Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America

Respected conservative talk show host, blogger and TV commentator Dana Loesch gives her views on the history and intent of the Second Amendment and discusses what she believes gun confiscation would mean to Americans basic rights as citizens How many people in America today are truly well versed in the history of the Second Amendment, and why it was included in the BillRespected conservative talk show host, blogger and TV commentator Dana Loesch gives her views on the history and intent of the Second Amendment and discusses what she believes gun confiscation would mean to Americans basic rights as citizens How many people in America today are truly well versed in the history of the Second Amendment, and why it was included in the Bill of Rights In HANDS OFF MY GUN, Dana Loesch explains why the Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, and argues that gun control regulations throughout history have been used to keep minority populations under control She also contends that current arguments in favor of gun control are primarily based on emotions and fear This narrative is a must read for every Second Amendment supporter Dana Loesch is a determined and fierce advocate for those rights and shouts out hands off my gun
Hands Off My Gun Defeating the Plot to Disarm America Respected conservative talk show host blogger and TV commentator Dana Loesch gives her views on the history and intent of the Second Amendment and discusses what she believes gun confiscation would m

  • Title: Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America
  • Author: Dana Loesch
  • ISBN: 9781455584345
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America”

    1. I reviewed this for NetGalley.I was really excited to read this one, since I'm a life-long supporter of the 2nd Amendment as well as a woman. After reading, I'm a bit torn. While Loesch does a good job of detailing the history behind the "anti-gun" movement (also called gun control, gun grabbers, etc), she doesn't manage to do so without a lot of name calling and borderline childish behavior. And I get it, she's a blogger, and in blogging, you tend to be a bit less polished in your words, in how [...]

    2. Barely three stars. I like what the author has to say, but not the way she says it. It's a halfway decent book if you're a member of the choir, but Ms. Loesch's antagonistic tone will drive away anyone who hasn't already made up their mind on this issue.HANDS OFF MY GUN isn't nearly as informative as I thought it would be, especially if you've been listening to all those gun debates on Fox News and CNN. Much of what Ms. Loesch has to say is blindingly obvious. For example, she devotes a whole ch [...]

    3. I honestly don't know where to start. This was one of the biggest wastes of time I've ever had to go through. Disclaimer: I support the second amendment and I am pro-guns. I believe people have the right to have a gun in their home if they want to. The only reason I am putting this out there right from the get go is so that her fandom doesn't think I had some kind of "liberal bias" (a buzz expression Dana Loesch is obsessed with) while reading this.This was pure horse manure. One of the worst bo [...]

    4. I couldn't finish this book. I really tried. I picked it up at the library because the cover intrigued me. While she makes very good and valid points (I actually agree with most of what she believes in), they are all wrapped in rants, name calling, and bullying. It was very heavy handed. I did not need to be bashed over the head with her agenda; I already believe in the right to have a gun. I wish she kept to the facts instead of constantly bashing anyone who does not agree with her. She also co [...]

    5. I'm giving this book 5 complete stars because I couldn't put it down. Dana's arguments are so relevant and she was serious about the claim "defeating the plot to disarm America." She had to keep repeating the fact that less gun control means less crime because so many anti-2A people refuse to believe it. I wish Anti-2A people would please read this book and acknowledge the facts about guns and gun safety.

    6. This is an excellent book, very informative and easily read. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone, no matter which side of the gun control debate you find yourself on. As Dana says more than once in this book “Education is the antidote to ignorance.” Dana delves into the history of the Second Amendment and early American gun control policies (like reconstruction era rulings that freed slaves were not citizens in order to keep guns out of their hands) as well as the current p [...]

    7. This is a great, thorough look at the anti-gun-rights movement, covering its racist origins, ignorance of that group, and full facts about how guns are used in real life around the world. I really admire how Dana stands up to hysterical liberals who make death threats because she owns guns.The book was not edited, though. (If it was, that editor needs to be fired.) There are tons of typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors. That's the only negative thing about it.

