Book 6 of the Demon Accords For seventeen years Declan O Carroll has lived quietly in the upstate Vermont town of Castlebury, waiting impatiently for a chance to get out and meet the great wide world When an odd new girl appears in town, Declan finds out that the world might be coming to meet him But the big question remains who is in danger Declan or the worldBook 6 of the Demon Accords For seventeen years Declan O Carroll has lived quietly in the upstate Vermont town of Castlebury, waiting impatiently for a chance to get out and meet the great wide world When an odd new girl appears in town, Declan finds out that the world might be coming to meet him But the big question remains who is in danger Declan or the world
Executable Book of the Demon Accords For seventeen years Declan O Carroll has lived quietly in the upstate Vermont town of Castlebury waiting impatiently for a chance to get out and meet the great wide world

  • Title: Executable
  • Author: John Conroe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book was weird at first, because it is not from Chris or Tanyas point of view but after I got used to that I really enjoyed this book. It is in the same style as the first books but from a new point of view. Also the cross over with the original characters was interesting. The new characters are really fun and look to have a big part to play in the overall story. The book keeps to the main themes of the previous books but adds another layer to the overall story.

    2. A good alternative storyThis story is an excellent companion to the demon accords story line.Ill keep it short, if your a fan of the other books you'll be slightly disappointed the main character is not Chris. This is natural, but don't worry the Declan and cameco story as well as the witch world is only icing on a very entertaining world.

    3. Read (2) timesSAID I'D BE BACK!! lol almost a year later though XDWent back to where I left off, read through the end and then READ IT AGAIN!!!Still quite like it, forgot quite a few details though so maybe a re-read from the beginning of the series? Finished my homework due tomorrow! Want to get ahead so I can work on my paper

    4. (3.5 stars) It was slightly confusing initially when the series, which had been featuring Chris and Tonya as the MCs, took (what felt like) a sharp turn to Declan and Keiko. But, we quickly recovered and caught up with where the author was heading. It helped that we've been listening to these books back-to-back and soon realized these characters were very briefly met in Fallen Stars (book 5). After acclimating to the switch, we found we quite enjoyed getting to know these two, their families and [...]

    5. im usually not a fan of "filler" releases but in this case it really was for the better. introducing another protagonist not only opened up a perspective other than Chris´ it also saved the series from losing its depth: The story so far has impressed me with how nonlinear it is, featuring a lot of different characters and groups whose goals and concerns differ from each other, wich made the read have an authentic feel. Unfortunately the main characters have long grown beyond the interesting gro [...]

    6. I wasn't expecting an installment that wasn't in the point of view of Chris, so it was a bit odd at first, but enter Declan and Caeco - great characters. This installment only expanded the characters and settings in this wonderful Urban Fantasy universe. Plus this was like a cross-over with the previous book in terms of Chris and Tanya and the incident with Toni, which was very cool and very well done. I'm looking forward to the next book and getting back to the main POV of Chris and Tanya and a [...]

    7. Glad for this bookI appreciate the story of Declan and Caeco. It’s a great story about 2 obscure characters in one of the previous books. It was cool seeing Chris and Tanya and his band of merry characters from someone else’s point of view.

    8. Huh!? really need I say more?As always a most excellent read, quite the story now I'm just going to put random stuff until the minimum twenty word limit is reached lol

    9. #ILoveDeclanFocusing on some "new" characters is generally considered risky in the midst of a series, yet John Conroe delivers with aplomb! I love the new angles!

    10. I didn't know if I was going to like this book considering it's not from Chris Gordon's point of view at all and it's about new characters that were introduced at the end of the 5th book, but it was pretty good.

    11. John Conroe - an author I follow avidly, and as a result of my addiction to his previous works, found myself reading and rereading them as each new instalment was released. I was thrilled when I saw that Executable was due for release and waited patiently for its arrival.So it was with mixed emotions I realised that this instalment didn't continue Chris and Tanya's tale, disappointment warring with anticipation at the opportunity to learn more about the magical world outside of theirs. Conroe kn [...]

    12. This has been my favorite of the Demon Accords novels since God Touched.What I liked- The young and not invulnerable Declan was a nice change of pace from Chris.- Much less incompetent/suicidal villains.- Provides genuinely interesting insight into the events of Fallen Stars.- Steps away from the Angel stuff, thankfully.What I didn't like- Nothing, except that it left me wanting another book about Declan more than Chris.I took a while to get around to reading Executable for two reasons. The firs [...]

    13. I expected to really dislike this book. All I could see was that it was a break from the normal characters that we had just spent 5 books getting attached to, a break from the main storyline that I wanted to keep reading about and also a step down to the YA market which can often feel a bit patronising to older readers. However, what I actually found was another fun book with a new, strong, 1st person lead. Declan is a witch and what is rare for a witch is that he is a powerful male witch when n [...]

