A New York Christmas

A brand new Christmas mystery, and the very first set in New York City, from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry, featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt s daughter Jemima.December, 1904 Jemima Pitt, now twenty two, agrees to act as a suitable companion to her friend Delphinia, who is traveling to New York to be married to Brent Albright, toast of New York high socA brand new Christmas mystery, and the very first set in New York City, from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry, featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt s daughter Jemima.December, 1904 Jemima Pitt, now twenty two, agrees to act as a suitable companion to her friend Delphinia, who is traveling to New York to be married to Brent Albright, toast of New York high society Jemima is excited about the prospect of a Christmas adventure in a strange big city, but little does she expect to be enlisted on a top secret mission by Brent s brother Harley, to track down Delphinia s estranged mother After some detective work and a little luck, they manage to locate her lodgings but to their horror, they find Maria dead Truly her parents daughter, Jemima is determined to unmask the killer, and enlists the aid of handsome young police officer Patrick Flannery to do it And along the way she comes to learn an important lesson about staying true to oneself, no matter the cost Once again, as only she can, Perry delivers a darkly suspenseful, ultimately heart warming novel that truly captures the essence of the holiday spirit.
A New York Christmas A brand new Christmas mystery and the very first set in New York City from New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry featuring Charlotte and Thomas Pitt s daughter Jemima December Jemima P

  • Title: A New York Christmas
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780345548467
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Super clueless, selfish, unsympathetic characters. Obvious from the beginning "who did it." Over-the-top Hallmarkesque. Gag me with an ornament.(Edit: I'm being unfair. I don't recall any ornaments in this book.)

    2. I received a copy of this title from Bookbridgr in return for an honest review.The year is 1904 and Jemima Pitt is heading off to New York as a companion to Delphinia, a young bride-to-be. As Phinnie has no mother figure, Jemima wants to make sure she is well settled into the role of wife to a wealthy young American. The Albright family have it all, house, money and a place in the top of New York society. But all is not what it seems and Jemima is dragged into the drama, not long after her arriv [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed getting to know Jemima in this book. You can really see how she takes after her parents. The mystery was pretty good although figuring out The Who was much easier than the why.

    4. Set in early 20th-century New York City, she gives us an appealing, smart, engaging heroine, a believable tale of betrayal and greed, and an unexpectedly charming romantic hero. Although the identity of the murderer is rather obvious, the motives and context are what keep the story going, along with its lovely romantic elements. This novella will appeal to both longtime fans of Perry’s detective Pitt, but as a librarian I’d recommend this book to readers interested in historical fiction and [...]

    5. It was a heartwarming 'choked up' feeling to sit down and crack open the story of a young lady that I have known since she was born- in fiction land that is. Jemima Pitt is the grown daughter of the two main characters of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt historical mystery series. I have been following that series from book one through book thirty with Jemima quietly in the background growing up and apparently getting the best that both parents have to offer when it comes to personality and charact [...]

    6. eachery and hope!Anne Perry's superb writing skill continues to delight me. What goes on beneath the surface of her stories is always a pleasure to ponder. In A New York Christmas sacrifice and love shine through. Questions follow questions, seemingly dark and despairing, and yet a light shines through and truth is revealed.It's 1904 and Thomas and Charlotte Pitts daughter 23 year old daughter Jemima journeys across the Atlantic as a companion to a wealthy young woman Delphinia Cardew,who is to [...]

    7. Christmas in New York in 1904. In the last Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel which I read earlier this year, young Jemima was 16 years old. For those not in the know, Jemima is Charlotte and Thomas's daughter. In this book we jump ahead seven years and we sail across the ocean with Jemima. She is accompanying her young friend on an Atlantic crossing in order to be there to support her at her wedding in New York. I was excited to read this book because I love Charlotte and Thomas Pitt so much, and [...]