    8. Education is the antidote to ignorance. This book will educate you. It is by far the most comprehensive book on the second ammendment that I've ever read. Loaded with facts (complete with footnotes and sources so you can back it all up and verify the truth, thankyouverymuch) this book tells you everything you need to know about guns in America. Read it now.

    9. I had high hopes for this oneHowever, Loesch seems to use this book to tell us of her ongoing feud with Shannon Watts and Piers Morgan. The book could benefit from a little closer editing as wellt only typos but poor grammar in places as well as the same story repeated up to three times in different chapters of the book.

    10. The author is a blogger, columnist, and mother who believes in and supports the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. She exposes the terroristic tactics, slurs, and smears used by those who want to take away the right of law abiding American citizens to possess firearms without government control pf the population.

    11. I listened to this book on audio - and it was quite the compelling listen. Very well researched and delivered with passion - you could totally tell the author (and narrator) really meant what she said in these pagesever there was such an overtone of bullying, name dropping, name calling and blatant gun-toting craziness that it was hard to swallow. I think I would have preferred to just hear the history of the constitution and its amendments rather than the anger and rhetoric. I'm from Australia [...]

    12. Hadn’t heard of the book, Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America, or its author, Dana Loesch, until recently while watching The Kelly File on Fox News Channel; Dana Loesch and Bill Burton were debating new calls for gun control after the murders of two WDBJ journalists in Virginia. I was struck by how intelligent and on-point Loesch was in her defense of the Second Amendment and the laws already enacted to prevent illicit firearm use.Immediately I purchased Hands Off My Gun fro [...]

    13. I highly recommend this book. If you want well reasoned arguments and humor at the same time, go no further. This book helped solidify my understanding of the anti-2nd Amendment groups goals and arguments, and how to rebut them. This is the most up-to-date pro-Second Amendment book right now. Dana did the research to back up every claim she makes (for instance, if there are more guns in law-abiding citizen’s hands crime rates go down), and the reason (even if you don’t own a gun) that you sh [...]

    14. Dana Loesch knows her stuff and I love her bluntness. She does a truly excellent job defending the second amendment and backing up that defense with facts and common sense. The book does wander a few too many times and even repeats itself when it comes to describing her Twitter wars and the "bitter clinger" comments from Obama. While I appreciated these memoir sections of the book they outstayed their welcome and ultimately felt a bit like filler. However, when the book gets down to the meat of [...]

    15. "You are your own first responder." Just like white supremacists knew with blacks after the civil war, all tyrants know they need to disarm a group before they can oppress them. the only extremists are people who want to strip your ability to protect yourself. Gun control is a criminals best friend, and with lots of evidence Dana proves this. Gun control advocates have historically been racist, elitist and sexist. Women are carrying at higher rates than ever, and are also safer than ever. Be ver [...]

    16. This book is filled with current historical events. Prior to listening to it, I was under the impression that this would be more of a distant historical account of how we've had to fight for our A2 right. There are some accounts, but not as many as I'd hoped to find throughout. Set this facet aside, I wasn't a big fan of the tone of the book. Let me just say, I'm a huge fan of this feisty witty woman. I have followed her career and show and while I don't agree with all of what she says, I thorou [...]

    17. If you're not a proponent of the second amendment, you're probably not going to like this book. However, even if you aren't a firearms fan, Dana Loesch makes some very interesting points (particularly regarding both racial and gender discrimination in the guise of gun control.)I enjoyed many of the arguments and points made in this book. On the downside, she had an edge that leaned toward snapping at her opponents. She argued that they started it and that you have to be tough in this space. She [...]

    18. I thought this book was a great book to read because of just being able to learn more about gun pro and con people. I liked how Dana Loesch was talking about different instances that make anti gun people want more laws on guns. This book was pretty much talking about protesters against guns on how they react to guns from history and seeing them in general. I disliked how the book kept switching from different stories and didn't flow the best. Other than those minor problems the book was a great [...]

