ノラガミ 3 [Noragami 3]

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  • Title: ノラガミ 3 [Noragami 3]
  • Author: Adachitoka あだちとか
  • ISBN: 9784063713237
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “ノラガミ 3 [Noragami 3]”

    1. Well this was intense! Yukine makes me so sad because he is so sad and he has every right to be. But my lovely summer child how can you do that to Yato? (who is my favorite and it was painful to watch him suffer.)(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    2. This volume was all about Yukine.He is my favorite. The character development that I see him go through as the chapters continue are astounding!He is the best and the fact that he went from a brat to whom he is today make me so happy. (my little bro!) LOL.

    3. This volume was intense! I adore all the characters, they're all so well-written and overall amazing. BUT THAT ABLUTION SCENE THOUGH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THE FEELS!! T_TI can't wait to see Ebisu He's one of my most favourite characters from the series.

    4. This is that point in the anime where I die, so I was kind of expecting to die while reading this. I did, by the way. I did die. This part is just so depressing for me. Mostly because of Yukine - I've always been a Yukine fan, and I've always felt for him. Because that that kid has problems, and he makes me sad, and I really hope that we get some concrete backstory for him because we've seen little hints and THOSE LITTLE HINTS, MAN. THEY'RE DEPRESSING. There's not really much more I can say with [...]

    5. Another great volume! This one concentrates on the discord between Yato and his shinki, Yukine. Everything comes to a head and that story arc is finished off. Meanwhile, Bishamonten is still lurking around looking for Yato to exact her revenge. A new evil shinki is introduced, but there's more to that story I'm sure! and Yato solves one case during all this of a boy at school who is being bullied. I just love Hiyori, I hope she never gets cured!

    6. Yukine is the perfect example of troubled youth. When trouble arise, we gotta nip it at the bud instead of waiting for it to blow over. It won't. Pitying him won't help too. Besf would be clarifying right and wrong, and also acknowledging the fact that, yes the world is unfair so we gotta work around it. Though, I expected better of him since Iki was being so nice to him.

    7. Enfin l'apparition de mon personnage préféré ! (Kazuma) bon le manga avance vite par rapport à l'anime et le manga reste vraiment super mais c'est vrai que parfois des scènes rendent tellement mieux en video (comme la punition de Yukine) Enfin encore un mega bon moment de lecture hate de lire le tome 4 ! ^^

    8. Meraviglioso come l’anime! Dopo aver guardato le due stagioni di Noragami alcune scene sono ancora più belle!

    9. Yato shows off his more compassionate side of him while Yukine runs around doing whatever he likes. I really like how everything turns especially the role Hiyori takes with the boys. "Just find that one irreplaceable someone." - When Yato said this I instantly thought of Hiyori and Yukine. He's much lonelier than I gave him credit for before.

    10. I absolutely loved this volume. I especially loved how it focused a lot on Yukine and his character development, while simultaneously creating more mystery around Yato's story. I adore the characters and I sincerely enjoy the plot line. I can't wait to read more!

    11. омейки в конце тома просто шикарны :Dи уже заметны различия с аниме ~интересная вещь

    12. Oh, avevo paura che la tirassero per le lunghe con la storia di Yukine e invece si risolve in questo volume. Si, per riepilogare quello che è successo nei volumi precedenti, i cattivi comportamenti di Yukine intaccavano la salute dello stesso Yato ed erano arrivati ad un punto che non potevano essere sottovalutati. Quindi si deve intervenire e Hiyori è in prima linea per aiutare i suoi due compagni di disavventura. La scena della risoluzione mi è molto piaciuta, è anche alquanto toccante. Mi [...]

    13. Watching this volume's anime adaptation broke me. I was full on weeping during that one particular episode, so I thought I'd be prepared for this/it wouldn't affect me as much in manga form. I was so very wrong. I was crying by the time it was over. Then I read it a second time and cried again. That moment when Yukine realises what he's done is absolute perfection. Hiyori is still the perfect heroine. And Yato well, does it need saying? :)

    14. This volume is my favorite. It is all about Yukine and his struggles and it was so sad, especially in anime with outstanding voice actor to make the scenes extra emotional. I loved character development for Yukine and loved Yato's loyality and Hiyori's compassion as well as her courage. I loved Kazuma too and the rest of the characters who helped Yato. Yato is really lucky.

    15. I discovered Noragami at a con when we met Micah Solusod. I watched the anime first and read this after I had finished. Even knowing what would happen I still got all emotional. Such a sad and powerful story.

    16. thank god we passed yukine's puberty so quickly but freaking nora showed up and even when we avoided the final arc of the first season in the anime I know she is going to be around fucking everything and everyone

    17. 4,5.Yukine's redemption was one of my favourite arcs, it was a bit too quick in the manga though, but it was still amazing.

    18. El shiki ha corrompido a Yato y estes esta a punto de morir. Este tomo es genial hay una gran evolución de los personajes.Con un final emotivo.

    19. Yukine’s story arc in this volume is deeply profound and makes for great storytelling. Nora (the Stray) makes her debut as well. Noragami continues to be compulsively readable.

    20. Ooh! Interesting about the stray. Didn't think that she was evil though.I loved Yato working in the convenience store!

    21. this volume is so painful aaaaaaaaah. but amazing as well. i cried a lot. it was great. i just love them all so much. and i wanna know more about yukine's life as a human.

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