Trick or Deadly Treat

It s Halloween in Weatherford, Texas which means Phyllis Newsom is baking up a storm of yummy seasonal treatsbut she s about to get even busier unmasking a killer While Phyllis and her friend Carolyn are preparing for a baking contest, her housemate Sam adopts Buck, an adorable Dalmatian who was hit by a car To thank local veterinarian Hank Baxter for helping the dog,It s Halloween in Weatherford, Texas which means Phyllis Newsom is baking up a storm of yummy seasonal treatsbut she s about to get even busier unmasking a killer While Phyllis and her friend Carolyn are preparing for a baking contest, her housemate Sam adopts Buck, an adorable Dalmatian who was hit by a car To thank local veterinarian Hank Baxter for helping the dog, Phyllis and Carolyn bake a batch of doggie treats for his other four legged patients.But when they arrive at the clinic, the vet is in the process of being arrested for the murder of his wife Convinced that the police are barking up the wrong tree and that someone s been burying evidence, Sam begs Phyllis to help find the real killer Joined by Buck, the friends engage in a dogged pursuit of the murderer, who will stop at nothing to muzzle them permanently.Includes Recipes
Trick or Deadly Treat It s Halloween in Weatherford Texas which means Phyllis Newsom is baking up a storm of yummy seasonal treatsbut she s about to get even busier unmasking a killer While Phyllis and her friend Carolyn

  • Title: Trick or Deadly Treat
  • Author: Livia J. Washburn
  • ISBN: 9780451416698
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Dollycas’s ThoughtsIn this 9th Fresh Baked Mystery the tables are turned a bit as Sam is the one leading the investigation. Sam met Dr. Hank Baxter when he rescued a wonderful dalmatian after it had been hit by a car. The vet takes such good car of the dog, who Sam has named Buck, that when Hank is arrested Sam feels the great need to help him. Sam seems to hit one brick wall after another so Phyllis agrees to help him out. Carolyn and Phyllis are trying to win another cooking contest for a na [...]

    2. This was my first Livia Washburn mystery and I have to say that I really enjoyed this. I was able to easily get to know the characters even though this was book 9 in the series. I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The story flowed very easily and I enjoyed reading this on Halloween to get me into the spirit of the season. I will be picking up more of this author's books including the Christmas mysteries.

    3. It's autumn in Weatherford, Texas. Retired schoolteacher Phyllis Newsom and her boarder Sam Fletcher are looking for a dog for the house. The dog is more for Sam than for Phyllis. At the animal shelter, a worker brings in a Dalmation with an injured leg who is a likely stray. Sam decides to adopt the dog and takes the dog to the vet recommended by the shelter, Dr. Hank Baxter. It is obvious Dr. Baxter is good with animals, but Phyllis and Sam overhear a heated argument between Hank and his wife [...]

    4. I really enjoy Livia Washburn's Fresh-Baked mystery series for several reasons. Her characters are good ol' Texas down-home folks, people you'd want living next door to you; the setting of Weatherford, Texas is realistic and charming; and the mysteries that Phyllis and her friends find themselves getting involved with are always interesting and intriguing. In "Trick or Deadly Treat," I was thrilled to find Sam Fletcher, Phyllis' gentleman friend and fellow retired teacher, getting to take a lead [...]

    5. Trick Or Deadly Treat is the ninth book of the A Fresh Baked Mystery series.Sam Fletcher, Carolyn Wilbarger and Eve Turner, three retired teachers, all live with Phyllis Newsom in her big house in Wetherford, Texas. Carolyn and Phyllis enjoy having some friendly competition and Sam and Eve are the lucky recipients.Sam has convinced Phyllis that it might be nice to have a dog, so they are at a local rescue looking over the dogs that are available for adoption. While they are looking a volunteer b [...]