    14. This felt like a real departure from the rest of the series- Chris isn't the main character for this one, we don't even get any POV chapters from Chris. What we do get are a huge array of different characters giving their POV and while it's nice to see the characters from different perspectives I felt the the story didn't flow as well when the different chapters were different POVS (luckily we don't have any head hopping within the chapter). John Conroe writes in a very close first person style- [...]

    15. Declan is a seventeen year old warlock who quietly live in the town of Castlebury with his family who are witches. Declan befriends a new girl who comes to town named Sarah. Sarah moved to town with her mother because they are being chased by members of an organization called A.I.R. (Agents in rebus). Sarah reveals to Declan that her real name is Caeco and that she was made from cells in a science lab and her and her mom have escaped. Agents from A.I.R. find Caeco and capture her and Declan. Wit [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis one had several moments that lost my attention. However, the introduction to a new character is appreciated, even if it is a teenager (which is not my preferred protagonist). I like the possibilities that these new additions to the cast of characters represent. I also like the notion that this male protagonist is seen by many of his peers (the ones that are more villianous) as breeding stock. It's a fine turn to an over worked trope in this genre.There are times in this series when [...]

    17. I have really enjoyed this as a series and with this latest novel it was a treat to have another character (deal's with witchcraft)and has a outside look on the main characters from the previous novel's. Reading till about halfway you are introduced to a young man and friends the same age dealing with the move from high school to college, a few of the characters that we will be following are "powers" and very interesting in there own right, halfway they are introduced to cris and Mr. Grimm and y [...]

    18. Although I liked the premise of this one, the new style of multiple voices just didn't work. The main reason is not only is Conroe having the story read from more than one character's perspective, he does it from 5-6 character's perspectives. There are times in the book that you get a little lost and overwhelmed by the lack of focus as a result. I love the idea of the new main character, Declan. Though he isn't quite developed enough yet and he feels a little too much like Chris in voice in this [...]

    19. I have nothing against series telling the story of other characters in the book, especially if those side characters have been introduced in previous books. However, the book is about a character that was breifly mentioned at the end of the previous book. The character had no real connection with Chris's group.With that said is was a descent story and the characters were interesting. When you get to the part were the plot naturally ends, it doesn't it starts a whole new plot which I don't partic [...]

    20. This was another good installment in the demon accords series. It was a bit of a shock at first to realise the story wasn't being told by Chris but Declan turned out to be an interesting person even if he was still in high school. Declan doesn't save the world in this outing but the story feeds nicely into the events in "fallen stars" and sets the scene for the next book in the series. Like "Black Frost" this story widens the demon accords world and characters and you can see links that may well [...]

    21. Both Executable and College Arcane are much better novels than the rest of this series. I also think it would have been smart to break Declan's stories out from the main novel series. In these books the Author shows some marginal growth, in that while his main characters are still pretty much infallible they are at least no longer also all powerful (just overpowered). Overall, the sense that the characters could get hurt and have the vaguest possibility of failure improves the story immensely.

    22. A twist in the series with new main characters, introduced at the end of the previous book, Declan a young warlock, and Caco a genetically modified teenage girl. This is the book giving their background, meshing about 2/3 of the way through with the previous book and then continuing their story. As always, I enjoy Conroe's fantasy, great adolescent wish fulfillment. Fun

    23. I was not as happy with this entry to the series, but I did enjoy it and was happier about half way through. It explains Declan and Caeco and I wasn't ready for that. I usually really like backstory so fair is fair and this was a good example. Its always good to have details on what makes a character the way s/he is.

    24. John changed my mind. I used to believe if a character was too powerful there was no way to keep them interesting. If they're that strong what can the author do to create a believable conflict? His main characters remain strong with a good conflict (or three) and he does a great job of keeping you interested and wanting to turn the next page.If you liked Harry Dresden check these books out

    25. No spoilers.I know there are people who want to know every detail before they jump in, but I'm not one of them. This is the sixth book in the series, and my only regret is that I will have to wait for others to come out, after I read the next one.

    26. I am a huge fan of Conroe's Demon Accords series. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about a side story. I wish I had gotten this book the day it came out. It is every bit as good as the rest of the series. I wouldn't even mind seeing a spin off series with the characters in this book.

    27. Great intro to two new fresh characters I wasn't hip to the change of pace at first but once I got into the book I really enjoyed it. A new perspective. I look forward to the continuing adventures of DeClan

    28. Nicely Done At first I was very concerned that I was reading the wrong book. I thought this was one of Mr Conroe's other stories. I was pleasantly surprised. This was a wonderful aside to the main path of the series.

    29. I truly enjoyed this book. I was concerned when I first started reading it since it wasn't about the main characters but was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the new folks. Look forward to the next book in the series.

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