    8. In Anne Perry's 2014 Christmas installment, it is 1904 and Jemima Pitt, new 23 years old is on her way to New York City as the companion of Delphina Cardew, who is going to marry Brent Aldrich, the wealthy son of her father's American business partner.The wedding will be a gilded affair, but Jemima, who is very much her mother's daughter, senses a dark undercurrent running through the household regarding Delphina's mother, who has been absent from her life since she was two yeas old. Jemima assu [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars I received this book from Netgalley to review. Anne Perry writes these little novellas for the Christmas season. I like reading them at Christmas when it's so busy it's hard to sink into a big book. They are usually about a minor character which is nice. This one is about Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. Jemima accompanies a female acquaintance to New York who is getting married to a very rich son of a millionaire. There is a murder and Jemima is arrested for it. [...]

    10. Delphinia Cardew, daughter of a very wealthy Bristish artistocrat, is betrothed to the son of Mr. Cardew’s wealthy New York business partner. In 1904, it is not considered proper for a young, unmarried woman to travel alone across the ocean by ship. Mr. Cardew engages the services of another young woman, Jemima Pitt, to accompany his daughter to New York for the wedding. After accepting the offer, Jemima looks forward to traveling to America. Once there, Jemima begins to wonder why Delphinia [...]

    11. An Anne Perry Christmas novella that captures the diversity of the New World while revealing the truth about friendships, misplaced trust and misguided loyalty. If you've read any of her novellas before this will not disappoint, and is a delightful diversion into Pitt's daughter, Jemima, and his effect on her life. Jemima is acutely aware of society's rules, perhaps especially so she can choose not to follow them, and part of her task as Phinnie's companion is to keep her friend within those rul [...]

    12. Not until I worked at a library did I realize Christmas/Holiday books were a thing. Picked this up to see what the hype was about - a delightful mystery-romance centered around Christmastime in New York - just as the title describes :) Enjoyed this story well enough that I'd likely read another one next Christmas.

    13. In 1904, twenty-three-year-old Jemima Pitt, daughter of Thomas Pitt, head of Britain's Special Branch, is crossing the Atlantic. She is travelling with a friend who is planning to marry Brent Albright in a New York wedding that will join two wealthy families. Delphinia's mother had abandoned her daughter and gone missing. The Albrights refuse to even mention her name. Harley, the groom's charismatic brother, asks Jemima to help him search for Maria and forestall the scandal that would ensue if t [...]

    14. UGH.I love fiction works set in the past but ugh. I felt like everything about this was so artificial, the way the characters spoke to each other seemed contrived and there wasn't enough scene-setting. I live in NYC and I still was having trouble understanding where the Albright family lived in Manhattan, maybe that isn't so important to people who don't live in the NYC Metro area but for an affluent family to live in Chinatown is super rare. So that didn't seem right.Not to mention the family w [...]

    15. The year is 1904. Twenty-three-year-old Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas Pitt is crossing the Atlantic.From Hell's Kitchen to Fifth Avenue, the Lower East Side to Central Park, Jemima looks for answers.Suspense and drama throughout the book. I loved it. The action kept me interested.Jemima Pitt is an interesting character. I hope to read more of her in other books. 5-Stars

    16. 2.5 would have been more acurate - i did not really feel any emotion with that story - not one of my favourites

    17. Everyone has their own holiday traditions unique to them whether it’s a specific decoration or meal or just something to evoke past memories. For me, it’s seeking out new interesting Christmas stories and, for this, I always look to Anne Perry. Every year she puts out a new Christmas novella starring one of the characters from her historical mystery novels. This year, it is Jemima Pitt, daughter of Thomas Pitt. The year is 1904 and Jemima has agreed to accompany a wealthy heiress to New York [...]

    18. In the latest of Anne Perry's Christmas novellas, Jemima Pitt, twenty-three-year-old daughter of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, travels to New York with her young friend, Delphinia Cardew. Delphinia is on her way to marry Brent Albright at Christmas time, and her father is too ill to make the trip. At just nineteen, she needs Jemima as a companion and chaperone.Once in the opulent home of the Albright family, Jemima soon learns that Delphinia's absent mother did not die when Delphinia was young, but [...]

    19. "A New York Christmas" is a Christmas gift story about a wealthy family in New York City in 1904.This tasty story has Jemima Pitt, daughter of Thomas Pitt, head of Britain's Special Branch, accompanying her acquaintance Delphinia Cardew across the Atlantic to New York. Phinnie is to be married to Brent Albright, an heir to his family's wealth.There is a question as to a person not invited to the wedding and when Jemima tries to learn more, she comes across the body of a woman who had been murder [...]

