Monster Unleashed

What would you do if the one fate chose for you vanished into thin air What would you give up Who would you become to stay with that person Krista Bell Johnston finally knows what it s like to be free The torture she endured at the hands of her psychotic father has unleashed the monster her mother tried so hard to help her suppress The only thing she wants to do is beWhat would you do if the one fate chose for you vanished into thin air What would you give up Who would you become to stay with that person Krista Bell Johnston finally knows what it s like to be free The torture she endured at the hands of her psychotic father has unleashed the monster her mother tried so hard to help her suppress The only thing she wants to do is be the shadow in the night that everyone is afraid of Taser Taz Jameson is barely holding it together He lost Kris once to her father and now he s losing her to the monster she is becoming He s also barely containing his own monster since Krista decided she didn t need her mates any Nathan is still near but he may not be enough Nathan Brimming, Jr is on the verge of losing not one but both of his mates One vanished without a trace The other is avoiding him He has run out of patience with them both But when the monster that Krista has become comes to them with a proposal will they take her up on it and possibly lose themselves or will they try to talk her down and get the beast to put back on her chain
Monster Unleashed What would you do if the one fate chose for you vanished into thin air What would you give up Who would you become to stay with that person Krista Bell Johnston finally knows what it s like to be free

  • Title: Monster Unleashed
  • Author: Shakuita Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
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    1. This is an amazing series. It's super creative and the characters draw you into their world. A must read for sure.

    2. Book – Dark Indiscretions #2: Monsters UnleashedAuthor – Shakuita JohnsonStar rating – ★★★★☆Plot – good, uniqueCharacters – good variety, could use more explorationMovie Potential – ★★★★☆ – a lot of swearing and sexEase of reading – very easy to readCover – ✔Suitable Title – ✔Would I read it again – ✔.** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **.I really enjoyed Book 1, so since I had already been gifted a copy of book [...]

    3. This is the third installment (including prequel) of the Dark Indiscretions books and what a riveting ride it was. DIMU picks up nine months after Krista’s kidnapping by her sadistic father James in Dark Indiscretions and she is not coping well. Due to the torture at her father’s hand, Krista’s dark Mystic side has emerged and not only does she not want to bottle it back up, but she is relishing in her new found side. All the other amazing paranormal beings author, Shakuita Johnson, has in [...]

    4. This books picks up where Dark Indescretions left off. Krista being a b**** and not giving a damn about her mates as long as she gets what she wants. to kill. Of course this is due to her being a Mystic and murder is in their blood. but her mother Jenny spent centuries trying to keep her daughter from being that way and her sick Uncle/baby daddy ruined her in just a few days time. Jenny is made to choose between her daughter and her unborn child. who do you fight for? Krista's father is visiting [...]

    5. To be, or not to be a monsterThis picks up right where the first left off. Krista has gone insane and her mother, Jenny feels like she has failed her daughter. James, Krista's father, just won't stay dead and has still managed to manipulate the living and has promised to wreak havoc if Krista doesn't help him. Krista is abusing her power and taking her mates for a ride while Jenny is an emotional wreck and her mates feel helpless to try and help her. The Mooyers are investigating some murders th [...]

    6. 4.5 Star *****SPOILER ALERT *******With an exciting tale like this one, what's not to love. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what's gonna happen next. When Krista is contacted by her father from Hell, she gathers the ingredients needed to bring him back. As her dark side comes out even more, she even goes as far as threatening her mother and her unborn siblings life. This is one you must read.Here is my favorite quote in this book -"She had an unborn child's future to [...]

    7. This book deserves more than 5 stars!!! I picked it up and did not want it to end!!! Shakuita Johnson has created a world within her Dark Indiscretions world that I do not want to leave!!! I CANNOT wait to get into Seer Destined (the next book in the series.)The title did not lie ;-) James released a monster in Krista Bell that, I don't think, anyone was prepared for. She is cruel, unfeeling, and malicious!! She not only broke the heart of her mother, but those of her mates as well. Shakuita Joh [...]

