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The year is 1910 Katherine Davis, M.D is an intelligent, self assured, and attractive woman whose confidence perfectly reflects the confidence of a new century overflowing with scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs Without a moment s hesitation, young Dr Davis accepts the professional invitation of a lifetime when she travels to Chicago s Hull House to wThe year is 1910 Katherine Davis, M.D is an intelligent, self assured, and attractive woman whose confidence perfectly reflects the confidence of a new century overflowing with scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs Without a moment s hesitation, young Dr Davis accepts the professional invitation of a lifetime when she travels to Chicago s Hull House to work with the celebrated social reformer, Jane Addams Katherine is an excellent doctor eager to make a difference in the world and the people around her, and Chicago s crowded tenements with their burgeoning immigrant population offer just that opportunity Everything Katherine believes about right and wrong, about good and evil she learned from her parents and the secure childhood they gave her But times have changed, and Katherine can no longer rely on the values of the past She has outgrown that past and the home of her childhood seems outdated and old fashioned compared to the progressive society around her She s an independent woman, who must make her own way and follow her own ideals When Katherine meets the dazzling Douglas Gallagher, a man as confident and as fearless as she, a successful man who has left his own past behind, an uncompromising even ruthless man, she is asked to choose between her past and her future And the choice is so much complicated than she expected Because for Katherine, deciding where and who home really is will change her forever And for good.
Where Home Is The year is Katherine Davis M D is an intelligent self assured and attractive woman whose confidence perfectly reflects the confidence of a new century overflowing with scientific medical an

  • Title: Where Home Is
  • Author: Karen J. Hasley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This story did what I want every historical novel to do-- make me want to know the factual details. I didn't know much about Hull House so I did extra reading. It was well-written, addressed important issues of the era, and had a good story. I know it's a series, but it is a stand-alone book. I assume the other books tell about the other family members. Loved it.

    2. I enjoyed this book about a young woman, Katherine, who studied and became a doctor in the early 1900's. The main part of the book followed Katherine through her year of service at Hull House in Chicago. Since this was historical fiction I felt compelled to look up the actual history of the Hull House and the services it provided. Katherine and the other women of Hull House were definitely pioneers - independent women way at a time when women were expected to marry and have a family at a young a [...]

    3. A talented writerTalented writing, an excellent writer - I marveled at this outstanding writing. Hasley is one of the premier authors of our time. From the beginning of this third in her Laramie Series, the reader is drawn in by the matter of fact dialogue and well developed characters. From motivation to actualization we enthusiastically following the path of this young woman through her journey to become a doctor, a contributor to the health and wellbeing of others as was manifested at the Hul [...]

    4. This book was a wonderful mix of history, family ethics, women in the medical field in the early 1900's, romance (but not the gooey kind), and most of all coming home. So many interesting facts and details woven into a story that will stay with you for a long time. This book is part of a series but STANDS ALONE.

    5. Really enjoyed this book t only the medical aspect , but the characters and story as well . Gotta love historical fiction ;-)

    6. Loved it!This was a great book! Very strong characters and a good plot. It was a fantastic story peppered with history, medicine, intrigue and love.

    7. The first 3 books in this series have been great reads with good storytelling and interesting characters! These characters have really touched me and I've found myself with both smiles and tears at different junctures. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and getting a glimpse of more of the characters.

    8. Girl power and familyThis book sums up a typical woman's coming of age, wanting independence but then realizing just how important family is. This book kept my interest the entire time, involving Katherine adventures, relationships, and life lessons she learns. I highly recommend this book to any young lady.

    9. Good read. Hooked on the Laramie series.I love the characters in this series. An easy read with the author bringing the characters to life and making you feel like you are living at that time in history.

    10. I really enjoyed this book -- historically correct, set at Hull House for most of the novel in 1910 with Dr Katherine Davis. Real issues, people in novel seemed so real, it "could have been" an autobiography since it was written in first person.

    11. Home DefinedI enjoyed this the best of the series so far. Dr. Kate is a force of dreams and possibility. The author lets you see inside and rejoice when love becomes real.

    12. Love of familyI absolutely loved this book, found it almost impossible to out down. Made me feel the characters were someone I would love being able to call my friends.

    13. The year is 1910. Katherine Davis, M.D. is an intelligent, self-assured, and attractive woman whose confidence perfectly reflects the confidence of a new century overflowing with scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs. Without a moment's hesitation, young Dr. Davis accepts the professional invitation of a lifetime when she travels to Chicago's Hull-House to work with the celebrated social reformer, Jane Addams. Katherine is an excellent doctor eager to make a difference in the worl [...]

    14. Home can be anywhereI loved this five star book. Women were struggling for their independence and you move forward in history with them!

    15. Story of a young girl who leaves home in Wyoming to become a doctor Upon graduation she is offered an opportunity to work in Chicago for a year to further her experience.Quite a shock to her to experience the poverty and squalid iving conditions many of her patients endureShe is befriended by a very rich man who showered her with expensive gifts and fancy dinners. She doesn't want to let herself fall in love since she really wants to finish her year and return to Wyoming. Something inside of her [...]

