Moon Knight Vol. 1: From the Dead

Marc Spector is Moon Knight Or is he It s hard to tell these days, especially when New York s wildest vigilante protects the street with two fisted justice and three that s right, count em three different personalities But even with the mystical force of Egyptian moon god Khonshu fueling his crusade, how does the night s greatest detective save a city that s as twiMarc Spector is Moon Knight Or is he It s hard to tell these days, especially when New York s wildest vigilante protects the street with two fisted justice and three that s right, count em three different personalities But even with the mystical force of Egyptian moon god Khonshu fueling his crusade, how does the night s greatest detective save a city that s as twisted as he is The road to victory is going to hurt A lot Be there as Moon Knight punches ghosts , investigates a sleep experiment that s driving its patients insane, travels to the mushroom graveyard planet , faces the Black Spectre and takes on twenty mob enforcers to save an abductee alone Marvel s most mind bending adventure begins as Moon Knight sleuths his way to the rotten core of New York s most bizarre mysteries Collecting Moon Knight 1 6
Moon Knight Vol From the Dead Marc Spector is Moon Knight Or is he It s hard to tell these days especially when New York s wildest vigilante protects the street with two fisted justice and three that s right count em three diffe

  • Title: Moon Knight Vol. 1: From the Dead
  • Author: Warren Ellis Declan Shalvey Brian Wood Greg Smallwood Cullen Bunn Ron Ackins German Peralta
  • ISBN: 9780785154082
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Re-read 2017Re-reading the book was cool. However, re-reading this review just reminds me that on occasion I'm a real idiot. Original review: 2015Who the hell is Moon Knight?After reading this, I'm still not sure I know enough about the character to give you a detailed run-down. I thought he was a guy in a cape that had the power to suck you into another dimension/portal/limbo through his tummy.You know, like he pulls his big cape to the side, and you jump into his belly? At any rate, I didn't s [...]

    2. Moon Knight, and his alter ego, consulting detective Mr. Knight, take on a slasher, a sniper, ghost punks, some kind of nightmare creature, kidnappers, and a cop that wants to replace him.For years, I dismissed Moon Knight as a lame Batman ripoff. After Aaron told me this was the best thing he's read on Marvel Unlimited so far, I had to try it.Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey have crafted six awfully fucking great issues of Moon Knight here. Each of the six issues is a self-contained story that e [...]

    3. Who the hell is Moon Knight?I wouldn’t ask Anne, but I can confidently tell you, he’s not Cloak (or Dagger), the Shroud, Iron Fist or Daredevil. Or the Invisible Woman.I’m not sure I’d ask Warren Ellis either. Ellis is trying to put his own stamp on the character and in the process throws Bendis’ version under the bus. (view spoiler)[Retcon: He’s schizo because of brain damage, not because he’s a loon. (hide spoiler)]. Ellis loses the cape and cowl and replaces it with an all-white [...]

    4. Moon Knight: A Crazy Good SuperheroIt can be fascinating when a good writer makes a silly concept work. For most adults, I guess that is the main appeal of superhero comics. I mean, I don’t think many adults take superheroes all that seriously, and I don't think they read superhero stories primarily for the power fantasies and the pleasures of identification. Warren Ellis can be a very good writer when he actually puts his mind to a story, and Moon Knight is a particularly silly superhero – [...]

    5. I’m rediscovering graphic novels and writers like Warren Ellis are making that a fun trip.Back in the day, HS, more than 30 years ago for me, I was an avid comic book reader, preferring Daredevil and X-Men. I was waiting monthly to see what would happen between DD, Bullseye and Elektra and thrilled at the inclusion of a big guy named Punisher.The character of Moon Knight always intrigued me but for whatever reason back then I could not buy into the storyline – even though it would seem to be [...]

    6. “I’ve died before. It was boring, so I stood up.” - Warren Ellis’ Moon KnightMarc Spector, aka Moon Knight, has always been a complicated character. He was this scavenger/mercenary type who finally found a conscience and was murdered for it. Dying in front of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu, he was resurrected as Khonshu’s avatar of justice: Moon Knight. But he’s also had severe mental problems, often sharing his head with multiple personalities, like in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex [...]