    8. *ARC FOR HONEST REVIEW***Age: 18+**First of all Shakuita Johnson is am amazing author with so much talent! If you have heard of her, you are really missing out! She know how to give her readers a twist in her books! You go in thinking it's only one type of book, and come out realizing you were completely off in your thoughts of what you had originally started thinking. This is a series, so it's recommended that you read this one first before moving on to the next one. I won't do spoilers so I wi [...]

    9. Def picks up right after book one. Krista has gone mad, because of the torture she had to endure at the hands of her own father. She had met her mates Taser and Nathan just before she is abducted and now she might be lost to them forever. When they do find her again, she def isn't the woman that her mother tried to make her. Instead she has become evil, like all the other Mystics are known for. The end is def a shocker, because of what is to come in the next book. Can't wait!

    10. Dark Indescretions isn't your typical book by a long shot. It's well written, gritty with some hard subjects in it. The characters are real, touch and hard core bad asses. Not for the faint ready. If you want something different, this series is for you.

    11. ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´Review´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*In Dark Indiscretions we meet Jenny who is a Mystic, a race that is both vampire and shapeshifting witch. They have no remorse, are bloodthirsty and more than fanatical about keeping their race pure. But Jenny’s family trumps them all with their vileness, Jenny decides she wants nothing to do with them and breaks away. Determined to search for her mate, her Nihiya. But that doesn’t go exactly as planned.Decades [...]

    12. Dark, Sexy, Irreverent and FUN!This series is a fun read, containing a fresh take on the world of supernatural beings. Although it contains some dark themes, it is also full of humour, feisty females, alpha males and characters whom the reader grows to love despite their many flaws. Due to the inclusion of some hot love making, including m/m and m/f/m scenes, the book is very much AN ADULT READ. MONSTER UNLEASHED continues where the previous book finished. Krista, a vampyra shapeshifting witch, [...]

    13. 4 stars, review to follow xFollowing 9 months after Dark Indiscretions, this is Krista's story. Jennifer's daughter has returned from her father and his abuse, changed. Her monster is out and she has no intention of shutting it away again. Taz and Nathan are left behind while she goes off and hunts, but they are both struggling. Krista returns and kidnaps Taz, keeping him in his wolf form to do her bidding. After her father contacts her from beyond, she needs Nathan too, and goes back, but not b [...]

    14. Everything about the first book that left me disappointed was not an issue in the sequel. This review may contain spoilers for book 1, so if you have not read it yet, I suggest that you stop reading now.In Monsters Unleashed, the character development was very satisfactory. I truly felt connected to the characters and not like they were caricatures of people. The Dylia (think Twilight style werewolves that can control when they shift) came off seeming like overly protective dogs, I could picture [...]

    15. Monster Unleashed is the solidly written sequel to Dark Indiscretions. Like the first novel, it is dialogue heavy, action packed, and contains one seriously hot sex scene. The focus of this installment is Krista and how she deals with the torture that was inflicted upon her by her father and her relationship with her two mates. As the title suggests, Krista is not dealing well with her father's torture and she is becoming the monster that Mystics are known to be. She has no regard for others and [...]

    16. This book continues to tell the story of what happened after they got Kristen back from her father. Kristen is shutting everyone out even her mates. Jennifer is worried about her. Jennifer’s mates understand that she is worried about her daughter but she is an adult and she is pregnant with their baby. Kristen’s mates are at the end of their rope they understand that she has been through a lot but they want to help her through it. Kristen was tortured by her father. It only took a couple day [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book starts up exactly where the first ended. What could have been a long and tiring novel, is cleverly divided into two separate books. This I liked.After book one, the second book was easier to understand. It still left me confused most of the time and I had to refer back to book one's reference guide to distinguish terms often.As with the first book, the sex is rough and driven by lust rather than love.Krista struggles to co [...]