    19. The content, though prone to hyperbole and repetition, was fairly good. It contained some good arguments and points that I hadn't come across before or that were restated more eloquently.I wasn't fond of the use of "words" that could only be found to be used in memes on the internet or the use of faux words like "frazillion."As with most books published now, I wish the author, editor, or publisher would take the time to run a basic spelling and grammar review. The inane errors just detract from [...]

    20. Easy read. Flows nicely.Dana is a dragon biting off heads; Piers Morgon, Mayor Bloomberg, and many more.The issue with firearms in America is older that America itself. This book explain that strict gun laws does not help the good guy but make it easier for the bad guys to break the law. Do you think a bad guy cares about gun laws or having a license. No, the gun laws only affect the law-abiding citizen.The stricter the gun law the worse the violence. If the American people could bear arms easie [...]

    21. This is an excellent read for both sides of the gun control/gun rights issue. Dana Loesch has researched her topic well, covering everything from the language of the Second Amendment and our founding father's own quotes on the right to bear arms. Also addressed are crime/murder statistics related to gun ownership in both America and the rest of world. Also important: an extensive chapter on gun laws and how much of what gun control advocates clamor for already exists. Read this. Learn from it. A [...]

    22. This okay. There's some great facts and wonderful arguments against gun control, but I have to agree there is WAY too much repeating of the author's arguments with other public news figures. The first 150 pages or some are repeating the same stories from chapter one, and could have been skipped completely or paraphrased- then the stores reappear again around the 230s- so this book could have been a lot shorter with the same information. The research done seemed pretty extensive, so I give her cr [...]

    23. Fantastic book covering the history of 2A, the racist origins of gun control and the current arguments of the anti-2A. I appreciated Loesch's use of sarcastic humor, though some may not, mixed with facts and counter arguments to create a well researched and enjoyable book. It was certainly an addicting read. Highly recommended for everyone interested in the subject of "gun control", (though if you are FOR gun control I would implore you to look passed the sarcasm and focus on her factual and his [...]

    24. What a great book! Dana has done her research and presented it in a readable and entertaining format. I was particularly struck by the introduction, which chronicles Dana's confrontation with very real threats to herself and her family. If you're not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment you should read this book, it will educate you. If you are a supporter you should read it to equip yourself to defend it. 5 Stars

    25. This book had some great references and historical context on 2A and the false arguments people use to try and take our right to defend ourselves and our families.Personally, I could have used a fewer references to Piers Morgan and Shannon Watts of #everytown. I appreciate they are the most vocal gun-grabbers, but point was made and she dwelt on their arguments and tactics a little too much for my taste.

    26. This book offers a great amount of information on guns, gun control and the 2nd Amendment. I loved learning the history behind gun control, my guess is most haven't a clue why gun permits were instituted and where gun control started. Loved the chapter that debunks lies about guns. If you want a book where you can learn about guns and their purpose and what 2nd Amendment means. Pick up this book.

    27. I cannot find the words to give this book the high praise it deserves. To me, this is on my list of books that should be required reading for every one in this country. It might help a few uninformed people that don't live here to better understand the value of self defense and the importance of individual gun ownership. I thank Dana Loesch for putting all these diverse points together in one place and making it so easy to understand the big picture of second amendment rights.

    28. A well-documented history of the attempts by politicians to restrict American’s Second Amendment: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The author covers Obama’s war on guns, the anti-gun lobby, what the Founding Father’s meant when they wrote the Constitution and how politicians (especially Feinstein, Bloomberg, etc.) and other anti-gun celebrities try to use tragic incidents for their political purposes.

    29. Hands Off My Gun has always been on my books to read list but, I usually put if because I thought I knew all about gun rights but I was sorely mistaken. Learned about the racist past of gun control groups among other things. I have always wanted to get concealed carry permit but, this book has made me want it even more. Highly recommend!!

    30. This was very eye opening. I had no idea that racism was the initial impetus behind the beginning of the erosion of the 2nd amendment. Story after story through American history are highlighted that explain the game plan of the rat-freaking-bastards that are trying to disarm us piecemeal. Stand up for your rights by first getting informed on the history of the anti-gunners.

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