    7. I always thought that the concept of Moon Knight was kind of silly. I wasn't a fan of the name, and the entirely white costume just seemed like a dumb idea. Forget the lack of stealth, can you imagine trying to get blood and various roof dirt out of it? I'm not sure that Ellis entirely changed my mind with one volume, but he did make Moon Knight an interesting enough character. This is actually a rarity in modern comics: one off stories. Really! It's really refreshing, to know that you've read t [...]

    8. So let me run down everything I knew about Moon Knight prior to reading this volume. He uses moon themed weapons and vehicles, he dresses in a white with a cloak, he has a moon on his costume, and he is tied to an Egyptian God. That's it. I saw Moon Knight once probably 20 years ago when he showed up in a Spider-Man crossover. Moon Knight is certainly an acquired taste so I see why I haven't seen him in so long.So Moon Knight protects those who travel at night and avenges them if necessary. Basi [...]

    9. I normally avoid getting my hopes up about books surrounded with a lot of hype, but this book lives up to its praise. The first thing that struck me about this book was the artwork, it's crisp and lovely to read. It reminds me of the Hawkeye artwork which was an instant hit with me. Moon knight is a relatively unknown character in the Marvel universe, but I did my research before reading this and he seems to be an interesting character, but just not written too well until now. He's like Batman o [...]

    10. 4 words.MoonKnighte!!! So like the recent Hawkeye volume I read, this is yet another series that was praised to no end, and it lived beyond my expectations! So who is Moon Knight? Well he's Mark Spector, who was mercenary who got shot up in Egypt, and was resurrected by the Moon God Khonshu, and he now protects the innocence at night! But we don't know if that Khonshu part was real, or in his head! This book is like a R rated Batman comic with a twist to make it feel unique in a way, and that's [...]

    11. This book was simple amazing!! I’ve always kind of considered Moon Knight to be Marvels Batman knockoff their both street level vigilantes with a slew of crime fighting gadgets and both bring the pain to evil doers. That said where Batman shows a bit of restraint when he’s whooping some ass Moon Knight well he is all about ending the fight as quickly as possible (i.e. he has no qualms breaking a back or dropping you down 5 flights of stairs). I noticed in other Moon Knight runs they really p [...]

    12. 11/27/2015 re-read:It's rare for me to actually want to go back and read something the same year I read it solely due to the memory of how good it was. This volume is one of the very few that qualify. Something about this really got to me in a way few superhero comics have.Original review:Mercenary Marc Spector died in Egypt, under a statue of the ancient deity Khonshu. He returned to life in the shadow of the moon god and wore his aspect to fight crime for his own redemption. He went completely [...]

    13. I basically have had no interest in Marvel's answer to Batman, Moon Knight, but 2-3 reviewers I respect pretty much raved about it. This is a crazy premise that is also supposed to be the attraction to the series: a rich man in a white moon suit, supported by (?) by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and with three different personalities, comes to Gotham City (no, New York City!) to fight crime…. is this in some sense a commentary on Batman? Well, maybe, but it's more than that, in complicated (re [...]

    14. Bullet Review:Once the story really kicked in, I was hooked. Art style was fun! Much better than I was expecting from a rather cheesy D-list superhero.Of course, Ellis writes so no brainer, amirite?!

    15. Moon KnightThe hype around this book - the advance press, the review fragments I'd seen - plus the fact this was another 6-issues-only Ellis product (like one of my all-time favourite relaunchers, Extremis) - may have actually hurt my reading experience here. I thought there'd be even MORE cool driving around silently at night, beating hell out of human monsters without breaking a sweat, warring the shit out of a super-minimalist-stylish blazing white outfit. Good surprise: It's a nice change of [...]

    16. The first three issues were 2.5 stars and the last three issues were 3.5 stars, so 3 stars seems good for me.It started off about average (which I would define as being slightly boring but not painful), but the final issues were actually quite good. The artwork overall was pretty good, and some panels were absolutely amazing. The dialogue was about par. Moon Knight remains elusive to me because you really don't get much insight into his personas in this. He spends too much time fighting crime fo [...]

    17. 3.5 stars.This was my first acquaintance with the character and i must say it was preety good.Not very much to say,If you want something light to read( with lots off break bones) this would do, you can read this volume in 5mimutes(most off the pages dont have a single word.)

    18. Leave it to Warren Ellis to bring a huge breath of fresh air to Marvel completely out of nowhere. He's like a comics sniper, just taking aim and firing off one quick burst and disappearing back into the shadows. Or like, a comics Moon Knight? Moon Knight kind of does that. Anyway.This is just brutally efficient storytelling, leaving out all the bullshit extra padding that so often comes with comics sharing a massive universe. Ellis just dives right in. I've never read a Moon Knight comic in my l [...]

