The Cruiser

Newly promoted to Captain, Dan Lenson s first glimpse of his command is of a ship literally high and dry The USS Savo Island, which carries a classified, never before deployed missile defense system, has run aground on an exposed sandbar off Naples Captain Lenson has to relieve the ship s disgraced skipper and deploy on a secret mission Operation Stellar Shield which wilNewly promoted to Captain, Dan Lenson s first glimpse of his command is of a ship literally high and dry The USS Savo Island, which carries a classified, never before deployed missile defense system, has run aground on an exposed sandbar off Naples Captain Lenson has to relieve the ship s disgraced skipper and deploy on a secret mission Operation Stellar Shield which will take his ship and crew into the dangerous waters bordering the Middle East.As a climate of war builds between Israel and Iraq, with threats of nuclear and chemical weapons, Dan has to rally Savo Island s demoralized crew, confront a mysterious death on board ship, while learning to operate a complex missile system that has not been battle tested But when the conflict reaches a climax, Dan is forced to make a decision that may cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives or may save them, but at the cost of his ship and his career.Filled with dramatic sea adventure, authentic weapons and technology, and distinguished by Poyer s deep understanding of duty and the moral choices made in combat, The Cruiser is the fourteenth novel to feature Dan Lenson in military service that carries him throughout the world.
The Cruiser Newly promoted to Captain Dan Lenson s first glimpse of his command is of a ship literally high and dry The USS Savo Island which carries a classified never before deployed missile defense system

  • Title: The Cruiser
  • Author: David Poyer
  • ISBN: 9781250020581
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The Cruiser by David Poyer is a first reads win and I'm giving my honest opinion. Captain Dan Lenson is given his own ship to command. The former captain ran her aground on a sandbars near Naples, Italy. The ship USS Sago Island had a top secret untried military weaponry called Operation Stellar Shield. His executive officer id Fahad Almarshadi who is very insecure. The rest of the staff seem ok but he will have to get some of his own people in to replace the men the Commodore lent him to comple [...]

    2. It isn't surprising that David Poyer's Dan Lenson novels (this is the 14th) are read in the Literature of the Sea course at Annapolis. They follow the career of a professional naval officer from his first ship (See: "The Gulf") to his appointment as captain of an Aegis missile cruiser at the outbreak of the second Gulf War. Lenson inherits a troubled ship, the Savo Bay. It's previous captain plus several other chiefs and officers have been taken off the ship following a harbor accident in Naples [...]

    3. Newly-promoted to Captain, Dan Lenson's first glimpse of his command is of a ship literally high and dry. The USS Savo Island, which carries a classified, never-before-deployed missile defense system, has run aground on an exposed sandbar off Naples. Captain Lenson has to relieve the ship's disgraced skipper and deploy on a secret mission--Operation Stellar Shield--which will take his ship and crew into the dangerous waters bordering the Middle East.As a climate of war builds between Israel and [...]

    4. Set in the run up to Gulf War II, in this latest entry to his Dan Lenson series, Mr. Poyer has put Dan in command of a hard luck ship, a Ticonderoga class cruiser, USS Savo Island, with a new antiballistic missile system that has run aground in Naples Harbor. First the things I liked about this novel. As usual I thought it was tightly written and a good thriller. Mr. Poyer, a retired Naval Officer, knows the navy and how it works. This knowledge brings authenticity to the novel. The novel is fas [...]

    5. THE CRUISER tells the story of Captain Daniel Lenson, US Navy, and his new command the USS Savo Island. The ship had not performed well under its’ former commander and several people including the former captain had been fired as the result of a JAG investigation. Lenson is expected to turn the ships’ performance around quickly as war with Iraq seems imminent. The Savo Island is stationed in the Mediterranean where it could quickly become part of the action. Captain Lenson’s time on the cr [...]

    6. I haven’t read a David Poyer novel in many years but when I picked THE CRUISER up I remembered exactly what I had been missing. The action starts, never slows down, and manages to ramp up to a pinnacle that is exhausting. In this latest outing in the Dan Lenson series, our main character assumes the command of a troubled Anti-Ballistic Missile Cruiser. That the ship is beached on a sandbar is testament to the problems of the last command structure. Lenson has to get the ship back in the water [...]

    7. Dan Lenson continues and this time, his command is one that the Navy has bestowed upon him. Though, since he is Lenson, who has served more time at sea than any other officer, and though not always covered in glory has pulled far too many chestnuts out of the fire, once again, he is given a ship with more chestnuts in the fire than any other Captain would ever face. One must remember that Lenson has the 'Medal.'Yet he is complex and thinks often if he is up to the task when the Balloon goes up. [...]

