With warmth and humor, award winning author illustrator Matt Phelan follows a child as she leads her daddy on some rainy day flights of fancy.It s raining and raining and raining, and Penelope is bored What would you do if you had your druthers asks her daddy Well, if Penelope had her druthers, she d go to the zoo Or be a cowgirl Or a pirate captain who sails to theWith warmth and humor, award winning author illustrator Matt Phelan follows a child as she leads her daddy on some rainy day flights of fancy.It s raining and raining and raining, and Penelope is bored What would you do if you had your druthers asks her daddy Well, if Penelope had her druthers, she d go to the zoo Or be a cowgirl Or a pirate captain who sails to the island of dinosaurs, or flies away on a rocket to the moon If Penelope had her druthers, she d go off on amazing adventures but then again, being stuck inside may not be so bad if your daddy is along for the ride
Druthers With warmth and humor award winning author illustrator Matt Phelan follows a child as she leads her daddy on some rainy day flights of fancy It s raining and raining and raining and Penelope is bore

  • Title: Druthers
  • Author: Matt Phelan
  • ISBN: 9780763659554
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Druthers”

    1. I ordered this because I was also ordering Phelan's new (2016) Snow White, and had read his other historical fiction books, mostly for tweens (with all ages appeal). This is a picture book for the very young, with a fairly typical focus on how (poor folks, the 99%) can, in the absence of actually going on a pirate's ship, actually invent the life of a pirate with wooden spoons for swords, old sheets for flags and just making things up. A little girl says she is bored; Dad asked what would be her [...]

    2. DRUTHERS begins with a girl, Penelope, suffering rain-induced boredom. That’s a common picture book scenario, but none the worse for wear. Luckily for Penelope, her kind and cooperative father is there to participate in a range of imagined adventures, from going to the zoo, to going to the moon. Without giving spoilers, suffice it to say that Penelope and her dad are not bored.The story arc is very simple, and Penelope doesn’t have to strive to resolve her dilemma. Her dad asks her a questio [...]

    3. Druthers is a sweet story of how a little girl and her father spend a rainy afternoon turning their home upside down with their imaginative play. The father is peacefully reading a book (in a clean and spotless room) when his young daughter states the inevitable, "I'm bored". Her boredom quickly flees when he asks, "If you had your druthers, what would you do?" Their imagination takes flight as they explore one adventure after another. At the end the house may look like a tornado swept through, [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading Matt Phelan's Druthers. I loved how Penelope and her Dad played together on a rainy day. I loved turning the pages to see what she wanted to do next. Each activity was a "druther" of course. For example, wanting to go to the zoo, wanting to be a cowgirl, wanting to go to the moon, etc. Each druther leads to a fun opportunity for this father and daughter to explore together. This is a book that celebrates imaginative play. It also celebrates family! (I suppose you could a [...]

    5. I am a fan of practically anything Matt Phelan does, so my 5 star rating may be slightly bias. However, the easy charm of this title is undeniable. As is the relationship depicted between father and daughter as the girl realizes that maybe rain isn't such a bad thing because that means she can play with her dad. Imagination and relationship are close at play here and they get on together extremely well.

    6. A little girl and her father discuss her druthers (what she'd rather be doing, instead of watching it rain outside). They have fun with all of the imaginative play the little girl can dream up and she finds out that a little rain can be a great thing with Dad inside to play.Ink and watercolor illustrations. Must see/read!

    7. Short but sweet little picture book that I hope encourages some children to use their imaginations rather than rely on TV or electronic games for entertainment. I know there are many children who are expert "imagineers" who will enjoy this story and wonderful illustrations. I also love how the Dad in the story interacts with Penelope and her fanciful dreams.

    8. DRUTHERS : what a great word, don't you think? I love the sound of it, and if you don't know the meaning of it, just pick up this book to find out! This craftily written and illustrated book is a fun "stir of the imagination" on a rainy day--or any other day, for that matter :) What a great author/illustrator debut by the talented Matt Phelan!

    9. What do you do when you're up against a rainy day? You think of Druthers of course! Little Penelope's Dad describes Druthers as things you would rather do, if you could do anything at all. With that, Penelope and her Dad's day turns from a day of nothingness to a day full of fantasy and excitement.

    10. Sweet picture book about a father and daughter playing inside together. The parent/child interaction feels warm and comforting without being sappy. The imaginative play of the child will resonate with young children and keep them engaged through many re-readings.

    11. "Druthers are what you would rather do if you could do anything at all."A father and daughter use their imaginations to enjoy a rainy day. So funTheme: imagination, father-daughter relationships,

    12. This is an adorable story about a little girl and her father and how they amuse themselves and each other when it is a rainy day outside. There is new vocabulary to learn and much fun to be had - great for young readers!

    13. On a rainy day, the daughter is at home not able to play outside. The dad decides to do everything he can to make her day become brighter. The daughter tells everything she wants to do and the dad goes along and makes her day. It shows the importance of father-daughter relationship.

    14. Adorable family story full of imagination with a satisfying conclusion.Large black text well-placed around soft illustrations that effectively portray the little girl's emotions.Great example for parents to handle a boring, rainy day!

    15. A wonderful story of a bored little girl on a rainy day and her dadDruthers is what you would always do if you did anything at all. It made my imagination fly.

    16. So cute and fun - the daddy and daughter playing imagination on a rainy day. Making a big ol' mess of the house and having a great time. Made me laugh and also say, "A"

    17. marking as holiday because it would be a PERFECT book to share around Father's Day (or for an imagination-themed PSST) lovely and warming illustrations make this book quite special.

    18. Yay for picture books about daddies and their kids. Yay for picture books all about using your imagination. Yay, a third time, for a Matt Phelan picture book about anything at all.

    19. A warm, fun story about a daughter and her dad using their imaginations to inject some excitement into a boring, rainy day.

    20. Is "druthers" a thing I don't know about?Because either way, it kind of gave me pause every time it was used.And the end is SWEET (in an almost too cute kind of way).Moral: imagination = yay!

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