Girls Who Rocked the World: Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa

Young women looking for inspiration will surely find it Booklist in these profiles of forty six movers and shakers who made their mark before they turned twenty.This fun and inspiring collection of influential stories provides forty six illustrated examples of strong, independent female role models, all of whom first impacted the world as teenagers or younger Original Young women looking for inspiration will surely find it Booklist in these profiles of forty six movers and shakers who made their mark before they turned twenty.This fun and inspiring collection of influential stories provides forty six illustrated examples of strong, independent female role models, all of whom first impacted the world as teenagers or younger Originally published in two volumes over a decade ago, this fully updated and expanded edition of Girls Who Rocked the World spans a variety of achievements, interests, and backgrounds, from Harriet Tubman and Coco Chanel to S.E Hinton and Maya Lin each with her own incredible story of how she created life changing opportunities for herself and the world Personal aspirations from today s young women are interspersed throughout the book, which also includes profiles of teenagers who are rocking the world right now girls like Winter Vinecki, the creator of the nonprofit organization Team Winter, and Jazmin Whitley, the youngest designer to show at L.A Fashion Week It s never too soon to start making a difference, and these exhilarating examples of girl power in action make for ideal motivation.
Girls Who Rocked the World Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa Young women looking for inspiration will surely find it Booklist in these profiles of forty six movers and shakers who made their mark before they turned twenty This fun and inspiring collection of in

  • Title: Girls Who Rocked the World: Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa
  • Author: Michelle R. McCann Amelie Welden David Hahn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Girls Who Rocked the World is an amazing book that I’m currently reading, I personally love this book because it’s all about women who made a difference and and changed the way women live in now with our, freedom, and peace, and have equal rights. And their are so many women that had made a difference in the world that I didn’t even know about just like The Trung Sisters, Phillis Wheatley, Joan of Arc, and Florence Nightingale and she is very interesting, and there are so much more people [...]

    2. Girls who rocked the world is about women who did something important that make them . I recommend this book to people who want to know about the world and what made them important. I give this book a 7 out of 10 .

    3. I wasn't sure about this book at first but it grew on me and I found myself researching more about several of these awesome women. I had checked it out of the library to see if it would be a good book to read to my kids and enjoyed the stories enough to buy the book. We're going to go through them together (my 9- and 7-year-old girls and myself). I didn't love the overtly girly/feminist language in some places but the stories are definitely inspiring and just having a few pages on a person is en [...]

    4. 5 out of 5 stars.This book was so informative and well-written. I really recommend picking this book up, especially if you are someone who has a young daughter. Read it, educate yourself of these wonderful females throughout history, and share it with your daughters (and sons, because the more we teach young kids that gender plays no part in success the better life will be). Show young girls that there are kids just like them who changed the freaking world!

    5. A random book that I just picked up but I really enjoyed it! Many stories of inspiring women, some of which I had never heard of!

    6. I got this book as a stocking present from my mum over Christmas. I thought that it was going to be aimed at my age group, however shortly after starting the book I realised it was probably more aimed at young girls aged 9-15. However, I still really enjoyed it and it only took a couple of days to read.The book is an anthology of stories about important women throughout history who made an impact at a young age. I think that it could really inspire young girls and show them a range of things tha [...]

    7. Have you ever heard of the Trung sisters or Sacagawea? These are just a couple of the women who changed the world. For my genre du Jour, I read the non-fiction book Girls Who Rocked the World by Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden. This is a historical non-fiction book. Non-fiction means real events that actually took place in the world. This book has a lot of short chapters that explain how different female heroes made an impact on the world. I like how the book had an index so that I could [...]

    8. I discovered this book in my local library. I was looking for biographies I could use in my Chaplaincy role at a primary school. It's a fascinating read. There are 42 stories of girls who have made a significant impact in lots of different fields. The wide variety of locations, historical settings and backgrounds makes for a smorgasbord of experiences. All the girls had to overcome obstacles, whether they were prejudices, poverty, lack of education or family expectations. They all showed amazing [...]

    9. Girls Who Rocked the World is a collection of short biographies of women such as Harriet Tubman, Hatshepsut, Joan of Arc, Sacagawea, Mary Anning, and Anne Frank, whose actions as teenagers shaped their country and in some cases, history. Within these pages, you’ll find abolitionists, inventors, physicists, nurses, activists, warriors, and fossil hunters. There are fashion designers, actresses, ballerinas, poets, musicians, and sculptors. There are queens and pharaohs, professions closed to The [...]