    8. “The Cruiser” was published in 2014 (December) and was written by David Poyer (poyer). Mr. Poyer has written many sea related novels, this is the 14th in the “Tales of the Modern Navy (Dan Lenson Novels)” series. I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. The novel is set in more of less contemporary times. The primary character is the newly promoted to Captain Dan Lenson. Lenson is thrust into the command of an advanced cruiser that the previous Captain has let run [...]

    9. David Poyer, The CruiserThis is the first book I've read of the Dan Lensen series of books and he definitely is my new number one author of naval thriller / mystery genre. He masterly paints his characters in one's mind, while showing an extremely detailed situations, keeping the technology understandable to the layperson while maintaining a relentless sense of plausible action and suspense. I cannot say enough about how much I've enjoyed the book and wishing I'd found this series sooner. I'm in [...]

    10. I do really like this series about Dan Lensen because I learn a lot about the navy. Dan FINALLY got to captain a cruiser! But it's a cruiser with lots of problems.This book is so filled with technical stuff, a lot of it was so way over my head. It would have been nice if Poyer gave a glossary of meanings of all the "military speak". Sometimes it was very distracting to try to figure out what the initials meant. some I never got.That being said, there was enough action and dialogue that I got the [...]

    11. Hold on to your cover or it'll end up in the scuppers because this is a fast-paced story. It is full of Navy jargon, acronyms and over-the-top modern weapons technology. Above all it is a sea story, a tale of a captain and his crew sailing their ship into "harm's way." Highly recommended for all you "old salts" out there and the not so old ones too. Ship type is a Ticonderoga class cruiser by the way.

    12. This was my first Poyer novel. There was a little too much technical jargon & I just really wasn't in the mood to read & decipher the whole way throughybe I'll try another Poyer book one day when I want to tax my brain a little harder : ) Also, it needs pictures of the ships and details so I could reference and actually see what they are talking about. If it had that I would have continued on reading.

    13. Pretty much akin to reading a behind the scenes description as oppose to the story itself. Guess it can be a refreshing change of perspective from usual novels. However not exactly my preference for a leisure read.

    14. RECEIVED FREE THROUGH FIRST READS.This was my first David Poyer and i really thought i would enjoy the readbut, i found the technical, military jargon, a bit above my simple head.The writing was spot on and if you have an interest in military thrillers, this is your book!!

    15. Good action in this naval thriller! A never ending series of problems for the new Skipper to deal with as they, ship and crew, face the challenges of protecting Israel from Saddam's prospective mIssals! Perhaps a tad too many issues for the over stressed Captain to handle.

    16. Recieved an ARC copy of this from . This was one of the most realistic military thrillers I have read. The suspense builds quickly and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Dan lenson is an amazing character with all the leadership skills needed to lead a wartime effort

    17. The ongoing saga of Dan Lenson fits in with the other books in this series. It is well written. It is not the best of this series but it is worth your time as is the entire series.

    18. A lot like the early Poyer books I've read, Digs into memories from my time in Navy 1972 thru 1976

    19. Skip the first 60% BoringUnless you want to wade thru a lot of technical gibberish, just go to the action, which is well done

    20. Generally good. Characters a little thin, but some of the story comes from their running against type. This is a modern setting and technology plays maybe just a little too big a part.

    21. Interesting storyline. Fast paced and well researched on naval jargon and operating procedures. My first time reading any of this authors worksd I'm sure it won't be my last.

    22. Good readLittle technical, makes you think about what's happening but always a plot twist or two. Really like David Poyer's books.

    23. I found this book by searching for very specific terms related to work tasks. I actually learned something about how some of the data we pass is used. For the most part, the writing was fast-moving and good. However, there was also a not-insignificant amount of internal dialogue about how the main character (Dan Lenson) had sexual feelings about other characters. This ended up (to me) feeling completely unnecessary and gratuitous.There was also a lot of recollection by the main character about p [...]

    24. This is the first Dan Lenson Novel I have read - correction, attempted to read. I laid it down 1/2 way through. I was excited to start this novel due to the back cover accolades from many authors I admire. The book did not live up to my expectations. The story, involves a U.S. Navy ship at sea. There is way too much technical jargon in the story at the sacrifice of character development. All this - military jargon, abbreviations, etc. without a glossary made the reading frankly boring. Give me a [...]

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