    19. When Warren Ellis is at his best, he's brilliant. With the help of Declan Shalveys amazing interiors, this became one of my favourite marvel books in the last year or so.It's one that I was going to read digitally on my iPad, but when I started seeing the art I changed my mind and decided I needed this in print!Like his run on Secret Avengers, Warren Ellis's Moon Knight is made up of 6 individual stories, all connected by trying to understand who Moon Knight is as a character. Is he a hero or vi [...]

    20. I haven't read any Moon Knight since way back during the brief days of Platt 20 years ago, so I'm basically coming at this as a new reader.The primary thing you need to know about this volume is that it is six standalone stories. There is no overarching plot in the slightest. It's just Moon Knight handling business six unrelated times. Normally, that isn't my cup of tea, but since I was warned ahead of time by a review, it was fine. This is Warren Ellis' take on the character, with Declan Shalve [...]

    21. This first volume did nothing for me. It was boring went nowhere of significance happened.Maybe I just didn't get it?I don't think that's it though. I think it was just a shallow six issues ofwellof nothing.There was some pretty cool artwork scattered throughout the issuesbut even that didn't really do anything for me to warrant anything but a cursory glance at each page. I need more in my comics than just fight scenes and brooding, and for me, that's all that this brought to the table.The next [...]

    22. This is totally awesome. Remember when it wasn't boring for Batman to just be this invincible badass? Remember how great those days were? It's okay if you don't remember because those days numbered about 90 and happened 20 years ago. And it's okay because we have this awesome incarnation of Moon Knight. So pulpy, so good.

    23. Short book but awesome. Macabre and minimal and mythological. Like Batman but with nothing to lose. He's not even angry. He's cursed. He just protects the travelers of the night.

    24. On account of it was my choiceBlack and White week! (or Bi-week, as we've realized it's sadistic to force KitKat to do 52 Banners in a year).So here we go: The cover is Black and White, and Moon Knight is Black and White. Dull Colour Palette only the White pops. That and there's a showdown between Black and White, good and evil in one issue.I'm not sure if it had to do with the order of reading, but having read my last book (New Avengers Vol. 4 by Hickman - or Namor's Big Balls, as I'll call it) [...]

    25. In this trade paperback, Moon Knight is sort of like a Marvel version of Batman, if Batman was a totally unhinged, lunatic* mercenary. He was a breath of fresh air, as while the character is not new, he is totally new to me. I have to thank Reddit's Marvel subreddit for drawing my interest to him with this linked post. * pun intended

    26. 3.5 starsWow one week ago I knew Moon Knight only by name but now he is already one of my favorite superheroes! Ok maybe I exaggerate a little, but the truth is Moon Knight is insanely badass(emphasis on insane).I probably liked him so much because he has a few similarities to Batman(my favourite superhero), although it’s unfair to say that he is just an ersatz Batman. Marc Spector was a mercenary and killed people for money, died and was brought back to life by the moon god, Konshu. Now he fi [...]

    27. Reading this was full of win on multiple counts (why am I writing like this?). Perhaps, my writing style is being influenced by Moon Knight's character. Warren Ellis does away with Moon Knight's multiple personalities for his six issue run. The emphasis here is on atmosphere, and noir, with a touch of creepy. Ellis had said in publicity interviews that he wanted to play around with the concept of a crime fighter who wears white so he'll be easier to see at night. The point is that Moon Knight is [...]

    28. The art is four stars, even though it's confusing at times. In the first story, Moon Knight takes out a guy, but because of the coloring and general busyness of the art, it's hard to see how it's done.I have to give the "stories" here just a single star, though. It's more of Warren Ellis's hyper-violent, psycho-sick crap that poses as a comic book. It's even difficult to say these are stories. Each issue is a stand alone tale, which is fine, but Ellis uses the art to tell the story. Again, that' [...]

    29. Very interesting! I would love to have seen more of this team on Moon Knight, but I think Warren Ellis had a few stories to tell and then wanted to move on. The art was great as well.This was a very different take on Moon Knight. This volume was basically six different one shot stories. Moon Knight is different, as hes now working as both a costumed adventurer and also basically a masked detective in a white suit. It read (and looked) like a Vertigo book in away, but that was a good thing.We had [...]

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