    16. I think Katherine's story was the best of the lot. I especially loved her role as female Doctor in Chicago. Karen Hasley has a beautiful ability to bring to life the city and people she describes in all her books. The books I feel are getting slightly repetitive in the main theme where the heroine struggles with the identity of 'home' and finally finds it in the arms of the man she loves. But the fine story-telling and warm characters make up for everything.

    17. Three Cheers for Hull HouseJane Addams is one of the heroes of the Progressive era. I once lived in Chicago and when the expressway west was built through the neighborhood and the Chicago campus of the university of Illinois was built there as well, I was both angry and sad. Reading this book reminded me of one of Chicago's most interesting and important inner city neighborhoods. This book reflected the story of Hull House beautifully. The characters were interesting and believableither saints o [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! The story is of Katherine, young woman in 1910, who is a medical doctor (an amazing feat then!), who goes from her Wyoming home to Chicago to work a year at Hull House. I knew of Hull House, and loved reading of all the amazing things they did there. Jane Addams was such a significant woman. They were also on the brink of studying about antibiotics, and that was fascinating. There was also a bit of intrigue in a relationship Katherine has with a wealthy man, wh [...]

    19. This was a storyline that initially caught my eye with its turn of the century Chicago setting and a young woman doctor from Wyoming assigned an internship at Jane Adams' Hull-House. This story was set in two parts: Dr. Katharine Davis in Chicago caring for the poor, sick or injured at a Hull-House along with her relationship with wealthy Douglas; and Katharine's return to her family in Wyoming and starting her country practice. Although it is 3rd in the series, it is a stand-alone story which w [...]

    20. I selected this book because it was about a young doctor at the turn of the last century, and I don't know much about medical training during those times, especially where women went to medical school. The picture of life as a medical student and a year serving at Hull House was well done. I never could figure out why the author hyphenated Hull House, and in all my reading about that place I had never seen it hyphenated. That was extremely bothersome, as was the poor editing, which seems to be u [...]

    21. Yes, 5 stars! I would have given it 10!! I loved, loved, loved this book. I smiled, laughed and cried (out loud and with lots of real tears!!). The strength of the characters made this book so real, so true-to-life. I loved and feared and hoped right along with the characters. I am still feeling connected to each of them - the whole extended family that this story revolved around. It is the first book in a series and I hope to read the others, but if I never do, this book fulfilled my hunger for [...]

    22. Katherine Davis has must finished medical school in Kansas, and rather than go home to Wyoming, she spends a year in residence at the Hull House in the early 1900's in Chicago. I know the focus on the book may have been about her romance with Robert (and the ultimate decision that he wasn't the right person for her) and then her time back in Wyoming finding herself,but what I loved was the stories from Hull House. The look at turn of the century Chicago in all it's stark gritty reality. A really [...]

    23. A tale of family and the true meaning of home.I must start by saying that this isn't the normal genre I would choose to read but I foolishly didn't properly read the description or notice that this is the third book in a series. I think that these issues had a baring on my star rating. Now for my review!The story follows the life of a young female doctor, it is set in the early 20th century, who is very determined to succeed in the world of medicine when it was expected that women will get marri [...]

    24. A journey of a lifetime Such a well written book I have not read in a very, very long time. As a woman wiith very little family left, this family became mine. I have laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed each and every page. What a wonderful novel to read and read again. Author Karen J. Hasley got it right with this wonderful novel. Got it ALL right if I say so myself. I am sorry to have finished it, but, will pick it up again like an old friend to reread and laugh and cry some more with this wo [...]

    25. Where Home Is is a gentle love story mixed into the historical backdrop of the early 20th century. The glimpses into the practice of medicine in the pre-antibiotic era and the buzz of life at Hull House were fascinating. The story moved a bit slowly, fitting with the era. I enjoyed it very much and was so happy with how it ended. It’s part of a loosely related series (this is the third book). It is not necessary to read any of the other books for this one to make sense.

    26. This, #3 in the Laramie series, is a charming tale about a woman doctor in the early 1900's. It starts out at the Kansas Medical School, but quickly moves to Chicago when Katherine Davis, M.D. is given the opportunity to work with Jane Adams for one year. There, she meets a man, but is he the right man?A year later things change. Check-out this book to see exactly how things change -- it was a pleasant surprise for me.

    27. Family, Home, and Perfect LoveThis is a sweet, well written book written from the perspective of a family oriented, strong woman. At times the descriptions of the love between the characters gets a bit too perfect, bordering on the maudlin. On the whole, it's a book worth enjoying for its simple pleasure in the lives of essentially good people.

    28. Doing what is rightKatherine is a strong woman in a time when it was just becoming accepted. Being a social worker the setting of Hull House and bringing Jane,Addams into the story was very compelling. Ultimately this is a story of family, love and selflessness. Didn't know it was part of a series but it stands on its own.

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