    20. This book revolves around Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas Pitt. He and his wife usually lead this series. She has agreed to accompany a younger woman to New York to meet her fiancé's family. They are an extremely wealthy, and social family. Thinking she is doing her friend, and their family a favor she agrees to help search for her friends mother, Maria. It seems this woman may cause a problem at the wedding should she show up. She had left her daughter at two, when she also left her husban [...]

    21. A New York Christmas starts off with Jemima Pitt traveling to New York City as an older companion to Delphinia who will soon be married. While the characters are likable, they are not necessarily memorable. I find that the details of early 1900’s NYC add flavor to the story. Since it is fiction, I am not sure how accurate the characters within the city are portrayed, but I did enjoy reading of their interactions with each other.There is a murder but not so much a mystery for the reader to solv [...]

    22. review by ireadnovels.wordpressA must buy must read! A first class brilliant murder mystery. So much impressed about Anne Perry’s story telling, that I am set to read more of Anne Perry’s novels. A New York Christmas is set in the year 1904. Jemima Pitt’s father was head of Special Branch, this is how Jemima knew so much about crime. In December 1904, Mr Edward Cardew had invited Jemima to travel to New York as a companion for his daughter, Delphina, who was to marry Brent Albright, the so [...]

    23. Although the title refers to Christmas, the book is not a Christmas book per se. Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas Pitt, accompanies a heiress, Delphinia Cardew, to NYC for her wedding to Brent All right, the son of her Dad's partner. Both families are very wealthy and the young heiress, called Phinnie, is very much in love with the older Brent. However the younger Albright son, Harley, enlists Jemima's help in finding Phinnie's estranged mother believed to be in NYC. Then Harley frames Jemima [...]

    24. Independent, young Jemima Pitt, daughter of London Special Branch policeman Thomas Pitt, is crossing the ocean in 1904 as a companion to "Phinny" Cardew.on to be married into the wealthy Albright family of New York City. Upon arrival Jemima is told that Phinny's mother, who abandoned her when she was a small child, could possible appear and make a scandal at the high society wedding of the year. Could Jemima help find the woman and steer her clear of the event? Little does Jemima realize that sh [...]

    25. I eagerly anticipate these holiday treats every year, and this one did not disappoint. 23-year-old Jemima, the daughter of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, (can it possibly have been that long since The Cater Street Hangman????) accompanies her friend Delphinia to NY, where the latter is to marry one of NYC's high society figures. Naturally, there is mystery and murder, and Jemima is framed. As always, there is a sweet, romantic solution! I love Anne Perry's writing, but there's something extra specia [...]

    26. This book wasn't laden with Christmas yuletide as the title subtly suggested; it was more a murder mystery in the Christmas season. I enjoyed it. Really liked the Jemima and Patrick characters. It's a quick and short read that can be read in one evening. I did just check out another Anne Perry book from my library, so hope to get a better taste for her writing style.I received an e-copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

    27. A delightful, quick read by Anne Perry. I enjoyed the story and pacing at first but felt as if it all wrapped up too quickly in the end. This is my fourth christmas themed mystery by Perry and as with all the others I found that this book is not really one of those novels you pick up to get you into the christmas spirit. No warm fuzzies here, just an intriguing mystery that coincidentally is happening during the holiday season.

    28. Jemima travels to New York in A New York Christmas as a companion to a rich young girl who is to marry a rich New Yorker. Anne Perry has Jemima prove she is a worthy daughter to Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. After discovering a body she is arrested. Jemima with the help of a young policeman discover the true killer as well as what is really going on with the rich New York family. I really enjoyed this book.

    29. Jemima Pitt, daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Pitt is on her way to New York City for the first time. She is escorting a young woman who is to marry into a rich and influential family there. However, life is not what it seems in the home of the Albrights and Jemima becomes the focus of a murder investigation. A great story as usual but Christmas is barely mentioned. Not sure if this should go on my Christmas shelf or on the shelf with my other Anne Perry books.

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