A romp through ancient Egypt, with hieroglyphics, too Set sail for adventure with Hamut and his sister Nekatu as they stow away on a sailboat, paint a pyramid, and win the favor of a pharoah But when conniving kidnappers threaten the pair, they discover that a crocodile in need is a friend indeed
Croco nile A romp through ancient Egypt with hieroglyphics too Set sail for adventure with Hamut and his sister Nekatu as they stow away on a sailboat paint a pyramid and win the favor of a pharoah But when

  • Title: Croco'nile
  • Author: Roy Gerrard
  • ISBN: 9780374416119
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Croco'nile”

    1. A brother and sister stow away on a ship, become famous artists, get kidnapped, and survive a shipwreck. The heavily textured illustrations are covered in beautiful patterns inspired by Ancient Egyptian art. (The patterns remind me of illustrators Sophie Blackall and Barbara McClintock.) And there are hidden messages written in heiroglyphics! The lighthearted text is brief, about a sentence per page. The rhymes mostly scan and include some choice words, but it's the illustrations that capture th [...]

    2. My kids liked it, but I thought it rather silly. As in little information and not sure it was worth the time to read. The illustrations were lovely though. I doubt we'll read it again.

    3. We read this as part of our Egypt studies in history. I read it with a 1st, 3rd and 6th grader (to give background). Everyone enjoyed it, but this one is best read aloud, especially for the youngest. The story is written in free verse, so it is especially good as a read aloud, and can be used as part of your literature study (of course) in free verse. Highlights of the story are two children become friends with a crocodile, go on adventures without the crocodile, excel in artistry of the time (s [...]

    4. 2.5 stars. This Roy Gerrard book isn't as fun as Rosie and the Rustlers, or as heartwarming as Mik's Mammoth, but it's still an enjoyable enough read. Might be especially so for kids who are little artists, or who like ancient Egyptian "stuff."

    5. A fun story of ancient Egypt. A brother and sister befriend a crocodile along the Nile. One day they decide to hide in a ship and get carried away before they can get off. When they are put ashore, the family taking care of them helps them discover their artistic talents and they become very famous. Some people try to kidnap them, but when the Nile waters crash the ship, their friend the crocodile saves them and returns them home.Really good illustrations - nicely detailed.

    6. Ummmt really sure what to make of this one. Little kids run away from home, become expert artists and darlings of the court, get kidnapped to be sold as slaves, and then are rescued and taken home by their pet crocodile. All within the span of one flood season for the Nile. WHAT??? I'm sorry, but no. Just

    7. Great story to share with your children when learning about Egyptian history. Incredible illustrations, rhyming pattern for easy ready & even has a little hieroglyphics table to decipher some ancient Egyptian writings.

    8. I loved the illustrations. The story was fine, but the detailed pictures plus various historical details (eg flooding of the Nile) and the hieroglyphic translation challenge make it a pretty cool book!

    9. The story was all right. Reminds me of books from my childhood. I enjoyed the illustrations more than the story. But this isn't quite what I'm looking for to read aloud in my age 4-7 storytime Egypt theme this summer. But it may be worth having on display.

    10. I love the illustrations in this book. I also love rhyming stories in general (especially with good meter) and this one does not disappoint!

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