aurora & I f [...]

    22. Ryk Brown's latest book, episode 10: Liberation, has taken the packed storyline to new levels. The fast-paced action, especially that of the Falcon and the Aurora in battle for Earth are realistic and action-packed. There are so many opportunities for thrilling additions to the series I am as always, an avid reader and follower of Nathan's exploits. It will have to be a re-read shortly, there is just so much going one.The series and its characters are maturing into a seasoned combination that wi [...]

    23. Why is this not a TV series yet! This episode is action packed epic scale space battles, sub-orbital to tree-top dogfights, and even ground-pounding firefights! I won't spoil the plot by talking about details, but the story continues forward as if launched from a cannon! Liberation of the planet Earth from the Jung invaders gets underway in a do-or-die, no time to consider or hesitate kind of way. I give this one a 5 star rating and call it a Great Read! More!!!!!!!!

    24. This installment contained the darkest storyline so far and things do not look good for the next few books with the odds firmly stacked in favor of the forces of evil. Sadly I will now have to wait until the next book is published and longer after that as there are at least 5 more books coming in this current arc.

    25. So just finished reading this installment, I am curiously compelled to keep on reading these though I am not sure why as they are a bit long winded for my taste, and then I checked the website to see how long this will take aprrox. - apparently we are in for a session of 75 booksmind=B L O W N!!!

    26. Ryk Brown has drawn me back in. The last few books has had me wondering why I continue to read this series. However, this book is exactly what I expected from the series. The only reason I did not give a five is that some of the fighting sequence are more drawn out then I like. However, that is more a personal preference then a real fault of the author.

    27. Very good space series.I've read all books of this series through Ep.#10. Each one leaves you eager for the next one. Character development is well done. I gave the series (to this point) as well as Ep #10 a 4 rating because there is little to no male to female interaction. Since Nathan's and Jessica's interplay in Ep.#1, both men and women might as well be sexless. Not normal.

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