    10. McCann, M.R & Welden, A. (2008). Girls who rocked the world. New York, NY: Aladdin.Target Audience: Grades 5-8 Girls Who Rocked the World first opens up with an amazing quote about how women can make great history, just like their male counterparts. This book is an inspirational compilation of stories about women who have made huge impacts on today before they were even 20 years old. Every reader is able to relate to these stories and find one role model. The book describes 17-year old Joan [...]

    11. This book has famous women from the beginning of time to today. Everything from scientists and presidents to authors and queens, this book has it all. Each person mentioned has two to six pages discussing their lives and how they went about achieving their dreams. I think it is great for kids to learn about people who followed their drema and I love the little boxes of “How Will You Rock The World?” where kids put how they plan to make a difference. I love the idea of this book and I think m [...]

    12. This book was amazing. It was a good pick up and put down book that I read over the course of about a month and a half. More than half of the women in this book I had never heard of and I enjoyed learning about strong female leaders throughout history. The author did a terrific job of researching this book.

    13. I loved the mixture of narrative writing style, short biographies, and information about current girls who are rocking the world. It was nice to see women represented from all around the world, throughout time, and in many different fields (science, sports, literature, music, etc). The focus on women who began their paths before age 20 was a great hook, and hopefully will help convince the kids reading the book that it is never too soon to make a difference. This is a great introduction to the l [...]

    14. This was a really good book. It taught me so much about different people like Florence Nightingale and even Queen Nefrititi. It gives you a small biography of each person in the book such as Coco Channel. It tells you their birth, death, accomplishments and much more. After reading this book I knew so many new things that I didn't know already. Even though some people in the book might not seem interesting they might just surprise you. I recommend this book to people who like to learn about amaz [...]

    15. I liked the fact that this book gave you all the information you needed and wanted to know about each person. I sometimes found myself being quite bored but that was only because I didn't know not of them before reading the book. I was very excited about reading the stories of Joan of Arc, Sacagawea, Anne Frank, The Bronte sisters and so much more because I had heard about or seen their names somewhere and I though, "yes. I want to know all about them."

    16. Michelle Roehm McCann and Amelie Welden have created a celebration for girls in "Girls Who Rocked the World." If you feel a bit overwhelmed while reading the good works of so many good girls, pause to reflect on your own accomplishments, whether celebrated or unsung. All ordinary people are extraordinary. The jacket illustration designed by Karina Granda is an eye stopperess that's Sacagawea and Mother Teresa jamming electrics?

    17. This book is all about girls/women who defied the odds and were amazing in their own way. These people are from Joan of Arc to Adriana Ocampa. Their stories are all fascinating, some sad but what they did before all the bad things happened was really the main part and the best bit. My favourite person is Anne Frank because everyone who is jewish can relate to her and all the other jews living through the war.

    18. Girls Who Rocked the World: Heroines from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa by Michelle Roehm McCann is about many woman who made their mark in the world. They did things that other people would not dare to. This book is a good book to read if you need like to read in the car or on a plane ride. It doesn't take very long to read, but you learn a lot about history in a fun way.

    19. So far this book has been okay. The entries are short although I'm sure they could have been much more detail added about the lives of these women. Also, one thing I really disliked was that there were no pictures of these women. I found myself searching the internet for these women and their work. I'll make a final assessment of the book once I'm done.

    20. a cute book for middle-grade children. I actually didn't realize that it was at a children's level until I got the book from the library but it looked cute so I skimmed through it. It could definitely provide a few more pictures and more detail about the "girls" but overall it is pretty interesting.

    21. Loved this book! It gets a little slow if you read it straight through because it's just different little stories about people. I want to buy the book to have in my library and read it with my kids, going through it more slowly and reading one story at a time. I also want to get the "Boys Who Rocked the World" as well.

    22. Loved the boy version,And love the girl version.So many cool stories that I didn't know.And if I knew the people's general story,I got to learn a lot more facts.Looking forward to giving this book to some young friends who are girls.I'm sure they will be inspired like I am.

    23. I got this for my girls to read and read it myself first. It was very good. I may have to pay them the penny a page to get through it (not as fun as Harry Potter) but it teaches great lessons about what you can accomplish. It left me feeling like I need to get to work!!

    24. This fun and inspiring collection features strong, independent females who impacted the world as teenagers. Each woman has their own incredible story of how she created life-changing opportunities for herself and the world. Exhilarating examples of girl power in action! (reviewer #5)

    25. Definitely geared toward middle-school aged girls (so many exclamation points, oh my!), but this was a fun read. A nice two-page introduction to some women in history that I have never heard about, and would be interested in reading more about.

    26. My third grade girls at Somersfield love this book. Definitely the kind of book that I want to have in an elementary classroom. The book for boys looks equally great.

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