    6. I thought TRICK OR DEADLY TREAT would be just as good as the other books in the Fresh-Baked Mystery series, but I was wrong. It’s better!Extremely well written with an entertaining plot, I was drawn into this story and didn’t want to stop reading. But it did start off in a dog kennel, so it was bound to win me over. Author Livia J. Washburn’s wonderful cast of characters find themselves once again in the middle of a homicide. Why would someone kill such a good man as the local vet? As more [...]

    7. This book was just ok. The storyline wasn't as exciting as some of Washburn's others. I found myself not caring who done it.

    8. Sam takes the lead in this volume of 'A Fresh Baked Mystery Series.' Phyllis, trying to stay out of mischief for her son's sake, Deputy Mike, lets Sam do the investigating of his Veterinarian's Wife's murder. That doesn't last for longPhyllis agrees to let Sam own a Dalmatian. The pup, Buck, quickly endears himself to the couple. Buck was being brought into the shelter as his leg was broken, he was starved and obviously a stray. Rushing to the nearest Vet Sam and Phyllis take an instant liking t [...]

    9. In this story, Sam gets a dog who is injured so they go to the vet that the rescue people recommend. Sam and Phyllis continue with followup visits and at Halloween go the the vet's party. While that is going on the police come and arrest the vet for the murder of his wife. Sam can't believe the vet is guilty so he starts trying to help him by asking questions. Eventually Phyllis joins him and they stay on the case. The book includes recipes including two for dogs. The book was a very quick easy [...]

    10. Phyllis Newsom's roommate and companion adopts a dalmation that was hit by a car. They take him to the vet to get him fixed up when the veterinarian gets arrested for the murder of his wife! Surely someone so good with animals wouldn't be able to kill someone. I love this cozy "Fresh Baked" mystery series! This one is especially interesting since Phyllis's love interest, Sam takes over the role of lead detective. Great characters, mysteries and food!

    11. Although I have really enjoyed this series - and highly recommend it, it was a little slow-going to get through this one. So maybe only three and a half stars.

    12. My decision to forsake cozy mysteries,for at least one year, couldn't have come at a more opportune moment. I really need to stay away from these type of books since, either they are getting worse, or I have been noticing the duds more now. Or, more simply, there are other books, even entire genres out there that are promising a higher % of enjoyable books. I had enough confidence going in with Trick or Deadly Treat. I had the book for some time. I was waiting for December to read it. I knew tha [...]

    13. TRICK OR DEADLY TRICKLivia J. WashburnObsidianOctober 2014Sam Fletcher wants to adopt a dog. Sam is one of three retired teachers renting rooms from educator-retiree, Phyllis Newsome. Phyllis has no objections to a dog, as long as it “knows” its place. While at the animal shelter looking for just the right dog, one of the volunteers carries in an injured Dalmatian; the animal has been the victim of a hit and run. Unbelievably, Sam wants this dog, names him Buck after one of his heroes, and t [...]

    14. Perfect timing on the release of this newest book in the Fresh-baked mystery series (#9) by Livia Washburn, since the action in the book occurs right around Halloween/early November. The main character is named Phyllis Newsom and she is a 60-something retired history teacher who rents rooms in her old house in Weatherford, Texas, to other retired teachers, mostly women. At this time, she has 3 long-time friends living with her: Carolyn Wilbarger, Eve Turner, and Sam Flether. She and Sam have a g [...]

    15. Originally posted on Smitten by Books BlogFor fans of: Joanne Fluke When Phyllis Newsom agrees to accompany her housemate, Sam Fletcher, to the animal shelter to help him pick out a dog, she has no idea the decision will lead to their involvement in yet another murder investigation. Where Phyllis is concerned, though, it’s starting to seem like all roads lead to her playing Miss Marple – whether she and her friends and family like it or not. Trick or Deadly Treat is the ninth of Livia J. Was [...]

    16. Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon.I received this book for free from Obsidian in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but after reading this one I now want to go back and read them all! Even without the context of previous books, I wasn't lost reading this one at all. It was easy to connect with the characters, and enough was e [...]