    18. Reviewer: Donna - Magic Within The PagesRating: 3.5 StarsCopy received from Author in exchange for an honest review.After been tortured by her father, Krista has made it her mission to be free and embrace her Mystic ways which involves killing innocents and creating chaos. Jenny, Krista's mum is 9 months into her pregnancy and knows that the only way to stop her daughter is to kill her. Things go bad to worse as Krista's father contacts her from Hell and tells her a way to resurrect him and of c [...]

    19. Krista survived her father, but it changed her. Now she's ready to be free to have fun without all the stuffy rules her mom laid out for her centuries ago. Jennifer is living her own life with her mates and enjoying unexpected but happy news when she learns of her daughters choice to abandon her mates. Things only go downhill from there when Krista turns up and goes on a rampage hurting all those closest to her.Krista had something horrible done to her and it messed her up now she struggling to [...]

    20. *****Loved this story from start to finish***** I love the way that Shakuita comes up with these stories. Monsters Unleashed was Funny, Dark, and so hotttt! Seriously the way she writes M/M, M/F/M scenes is so delicious. There is a lot going on, but everything ties together as you go on.Synopsis:Krista Johnston is finally home safe after her sick sadistic father James had spent days torturing her. Things will never go back to the way things were. No one will stop her from keeping her Mystic side [...]

    21. The author gave this book to a few people, including myself, for free in exchange for an honest review - without spoilers.Now that the full disclosure has been given, off to the review.This book has literally NO FLUFF just like the first book, however the characters have been developed further since book 1. This book leaves off where the last book ended. It again, moves very fast. I completed the book in a few hours. It is a quick, easy read, however I am curious as to how the next book will be, [...]

    22. This book had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning. Krista has become ruthless after the torture she endured from her father. She decides that she can no longer stay with her mates and leaves them devastated. At the same time her mother is pregnant with her second child and trying to find a way to make Krista ok again,but Krista isn't having it she has a plan to get her father out of help and nothing and no one will stop her she even threatens her mates and mother and taking one of [...]

    23. After reading book 1, I thought I knew what to expect with this book. I knew that it would be choppy, quick moving and without time to fully appreciate the depth of the storyline. I know this style of writing suits some people but after going through two books of it, it is enough for me.This book is full of dialogue and action, both between the sheets and out. Some react to situations in the way you would expect whilst others throw a curve ball at you.My problem with the book (and it is MY probl [...]

    24. Omg! This book is ahhhhmazing! At the end of this book I was yelling Noooo! Miss Johnson I NEED more!!!This book picks up where Dark Indiscretions leaves off. We find out more of Jenny's past and her mates are trying to help her get through the ultimate betrayal by her daughter Krista.Krista is off the hook in this book. In her defense, she was the one tortured by her sadistic father. However, now the girl is bat a** crazy. Even going so far as going against her mates and threatening her mother. [...]

    25. I reviewed this book for the blog Just Another Girl and Her Books. Krista has gone bat shit crazy as result from how her father, James, tortured her in the first book. This book starts basically where the first one left off at. Krista is letting the crazy, in-bred, Mystic come out. The monster that her mother, Jennifer, has had caged up all these centuries. There is a "prophecy". It is starting to come true, now that Krista is off killing innocent people for the fun of it, she specially has a th [...]

    26. Once again, Shakuita Johnson has written another great paranormal/romance novel! Please note, due to the M/M and M/F/M scenes, it should only be for those 18+.Jump right in to this novel where Dark Indiscretions left off. With a little more focus on Krista, Jennifer's daughter and her antics, you find her a bit out of control. Again, Ms. Johnson has created some wonderful characters and I love the interaction within her characters. As with Dark Indiscretions, there are cliffhangers, so if you ar [...]

    27. This book begins where the 1st one left off. Krista is so cray from the way her father treated her. She is letting herself all out to torture people. She is doing things she shouldnt. Will she be able to stop??? Really a freaking cliff hanger lol, now to wait on the next book. :)

    28. OmgOmg the turn of events had me at the edge of my seat I'm no spoiler you will have to read it for yourself So damn good.

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