Return of the Gunhawk

Volume three in the McCabe saga Johnny McCabe rides to California to visit the grave of his late wife, and to visit a brother he hasn t seen in 17 years But everything with his brother is not as it appears A story of the Old West, of family and friendship, and second chances A story of burying the past and reaching for the future A story of the McCabes.
Return of the Gunhawk Volume three in the McCabe saga Johnny McCabe rides to California to visit the grave of his late wife and to visit a brother he hasn t seen in years But everything with his brother is not as it ap

  • Title: Return of the Gunhawk
  • Author: Brad Dennison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONSManipulation, lies, another man's son. This book#3 of Johnny McCabe has a lot of intrigue, bushwackers, a manipulative wife who walked all over her husband, she gave birth to a son Hiram, who isn't Matt McCabe's son. Set her husband up to be murdered by her man servant who is really the father of Hiram, her son. Verona McCabe, ruthless, is her middle name, this woman was all about herself and how she wanted to build an empire, of wealth and powerIf you got in her way, you [...]

    2. Really great bookI am really loving these books on the McCabe family. They are as good as the books by William W. And Jo Johnstone on the MacCallister family. Now on to the next book.

    3. Best seriesThe McCabs series has been the best westerns I have read. Plenty for the western lover with clean romance with it

    4. I'm slowly losing interest in this series, but still a very good book. I never knew cowboys were in touch with their personal feelings and could share so openly with others.

    5. Interesting read. The family just keeps on growing and the activities and tragedies keep you interested on what will happen next. The family is gathering in MONTANA, AND BUILDING A DYNASTY. LOOKING FORWARD To what will happen inthe next addition.

    6. Return of the Gunhawk This book in the series was a slow starter for me but it picked up and delivered a good story. Didn't care for the ending. It just stops leaving you hanging.

    7. Great WesternI've read all 3 books and this one is by far my favorite. Great story line,familiar characters and some new ones to meet.

    8. Find Your True SelfJohnny returns to California to visit his late wife's grave and his brother. What he finds is more than he could have asked for. Great continuation of series.

    9. Not bad westernI enjoyed this book, but again there was too much repeating going on throughout the book. Not just for recapping but reminders for the readers, who have already noticed, for instance, that Johnny wears his gun low and never holds anything with his right hand. Still readable, but going downhill.

    10. McCabe Brothers Reunited ( Plus One )Each book of the McCabe's gets better then the last. Which is an amazing. Considering most series tend to get less exciting then the previous ones. I would love to see the McCabe's turned into a television series or at least a mini series. Thanks Mr. Dennison for a great read.

    11. Finish whatever you startFinish what you start. To some this is a literal concept yet it can cross a line. When crossing that line hurts others has that line been crossed? If you believe in Karma you will reap what you sow, it may literally bit you in the butt. Some people let you hurt them but not others. In this story that is where Tom finally finds his personal line crossed.I suggest you read this book. See if you agree with Tom.

    12. Characters are terrific, full of emotion, tough, loyal to a fault to one another and they make a great family. Of the first three in the series, the best so far. The author writes a story that draws the reader in and keeps things at a good pace. Would have been a five star had it not had loads of editing issues.

    13. WonderfulThis book was a continual suspense and so captivating. As the 3rd book in th I s series it follows along so wonderful and ties the story together while adding a continuation of the saga.

    14. Good story and character devlepmentAlways enjoy reading about the west. Especially enjoyed the family which ranged from adults who made their choices in life and when those choices are challenged by others with other choices goals the questioning that takes place moving forward.

    15. Another great Western!A great story about honest, hard working people who are willing to do the right thing regardless of the consequence.

    16. Good storyReally enjoyed this installment of the series. The story was an interesting, if traditional one. Got to know the main characters a bit more. Will read more of this saga soon.

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