    17. This was a new author for me, and since it is currently October I've been looking for books 'of the season' So even though this was book 9 of this series I thought I would try it anyhow. Am so glad I did. You started reading it and you can't put it down. I was not lost within this series at all. There were refrences to stuff that happened in the other books (I'm guessing) but nothing that you become 'lost' not knowing. This is a Halloween book with a Halloween dress up party at a vet clinic for [...]

    18. Around September I love to dig into some fall themed books. I really don't care what the story is about as long as it feels like fall in the telling of the story. If you are looking for a fall or Halloween themed book don't bother with this one. Halloween is over and done within the first 3rd of the book and is NEVER mentioned again. It's more like the book was already written and then it was decided they needed to cover a holiday and forced in Halloween right in the beginning. Frankly any holid [...]

    19. Another great book in the series! Read it in one night, just couldn't put it down. Phyllis and Sam are so cute together and I love this story with how Sam gets his puppy, Buck. Of course it wouldn't be a cozy mystery without a murder and this one is a doozy. The wonderful vet that Sam has found for Buck is arrested for the murder of his wife. It looks like a pretty clear cut case even though no one wants to believe it. She was a pretty mean woman, they'd had marital problems and he was seen at h [...]

    20. This is the first of 'The Fresh-Baked Mysteries' that I have read. This one included a dog, and that makes me happy as I have a pet Sheltie, Srormie. For those of you who may not recognized the term 'Sheltie', it stands for a Shetland Sheep Dog, and if I do say so myself, they are beautiful and intelligent dogs - Stormie is included in the 'beautiful and intelligent' category. This cozy seemed more serious than the others I have read or possibly, the main theme is more serious than the others I [...]

    21. A great addition to the Fresh-Baked Mystery series. This is a great seriese main characters are a little older and live in Weatherford, Texas, which is a real Texas town about 45 minutes from where I live. In this latest installment, Sam Fletcher decides to get a dog. At the rescue facility, the dog Sam rescues has been hit by a car. He takes the dog down the street to the vet and meets Dr. Hank Baxter. When Dr. Baxter is arrested for the murder of his wife and Sam's friend Phyllis Newsome decid [...]

    22. This is the ninth book in the series. Sam goes to adopt a dog and ends up finding a dalmatian that had been hit by a car. Sam and Phyllis take the dog to the vet who helps the dog. While at a Halloween party at the vet's office, the vet is arrested for the murder of his wife. Sam doesn't think that the vet killed his wife so he starts looking into the murder. This was a nice addition to the series. It was a little different in that Sam was the one investigating instead of Phyllis. I enjoyed it

    23. I like visiting the characters in this series. They are four retired teachers who share a house; Phyllis owns the house and the others rent from her. Phyllis also often gets tangled up with murder cases. Her close friend Sam often helps her out.This one is about Sam getting a dog, and then the vet getting arrested for the murder of his wife. The books also include recipes, although you know I don't cook. This one includes recipes for dog treats.

    24. When Sam Fletcher adopts a dog, he also meets local veterinarian Hank Baxter. He's impressed by Baxter's love of animals, so he doesn't believe that Baxter killed his wife, as the police state. His friend and housemate Phyllis helps him investigate, before finding a least-likely suspect. Despite the title, there's not much about Halloween in this book, not that that should discourage anyone from reading it.

    25. The majority of the story deals more with Sam getting a new dog than the actual mystery. Sam wants a dog and ends up adopting Buck, an injured Dalmatian. Buck has a broken leg from being hit by a car, so Sam and Phyllis take him to the vet. That's how they get involved in a murder investigation once the vet is accused of killing his wife.I liked the interaction between Sam and Phyllis as they adopt Buck. Hoever, the mystery itself was very unrealistic.

    26. I can't get enough of the series!I have to admit, reading the books in this series us like hanging out with my friends. I love the way the characters all interact with each other. The storyline line if this book was really enjoyable, the animal/pet part of the storyline made a wonderful background for the book.I only figured out who committed the Murder at exactly the moment Sam and Phyllis did!

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